How To Pick - Perfect Beach Wedding Dresses

Beaches are indeed a treat to all your senses. The warm air, the bright sunshine, the great sea food…all of this is enough to make you one very happy person. And what could be better than a wedding by the beach? Wearing flowing beach wedding dresses while pledging your eternal love to each other in front of the unchanging sea, with the blue waves lapping at your feet, the warm sand cushioning your soles…it’s like a vacation and a wedding all rolled into one. If you have already decided upon a beach wedding, then kudos to you. If you haven’t – why are you still waiting?

Beach wedding

Image: Varun Suresh Photography

Well, nothing screams intimate, fun and laid back the way a beach wedding does. Whether you are having a Hindu, Christian or a Muslim style wedding, the beach is a favourite venue that no one can get tired of. No matter what style of wedding you are going to be having, as the bride, one thing must be looming large in your mind – your bridal dress. No matter what, you know you need to nail your look to perfection on your special day. Having chosen the perfect location, the perfect decor, the perfect food, and of course, the perfect guy – you do not want your look to be anything short of sheer perfection. When you get to your venue, you may just be tempted to slap on a pair of shortest shorts and hit the water with your husband-to-be! But, alas, we must get through the ceremony before that happy moment arrives. We are here to offer you some tried and tested sartorial tips for your beach destination wedding that will make sure that you go through your day looking like the diva you always knew you were meant to be. So, keep reading for the perfect beach wedding dresses!

Colours Are The Way To Go

Beach Wedding

Image: Maddie Photography

You know that a beach wedding is going to be vibrant and full of energy. Why not add to these good vibes by wearing happy, youthful colours. Say sayonara to the old red saree or lehenga, and experiment with your dress. Colours like mint green, orange, bright pinks, tangerine, fuschia, yellow, aqua, turquoise would make your day. If you are going to be wearing a white bridal gown, then some of these colours can be incorporated in the pleats, sleeves or even in your jewellery to give you that true bohemian bride look.

The Right Fabrics Can Make All The Difference

beach wedding

Image: Myriad Hues Photography

Well, beaches in India, especially in the summer can get very hot. So, you do not want to be wearing fabrics like velvet or other heavily embellished pieces. Let the wind play with your fabric, let it breathe! Free flowing fabrics like georgette, cotton organdy, chiffon, viole, and crepe would let you be comfortable and glamorous at the same time. Your dress could also be a mix of two or more of these fabrics to get that perfect look.

Show Some Skin!

Beach wedding

Image: Varun Suresh Photography

There is no better occasion or place to show off your gorgeous curves than at your beach wedding. Do you have a sexy tattoo? Find the right beach wedding dresses to show it off! If you are wearing a Christian wedding gown, a knee-length wedding gown could be a good option. If you are wearing a lehenga or a saree, get adventurous with a bikini bouse, or a low-cut blouse and show off your skin! Your husband-to-be would definitely have no complaints about this one!

Goodbye, Heels

Beach wedding

Image: Arjun Kartha Photography

Kiss those stilettos, high-heeled pumps, and peep toes good bye. You know as well as I do that these are pretty much impossible to manage in all that sand! Besides, why wouldn’t you want to be comfortable in a pair of bright kolhapuris or sandals that will be perfect for your beach wedding. If you want to look really bohemian, then barefoot sandals would be a perfect addition to your dainty feet. Plus, you get to feel the warm sand beneath your feet at all times!

Go For Minimalist, Classy Jewellery

Beach Wedding

Image: Vivek Krishnan Photography

Leave those diamond chokers and chunky jewellery at home, where they belong. You do not want to be sweltering in a pool of sweat on your big day. Buy some jewellery that is easy to wear and take off. Classy necklaces, chandelier earrings and simple bracelets, simple matha pattis would do the trick. Embellish your tresses with some fresh, wild flowers to get that laid back, sexy look.

Have A Backup

beach wedding

Image: Ramit Batra Photography

Carry an extra pair of clothes and jewellery in case anything goes wrong. This especially applies to your hair accessories. If it is a very windy day, your blow dry may not last for more than a few hours. Having those extra bobby pins, floral clips, and flowers may just be your saving grace. You’ll thank us later!

So, now that you have a basic idea of how to dress to kill for your beach wedding, go ahead and just have fun. This is your wedding. Cherish each special moment to the fullest, and cherish the stunning pictures of you in your beach wedding dresses!