Things You Need To Know About Wedding Photography In Chennai

Wedding photography in Chennai means capturing in 4×4 glossy prints (or any other form) the spectacle of the dual nadaswarams producing their enchanting melodies, the banana leaf decor, the delectable feast, and the laughing mamis – all of the things we are so used to seeing in a Tamil wedding. A Tamil wedding is unlike any other, and has its own regal splendour. You can’t help but be struck by the use of red and gold colours – whether it is a part of the bridal attire or incorporated into the decor of the whole event. Traditionally, these colours are symbolic of sensuality, purity and the renewal of life!

For any photographer, a Tamil wedding with all its customs is a delight to capture. The ambience, the rich traditions, and the decor – everything is still so traditional and classy at the same time. And could there be a better place to hold your Tamil wedding than Chennai? The city for all its modernity does stay very true to its Tamil roots. You’ll find this in the food, the exquisite Carnatic musicians and even in the art that comes from this great city. If you’re having a Tamil wedding, then it is very important that you find the right kind of photographer to capture your special day. Make sure that you find someone who can truly understand the significance and customs of a traditional Tamil wedding, as they will really be able to do justice to your special day. So, what are the different styles of wedding photography in Chennai?

Candid Chennai Wedding Photography

Chennai marriage

Image : Vivek Krishnan Photography

Candid photography is the trend that is taking the wedding photography scene by storm. The candid photographers take a ‘fly on the wall’ approach, trying to capture all the ups and downs of your big day. They won’t try to make your pictures adhere to any pre-determined template.

Chennai marriage

Image : Vivek Krishnan Photography

In any wedding, emotions do run high, and candid photographers will try to capture all these emotions that go into making your wedding. Tamil ceremonies like the kaashi yathra, while hugely entertaining for the guests, are also really perfect for some candid shots.

Contemporary Photography

Chennai marriage

Image : Deepashree Sakharam Photography

Contemporary wedding photography is neither like the traditional shots that you might be used to seeing, nor is it the same as candid photography. You could think of this as the ‘middle path’. In contemporary photography, you will find some photos that adhere to the traditional template alongside some candid shots. The main aim of contemporary wedding photography is to capture the mood and feel of your wedding day. They would also try to tell the story of your big day in an innovative and creative way.

Now that you have an idea of wedding photography in Chennai, here is a step-by-step guide to finding the right photographer for your wedding day:

Check Portfolios

Chennai wedding

Image : Varun Suresh Photography

This is the single most important thing while you look for your wedding day photographer. Go through the portfolio carefully and try to understand their style of photography. These are the kind of photos you are likely to end up with, so only consult with those photographers whose distinct oeuvre you really like.

The Budget

This is another very important aspect to highlight when talking of wedding photography in Chennai. You may be worried that candid or contemporary photographers would charge a hefty fee. But, you should know that there are candid photographers who would be well suited to every budget. If there is a photographer you really like, but he or she is just above your budget range, then you should cut down the cost of the decor or something else. You won’t regret doing this when you have some amazing snaps that will commemorate your big day.

Ask Questions

Chennai Shadi

Image : Vivek Krishnan Photography

When you meet the photographer, you need to clearly communicate what you are looking for. Scheduling a pre-wedding shoot is a great way to know what it would be like working with your photographer. You would be away from the hustle and bustle of the wedding day, and will have some spectacular photos with your significant other. In Chennai, you could easily drive down to one of the many lovely beaches or even Mahabalipuram for those exquisite pre-wedding snaps.

You should also talk to the photographers about the different kind of packages that they offer. If there is any part of the wedding that you would like to be omitted, then tell them about this in advance. Remember, it is about what you want. Also make sure that you feel comfortable with your photographer. The wrong photographer may not only ruin your snaps, but also your special day.