8 Crucial Times You Should Take Your Engagement Ring Off

Your engagement ring is the one accessory you cannot be without. You wish to keep it on, all day and every day, be it to flaunt it off or for the emotional attachment or significance this little piece of jewelry carries. You may be well aware of the tips and tricks to keep your ring squeaky clean but the, there are times throughout the day, and activities where you should take off your engagement ring. To make things a bit easier on your part, we have dug deep to find out situations when you should take your ring. Read on and take note, girls!


While You Are Working Out In The Gym


When you are hitting the gym, however much careful you are, it is always advisable to take off your engagement ring. When you are working out intensely it is not possible to concentrate on your hands or the ring you are wearing. Apart from that the sweat secreted while working out might loosen the fit of your ring in your hand and it may drop off anytime while you are busy exercising.

It is better that you take it off and keep it safe in a locker before you start working out in the gym. If you are not sure about the security of the expensive engagement ring, you can take it off at home only, in a particular place before you head towards the gym.

When Engaged In Cleaning


Losing the engagement ring while cleaning the house is not restricted to sitcoms only where the situation is used as a comic relief. It is a pretty real problem that people often face. Issues such as losing the ring by flushing it down the commode while cleaning your bathroom or losing it down the drain of the sink often happen to real people too.

It is better to be safe than sorry. While cleaning and moping, you should take off your engagement ring as there is a high chance of losing it while cleaning the sinks or the washrooms. Apart from that, the chemicals present in the cleaning agents are quite corrosive in nature and may dull the shine of your ring or corrode the metal, causing permanent damage.

Taking Bath Or Showering


While you are taking bath in the bathtub or taking a shower, you run a high risk of losing your engagement ring. The effect of the water and the soap may loosen the fit of the ring on your finger and even before you realize it; it will be flowing down the drain oblivious to your knowledge.

Why take that risk? Take a shower without any such anxiety by taking off your ring and keeping it safely in a particular area which you have selected especially for the same. It can be jewelry box or a drawer where it will be easy for you to locate that small item and you will not forget about the location too.

While Taking Your Beauty Sleep


You may be curious that why you need to take off your engagement ring every night while sleeping as it is a very trouble free task and you are not doing anything stressful too! But if you must know, it is necessary that you take the ring off before you sleep because sleeping involves a lot of tossing and turning and you may end up losing it when you are not conscious of the situation.

It might get dropped on the floor and in the morning you might end up sweeping it off before you could even realize the mistake and regret about it. Another issue while sleeping with your ring on is that you may hurt yourself with that ring which might have sharp and pointed edges. Take it off and sleep without any stress of losing it or hurting yourself with it at night.

When At The Beach


While lazing on the beach or taking a bath in the warm waters of the sea, it is necessary that you take that wedding or engagement ring off, irrespective of the fact how dear it is to you. When at the beach, lying on the sands or enjoying the gushing waters, you may not realize when the engagement ring slips off.

The sand particles may irritate the finger where the ring is placed and you may unconsciously slip it off without even realizing what you are doing. By the time you come to know about the missing ring on your finger it will already be too late. Now, do you really want to lose your ring in the sea just by being a bit lazy to take it off?

Applying Your Makeup Or Moisturizer

When carrying out the routine of applying your make up or the regular cleansing-toning-moisturizing regime, you need to take off your engagement ring. The liquids and the elements such as the foundation may get stuck in the crevices and difficult areas of your ring and the deposition of the dirt, oil and grime will spoil the look and condition of your engagement ring.

Better you take off that engagement ring before you start with your make up or moisturizing routine. It will also prevent you from getting any cuts and nicks on your skin that can be a risk, thanks to the sharp edges of the ring which can cause serious bruises on your skin while you are applying makeup or moisturising with your engagement ring on.

Taking A Swim


While taking a swim in the swimming pool also, it is required that you take off your engagement ring. The activity of swimming in the water is a rigorous one and the slippery effect of the water in the swimming pool might loosen the grip of the ring on your finger.

Again, the free use of chlorine in the water of the swimming pool makes it quite corrosive and swimming in the pool while wearing your engagement ring can lead to the damage of the ring or the stone or both. Why take the chance? Your engagement ring is not just a piece of jewelry but it has emotional ties too. Loss or damage of the ring is sure to cause you extreme heartbreak. Better remove it and keep it safe before you take that dip.

Primping And Styling


While taming your hair and using hair sprays and mousse, you run the risk of damaging your engagement ring as all the dirt and grime from the products will end up in the cuts and crevices of the ring, making it look dirty and corroding the material in the long run. Take it from us and remove your ring before you start primping to dazzle the world.

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