6 Things You Should NEVER Do At A Wedding

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Weddings are stressful, there’s no doubt about it. With so many things happening and so many people to handle and with so many things that could and do go wrong, it is stressful for the bride and groom. The last thing you want to be is an inconvenience to them.

So here are six things you should never do at a wedding. All the scenarios/points mentioned below are from real weddings.

1. Steal Their Day

It’s their day, their BIG day. The one they have been waiting for for months! Don’t ruin it by announcing your promotion/pregnancy/divorce/engagement or anything else! For example, this dad got so sloshed on his daughter’s wedding (which also happened to be his birthday) and made a speech thanking everyone for throwing him a birthday party. Needless to say, the bride was not happy!

2. Demand

You might be very a very important person. But if you are attending a wedding, well, the bride and groom take centre-stage. For example, this bride’s aunt here demanded that she be walked down the aisle by her two sons who were both groomsmen right before the bride was supposed to walk the aisle. What made matters worse was that this part hadn’t been rehearsed before nor was anybody informed of this sudden change of plans!

3. Bring Up History

If you’re an ex, don’t turn up. If you do turn up, bring a date so that it doesn’t get awkward. And please please please do not do anything to rock their soon-to-be-sailing ship. Please! Like this woman who turned up and gave a speech about how her ex (the groom) was the best thing that happened to her. What was worse was she then proceeded to get drunk and cry over his wedding suit.

4. Get Drunk

Weddings usually have an open bar. But somehow someone will translate this to an amazing opportunity to get drunk and dance with one’s pants down. Like uncle Bob. You know, we all have that one sleazy uncle Bob.

5. Crib Over Seating

Look, the bride and the groom have spent hours perspiring and pulling their hair out trying to seat everyone appropriately. So if you’re seated on the boring table, it’s either because they missed out the fact or they thought you’d be a sweetheart and adjust. So don’t behave like annoying aunt Martha who wanted to be seated elsewhere at the last minute and delayed the whole function by two hours.

6. Be Overtly Intimate

Leave the speeches to the bride and groom’s closed circle. Even if he was your best friend in elementary, if the groom hasn’t asked you to give a speech, then don’t. Brian tried. He was never invited to weddings again. Seriously, not even to his own!

There are probably a lot many things you shouldn’t do that I haven’t listed out. It might be either because it’s too obvious or I missed out. Either ways, let me know!

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