This Emotional Love Letter Will Leave You Teary-Eyed

Love! Drama! Romance! Comedy! In movies, they call them Genre’s. In life, we call them emotions. More importantly, we use them as ways of expressing our feelings towards others. William Shakespeare once said, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”. However, sometimes words fail us on the grandest stage of them all. Life! We’re left stranded with our mouth wide open. We’re overwhelmed by these extraordinary feelings, yet somehow, we can’t find the right set of words to describe them. We’re marooned. Left for dead!

We’ve all been told at some point in life, ‘use your words’. The question is, what do we do when those words don’t leave the tip of our tongue? We write. Simple! So, next time you are overwhelmed with emotions for your love, but can’t put it down to paper, here is one emotional love letter that will kick off your thought process.

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My Dear Love,

I love you! I’ve thought of letting you know a million times. I’ve tried. But words tend to stay on the tip of my tongue. I know I’m no writer. However, this is small effort to let you know how much you mean to me.

I remember the first time I saw you. You were in a black and white suit and I was wearing the same colours. I know it sounds silly but I thought it was a sign. A sign that we were meant to be! I remember walking into the class. It was the first day of college and I was late. I remember panting from all the running. I remember taking the last available seat in the boy’s row. And then, from the corner of my eyes, I scanned the entire girl’s row. I didn’t see you at first. I saw the two girls sitting by your sides. One of them bent forward, the other moved back and my eyes caught yours. My heart stopped. It skipped several beats and then, it started beating faster.

Though you weren’t looking at me, it felt like you were. I don’t know why. I was still looking at you, unable to take my eyes off of you. I wanted to wave and say hi but I didn’t. I wanted to sit beside you but I couldn’t. So, I just kept staring. And then you smiled. My heart pounded for I had never seen a smile so beautiful, so innocent before. There was a sparkle in your eyes. A shimmer that I had only seen in the stars before but trust me, I was sure no star ever shined so bright. I knew for sure that nothing and no one was as beautiful as you.

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I was still looking at you, unaware of everything and everyone around me. Completely oblivious to the professor entering the class, I saw you stroke your hair and place it behind your ear. I was falling for you my dear and I knew it.

You finally looked at me and I smiled. I could see the beginnings of a smile on your face but I don’t know why you didn’t. You did acknowledge me though, with a raised brow. I know that all of this occurred in a span of ‘7 minutes’ but they were the longest and the most beautiful ‘7 minutes’ of my life. To me, they were the epitome of the phrase, ‘the joy of living’. To me, those ‘7 minutes’ were an eternity full of possibilities and hope, joy and despair. Joy because you were so near. Despair because you were not near enough.

I loved you that moment. I have loved you ever since. I promise to love you till the end of my days.


Now and Always,