This Is The Best Time To Have Sex… Research Reveals

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Grab the ice bucket, rest the Champagne, and order the oysters. We are about to tell you when is the best time for you to have sex (as if there aren’t millions of articles on this already!), BUT this one is backed by research. And we all know when research declares we must all do as research bids us to do.

We hear you. You’re telling us, “But it is always a good time for sex!” And we agree. But when one stumbles upon the latest research in what is probably the most studied subject by now, one understands the moral responsibility to share it with one’s readers.

There is shock value, we promise. There’s surprise, pleasant ones. After all, we understand and are grateful that you are reading this in between Netflix binge sessions in order to feel productive. And this piece of information will make you feel productive.

If the last meeting went on for too long, and then your partner and you had a tasty but quiet dinner at your favorite restaurant, and now you both are home, but all you want to do is put your phones to charge and hit the sack… to sleep? Go ahead! Do it! Research permits you.

And you didn’t find the time to shave your legs in anticipation that morning? Go to sleep, guilt free!

Ever since it became socially acceptable to discuss sex, there is so much information floating around us on how to do it, where to do it, when to do it, whom to do it with, whom to discuss it with, etc. There are apps to help you overcome dry spells; there are apps that encourage you to try dry spells.

There is already so much information out there on when you should have sex, what do you propose that is new, you ask.

Not just sex though, now we have information on the best times to call our parents, when it is acceptable for bosses to send us e-mails, what time of the day and what day of the week you can fire someone. It’s like auspicious times in astrology for our daily routines, with the experts but without the celestial charts.

It’s definitely not easy, we agree. Especially in a country like India, where we have so many social commitments that an app that allows us to schedule sex with our partners seems like the most logical next step. Then, of course, there are our friends and relatives who have families staying with them – talk of a delicate situation! For us, it seems like the one-week vacay is our best bet, but we don’t want to miss out on the sights there, having paid so much for it!

It’s precisely these conundrums that encourage researchers – and we’re really grateful to them – to do our dirty work (no pun intended) for us.

Our parents mostly married for breeding, and then there was this generation in between that decided that they would ‘make love, not have sex’ which made it seem like a fun activity once again. But by the time our generation woke up to it, the investment bankers swooped in on us and promised us big bucks and we thought, “Well, we can always make time for sex LATER!”.

The later kept getting postponed, so the researchers have stepped in once again to help us out.

Forza Supplements surveyed and monitored the body clocks of 1,000 people to find out the optimal time for all our daily activities. [1] And once again, morning time has come up roses. First came kale, then came the coconut oil and avocados, then came yoga and – wait for it – morning routines, some sans caffeine!

This Is The Best Time To Have Sex... Research Reveals
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But this time, Forza Supplements has spiced up prescribed morning routines. They suggest that morning time is the best time for sex. The rush of endorphins from an early morning romp will keep you feeling good throughout the day. Sex in the morning also has the added advantage of lowering stress levels and blood pressure levels. Now, who doesn’t want that when our meetings seem to start a little earlier every day?

This Is The Best Time To Have Sex... Research Reveals
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According to the same study, the ideal time for a workout is 7 AM, suggesting once again that post-workout sex is a win-win for everybody. There have been many articles previously, which have suggested that exercise increases the testosterone levels in your partner, making this study’s findings an overall winner. [2] The study goes on to say that 7.30 AM is the best time to have sex, which is around 45 minutes after you wake up as the ideal time to wake up according to the study is 6.45 AM.

There you go – perhaps your best incentive to become a morning person! Having sex in the morning can be a relaxed and fun affair because you are both well-rested, and have not yet started gathering the daily stumble blocks which can kill the mood.

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