10 Tiffany Engagement Rings That Guarantee A Yes In 30 Seconds

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Tiffany & Co, New York, the iconic maker of jewelry with its centuries of exquisite craftsmanship has made the company into a global phenomenon in wedding jewelry industry and more specifically in the engagement rings category. With diamonds, designs and artistic finesse that are unparalleled, Tiffany engagement rings are the rings to have for your engagement (albeit, if you can afford it).

Here, is the list of the best Tiffany engagement rings from their extensive catalog for the lovely bride-to be:

1. Diamond Setting Band

With six-prong setting, this classic Tiffany ring is breathtakingly spectacular. Set around brilliant diamonds, the ring perfectly captures the display of white light and is bound to dazzle everybody at the party.

2. Tiffany Three Stone Circlet

Another gem from Tiffany engagement rings exquisite collection is their three stone circlet embraced with round brilliant stones.

3. Heart Shape

Set in platinum, a single heart-shaped diamond is showcased in this classic symbol of love. Can it get any better than this diamond engagement ring?

4. Tiffany Soleste Emerald Cut

Make those around you go green with envy by flaunting this emerald-cut diamond in a classic setting. Did we mention that Emerald has been the stone of choice for Hollywood stars, like forever?

5. Tiffany Soleste Oval

Tiffany’s Soleste engagement ring sees the gorgeous yellow oval diamond encircled by a double row of bead-set diamonds. Enough sparkle to set onlookers drooling.

6. Tiffany Soleste Round

If we could assign a emotion to every ring, then Tiffany’s Soleste Round would be associated with – double drama. The gorgeous white diamond is flanked by a double row of pink and white bead-set diamonds along the sides – leaving you both breathless and speechless. Truly a classic designer engagement ring.

7. Tiffany Bezet Round

Elegant, modern and simply radiant – these are just few words that come to the mind when you describe Tiffany’s Bezet round ring. Encased in a platinum bezel setting, the contours of the stunning round diamonds get further accentuated and what you get in the end is a remarkable look – from all the sides.

8. The Tiffany Setting 18K Yellow Gold

To say that the ‘Tiffany Setting’ revolutionized the engagement ring market would be a understatement. With the perfect combination of special number of prongs coupled with a meticulous collet and engineering that was geared towards less metal and more focus on the diamond itself, it is no surprise why this ring continues to be deemed as the world’s favorite engagement ring.

9. Etoile

If you are looking for a combination of graceful yet modern, then this exclusive Etoile design from the company featuring a round brilliant diamond bezel-set in a platinum band is just what you need.

10. Tiffany Flower

This legendary band from the Tiffany engagement rings stable will leave your bride speechless. With petals of stunning round diamonds atop, the design is prefect to solidify your magical day.

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