27 Time Tested And Effective Confidence Boosting Tips And Techniques

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There was a time when I had held myself back from pursuing my dreams and the reason was simple – I lacked confidence. I was talented, I had the potential, but then also I was hesitant. As it is always said, it is better to be late than never. And I understood the reason behind my lack of self confidence. The reason is my weight and the way I looked at myself. There are two major factors that throw your confidence level into the drains.

This is a scenario, which many people experience. And there are countless reasons with most of them having the solutions, which could help you to come out of that condition. All you have to do is to start believing in yourself and put a step forward towards risk. Slowly, yet steadily you will be able to see you becoming confident.

27 Time Tested And Effective Confidence Boosting Tips And Techniques:

Here are 27 effective ways to pep up the confidence level and achieve your dreams:

1. Identify The Reasons:

There could be countless triggers for lack of confidence. From being overweight to childhood trauma or lack of self-esteem, poverty to family issues or mis-taught ideologies, the causes are countless. The first and quintessential step towards boosting self confidence is to identify the fear factors. Once you identify the reason, debate with yourself about the pros and cons. Try to overcome the cons with the pros. Once you get into that note, you will be able to move to the next level.

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2. Get Into Some Physical Exercise:

Exercise is known to have a positive impact not just on your health, but also on your mood and confidence level. Yes! Get out of that cocoon you have woven around yourself and hit an exercise schedule that fits you. It could be a nearby gym or a yoga class. You can even enroll yourself for aerobic classes or may be zumba!

Just start with a mile long walk twice a week. And once you get attuned to this, you can join a fitness class. Over the time, increase the frequency of your workout. This helps in curbing the level of cortisol, improve the serotonin level, and thus confidence.

3. Groom Yourself:

The way you groom yourself makes a whole lot of difference. A warm shower with a good hair wash and a subtle touch of makeup can transform the way you look, pepping up your self-image conception and confidence levels. I do this when I feel low. A good face wash followed by steam and then a little kajal on my eyes… and I feel awesome!

4. Dress Up Nicely:

This one goes up with your grooming part. You do not need a Rs. 2000 dress to look nice. Even a simple cotton kurta paired up with a clean pair of jeans and a nicely tied up hair – and you will look chick and ready to take on the world.

5. Change The Way You Look At Yourself:

Self-perception matters, and that too in a very intense way! If you feel you are not good, then you are sure to pull your morale to an all time low. So, change! Change the way you perceive yourself. For me, I am always the best. I really don’t care about what people think about me, but that doesn’t mean you have to be arrogant. Just tune into that positive mood.

6. Bid Adieu To Negative Thoughts:

You have to do that to prevent more damages. Stop that negative mode of thoughts. Never say “ I cannot do it” or “It is too hard for me” or “It is not my cup of tea”. These statements without your knowledge, slowly attune themselves into your thinking process, gradually leaving you with zero confidence.

7. Embrace Positivity:

You will be thinking why I have split negative and positive thoughts. It is because it is a powerful way. Knowing what is positive and what is negative and segregating them is a very vital confidence boosting technique. When I started losing weight 3 years back, I learnt this. And with this I was able to achieve what I wanted till date and even more. Try it if you have never done this before.

8. Talk To Yourself:

You should be aware of your enemy’s strength when you are in the war field. And here, you are your enemy. So, knowing yourself in-depth is very important to assess the damage. The thought changing process – from negative to positive – is not an easy task, as you are your foe here. Listen to your thoughts and start writing down each and everything you think. This will help you to analyze what exactly do you feel.

Understand what makes you think negative. Understand what makes you happier. Try to concentrate more on those positive stuffs, even if it is a small one. If you have ever set a limitation for yourself, then break free. Delve deep into yourself and unleash the hidden power within you to emerge as a highly confident person.

9. Be Self-compassionate:

One of the best tips to improve self confidence is being compassionate! Compassion is a powerful tool that generates nothing but goodness. You need to be compassionate to yourself. Practicing compassion meditation will actually help you understand and reveal its vitality and benefits.

10. Indulge In Positive Actions:

Just changing your thought flow into a positive one will not help you. You need to put those into actions as well. Always act with a positive thought. Start slowly, one action a time, and the change will be a permanent one. Be in touch with people in a positive fashion, so that you can channelize their positive energy into actions. And, in a few days you will start feeling the difference.

11. Be Compassionate And Empathetic Towards Others:

Here comes an age-old and one of the best confidence boosting tips that really works. Being generous and kind towards fellow beings generates the sense of self compassion. And over the time, it helps in improving the self-image. Just abide by this golden rule and see how good you feel when you are sympathetic and empathetic towards others. This simple thought that you are good to others will automatically do wonders to your confidence levels.

12. Prepare Yourself:

Irrespective of the easiness of the situation, your level of preparation matters. Let us go by an example here. You are appearing for a test or an interview. Your level of preparation will actually decide on your level of nervousness. You can be at utmost ease only when you know that you will be able to tackle any hurdles that come cross, which means you are at the best levels of your confidence. So, be prepared.

And, this applies to various aspects of life. Life is unpredictable. You will never know what is there in store for you in the next moment of life. Keep yourself prepared for both positive and negative unforeseen circumstances. It will definitely help you from losing your hope and confidence when something unexpected strikes you. Just think of life as the exam that you gave in Class X and see your soaring confidence levels.

13. Set Rules And Abide By Them:

If you have been leading a unsystematic life till now, then that could possibly have been one of the reasons behind your dipping confidence levels. Yes! It is a proven rule. A person who leads a life built on principles and guidelines is often known to have exemplary confidence levels than a happy go lucky fellow.

And, if you already have some principles in your life, then review them. What are those? Are you unaware of any rules? If so, what are those? I have done this and it has known to be effective. Right from the simple rules for losing weight to setting up an office at home, I have always followed the rules I have set for myself. And, the confidence levels automatically went up as I found myself at ease when I comply with the rules.

14. Correct Your Posture:

Your posture is a sign of your confidence levels. Have you ever watched those models walking the ramp? They never stoop; their shoulders are always broad and their body tall. This is one essential thing you should adopt to boost confidence levels. Sit straight, wherever you are sitting. And while walking also, make sure your shoulders are straight and not drooping. As you stand tall, you will definitely look more attractive, and not to mention the confidence level.

15. Talk Slowly:

A simple thing like this could make lots of difference in the perception. Just talk slowly and be aware of what you talk. Be in charge of what you are talking. You should not make the listener impatient. A person who has low levels of confidence in himself is bound to speak quite fast. So, the trick is to talk slowly, even if you are not confident enough, and after a few incidents, you will automatically feel that your poise has improved.

16. Improve Your Competency:

And, to improve competence level, you have to become more competent. Now, this sounds the same, isn’t it? However, when it comes to reality, it varies. For enhancing your competence level, you need to study more and keep practicing what you have studied. Practice will help you improve over the time.

If you are a writer and want to put up a superb write-up, then you ought to practice it over the time. Professional writing doesn’t come at one shot. Lots of blogs, small write-ups, plus lots of patience and practice – that will boost your competence levels. The more competent you are, the better your confidence levels will be.

17. Set Goals:

Goal setting, akin to various other conditions, is quite essential here. Make sure that you plan SMART goals.

  1. S- Specific
  2. M – Measurable
  3. A – Achievable
  4. R- Realistic
  5. T- Time bound

These 5 point goals will help you build from the base in a very strong way. Make sure you keep your goals small. They should always be realistic. Unrealistic goals are sure to have a negative impact on your results.

Let us say you are trying to shed weight. If you are 85 kg and want to lose weight, then keep a target loss of 5 kg per month. This is acceptable, achievable, and realistic. A 15 kilo weight loss in a month definitely looks too big and quite unrealistic. Each milestone you achieve, will give your confidence a boost.

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18. Change Yourself:

Chuck out your habits, one at a time. Habits here point out to the non-positive ones. Say, smoking or alcoholism, if you are on a weight loss regimen. Learn a new one, saying drinking water. If research is to be believed, then it takes 6 weeks for your body to condition to a change and accept it as a habit. So, wait for 6 months to see the difference. When you accomplish this change, you will feel as if you have attained something. And, this sense of attainment is a confidence booster.

19. Change Your Focus:

Stop complaining and start focusing on your solutions. The moment you start changing your focus to answers you will slowly find that your problems are not pulling your confidence levels down. Instead of saying “I have zero energy levels”, try to identify how you can pep up the energy levels. Just don’t say “I don’t have time to exercise”; try to create some. And, step by step, as you focus on the solutions, you will slowly feel that positive energy starts brimming in you.

20. Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone:

Confident people are known to take up more risks. And vice versa, which means taking risks automatically improves your level of confidence. Step out of your comfort zone. If you are working out in a gym, then stop sticking onto just the treadmill at 5 kmph. Try a tougher one, say a High Intensity Interval Training.

Similarly stop writing about topics that fall into your comfort zone. Once you step out of that easiness and coziness, and you touch the success, you will automatically feel blessed and energetic.

21. Be Thankful:

One of the best tips to develop self confidence is being thankful! The power of gratitude is awesome. Being grateful and thankful for what you have at this moment in your life will help you go a long way. It is a very positive activity and quite a rewarding one too. And, being positive gives your self-perception a boost. The better your self-image is, the higher your confidence levels will be.

22. Step Out Of Ignorance Zone:

While many a time, ignorance is bliss, but that rule is quite not applicable here. Come out from being ignorant and start learning. Empower yourself with the power of knowledge. The better your knowledge levels are, the higher your confidence levels will be. Along with preparing yourself and developing your competence, you should also pep up the knowledge levels. Make use of the magazines, books, internet, people, and experience, for that matter, anything and everything available around you to gain knowledge. These will make you stronger from within.

23. Reward Yourself:

Reward necessarily doesn’t mean gifting something worth millions. It could even be as simple as a piece of chocolate. Just make sure that you do this. The best example to cite here would be that of people on their weight loss journey. The dieticians, who guide them, often suggest these people to have a cheat meal once a week. This should ideally be considered as a reward meal for what you achieved during the week.

I set a target for every month and whenever I achieve it, I gift myself something that I wanted to have all these days. Right from an ice cream to books, kurtas to jewellery, I reward myself. And, yes, these have definitely boosted my morale as well as confidence levels. It has kept me moving forward than leaving me depressed.

24. Keep Smiling:

Yet another trifle, but a fabulous way to keep up your confidence levels. The moment you smile, it boosts your energy levels. The better your energy levels are, the higher you confidence levels are going to be. And, come on, a smile does not cost you a thousand pearls. Along with making you feel better instantly, it gives you energy levels that are quite infectious. Hence never forget to include this action into your list of confidence building tips.

25. Always Be In Good Company:

A person with positive energy and an exemplary confidence levels is sure to pass it on whoever is in his company. So, make sure that you are in the company of someone who possesses these traits.

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26. Complete Your To-Do List:

Having a long list of to do things is really disgusting and energy consuming. Never procrastinate your to-do list. Tick mark each task as you complete it and feel the difference it brings to your energy levels. You will feel accomplished. One of the best confidence tips is to have a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction for a better level of confidence.

27. Be Organized:

Always clear the clutter at your desk and from your wardrobe. Keep things in an organized and arranged way. Keep things within your reach. Being free from chaos will keep you calm and controlled. A calm and controlled person can never go low on his confidence levels.

These are 27 confidence building techniques I follow to keep my confidence levels up always. Are you confident? What do you do to maintain and boost your confidence level?

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