I Was Worried About My Wedding Budget. And This Is What Helped Me!

If you’ve planned a wedding, that too a big fat Indian one, you’ve felt the jitters, the anxiousness, and the splitting headaches that go into making that picture-perfect affair.

But believe me, there are plenty of tears behind the smile in those wedding pictures. Especially when your purse strings are too tight!

That said, planning a wedding is no less than rocket science. It’s so hard to understand where to begin and how to go about it! And no matter what you do and how careful you are, something or the other will obviously go wrong. Always. Without exceptions. And that’s kind of how my wedding story went too.



After the initial high of the proposal wore off and it sunk in that I was going to get married, I slipped into panic mode. Not because I was going to go from Ms. to Mrs., but because both my husband (then fiancé) and I had unbelievably large, extended families and tons of friends, which meant that we needed to plan our wedding very carefully. Or else our budget would shoot through the roof! And that was exactly what was sort of already happening since both of us wanted a nice destination wedding with exotic food and a fun theme, but neither of us had the money for it. Not enough of it, at least.

Yet we trudged on and tried to cut corners here and there, like getting a cheaper variety of flowers and lesser items on the menu; however, we still couldn’t make ends meet. We read up close to a hundred blogs too on ‘how to have a grand wedding on a budget.’ We even dipped into our savings and tried shortening the guest list, but nothing seemed to be working.

At one point, me and my fiance started having arguments on how we should go about the wedding or whether we should at all, considering how big and expensive it was turning out to be. That was a very difficult moment for us. But I never lost hope. And I knew that my story was bound to have a happy ending. I was determined to get my fairy tale wedding.

So, one fine day, when I was in hardcore research mode and was scouring the internet for a possible solution, an idea struck me. And I turned to my then fiancé and asked,

“Hey, how about we take a loan for our wedding?”

He just turned to look at me, his eyes full of scepticism. But I could tell from his look that he was contemplating it, even though he didn’t want to admit it. So, I went on.

“You’ve heard of Bajaj Finserv, right? Well, they offer something called a Flexi Personal Loan where we can get a pre-approved loan limit based on our credit rating,” I said.“We can borrow as much as we need from this limit – like to book the wedding venue or the caterers – and prepay the borrowed amount as and when we can afford it!”

I could see that his curiosity was piqued.

“And the best part? We’ll only be charged interest on the loan amount we use!”

On checking out the website,I found out that we can choose to pay EMIs that include just the interest component. The principal can be repaid later! Plus, we didn’t have to fill out a ton of forms for approval. Not like we had the time for that anyway, our wedding was just a month away.

“But don’t loans usually have hidden charges?” he asked.

“Actually, no. It says here thatBajaj Finserv’s personal loans have no hidden charges. And there is no need for any collateral either!”

Bajaj Finserv even offers pre-approved personal loans – customised offerings where you can see the loan amount you are eligible for beforehand. All you need to have is a minimum salary requirement of Rs. 30,000 for Tier-II cities or Rs. 40,000 for Tier-I cities. This saves you precious time and effort when applying for a loan!

We took a loan of Rs. 20 lakhthe next day and thank god, we made that decision.

We booked a great luxurious hotel to host our guests for our ceremony and the best candid photographers to capture the cutest moments. I got myself a beautiful Satya Paul lehenga and made memories that will now last a lifetime.
So, my advice to all you lovely brides-to-be out there is that if you ever happen to find yourself in a situation like mine, don’t let it stop you from getting the kind of wedding you want. Just do what I did! The repayment options are so easy and the interest so low. Instead of even thinking of regretting taking a loan, you’ll find yourself enjoying a happy married life! Just like me.

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