Things To Know Before Marriage: 12 Super Essential Ones

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The very thought of marriage can make people nervous and jittery. It is natural. So many questions running in the head, nervousness, excitement, nervous-excitement, so many big and small things to know before marriage, so much you feel like you don’t understand, so many feelings. It’s quite a bit.

But let’s make it a little easy. Before you take the plunge, there are a few essential things to know before marriage which will help you lead a happy and content married life. Basically, some of these are questions that you need to ask yourself and have clear answers to.

Wondering what are the basic things to know before marriage?

Read on. We’ll tell you..

1. Your Definition Of ‘Marriage’

The first thing that you normally ask yourself before getting your marriage biodata form ready, is that are you really ready for marriage or are you just dazzled by the glamour of a wedding? But before you do that, one of the most important things to know before marriage, concerning you, is what your definition of the word is. Marriage is a commitment that cannot be tossed in the air if you do not like the arrangement. It is a promise of a lifetime and unless and until you are ready to commit to another person (mind, body and soul), it is not a sane idea to get involved in such a thing as it is a life changing decision, for you and your partner too.

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2. Personal Space No More

This is the most important on of our list of things to know before marriage. Are you ready to share your personal space?Once you marry someone, you are bound to lose your personal space. If the idea of sharing your room, your things and the day to day life with the other person you are about to marry does not make you upset, then hopefully you are on the right track. It takes time to come to terms with the change one faces after marriage. But with time, you’ll get used to it and also start loving the companionship and the dependence. But if you are just not okay about sharing your life with someone to such an extent, you need to think twice about the whole point of why you want to get married in the first place.

3. Your Financial Standing

Personal finance is also right on top of the things to know before marriage, and it determines your very own ‘best age for marriage‘. It is important that you are transparent to your would-be-spouse about your financial standing, especially the assets and property you have, annual income or any loan and debts that you are paying off. In the same way, they should be clear too about the same so that you can plan your goals and daily expenses accordingly and come to terms with the same so that there aren’t any misunderstandings in the future.

4. The Balancing Act With Parents And Friends

Yes It will be a balancing act, forever after. It’s om our list of things to know before marriage. You need to accept the fact that your life after marriage will also be that of your spouse’s and the new family that you will be ushered into after the marriage. Before getting hitched, you need to learn how to do a balancing act so that your family, friends and relatives don’t feel neglected. You need to set your priorities right and let things harmonize in a way that you can lead a happy and content married life.

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5. You And Your Partner’s Take On Having Kids

Okay, this is one of those things to know before marriage, that you really need to know about right at the beginning, as soon as you meet the prospective side. It is essential to know what you exactly feel about kids. Do you want to have them or do you prefer not to? If you want to, then how soon that will be? Do you want to wait a few years, set your career goals right and then think of having kids or do you want them immediately? You must ask yourself all these questions first and then share them with your partner to know his or her opinion too about the same before you arrive at a concrete decision.

6. Important Things To Know Before Marriage? The Couples Individual Personality

Why is this on our list of things to know before marriage? You need to be honest about yourself first to judge what kind of a person you are, your strengths and weakness, likes and dislikes, and your goals in life (personal or professional). Be as communicative with your prospective partner as possible to let that person be familiar with all your quirks and traits so that nothing comes as a surprise in a negative manner once you start your conjugal life. You then have one thing less to worry about and can complement and help each other out in fulfilling the individual goals.

7. Common Grounds Of Compromise

Marriage is not actually a bed of roses but it takes a lot of compromise and care to nurture a relationship. You need to come to terms with the things that you will have to adjust with once in a new family with new people. The sensitivity of your partner to do the same also matters and stands very important. Arrive at a consensus when it comes to lifestyle changes and decisions of switching jobs or responsibilities so that you two can agree to things without pulling each other’s hair out.

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8. Accepting The Way You Two Are

No one is completely perfect and one is made of both flaws and virtues that make a person who they are. You need to be familiar with yourself and your partner too about what are the low points in you two as individuals or negatives in your relationship that you need to work on. After all, marriage is teamwork. And to make it successful, you need to work together, strengthening your virtues and minimizing your flaws together as a team.

9. Important Things To Know Before Marriage? Adjusting With Your In-Laws

This is one of those things to know before marriage, that comes with a whole bunch of list of other things to know before marriage. No, like, really, it is quite tough. Once in a new family, it is difficult to come to terms with the new relationships that come with marriage, especially the in-laws. Be kind and tolerant with them. Have a respectable and polite attitude so that the marriage wheel runs smoothly. Try out a nuclear arrangement, if a joint family lifestyle is not your thing.

10. Your Sense Of Décor And Aesthetics

Yes, this is one of the things to know before marriage. There needs to be synchronization between you and your partner on how to do up your haven so that you know how you both want things to be done, in what way, and how much are you ready to spend on aspects such as home décor and living essentials. You two have to be on the same page to take decisions on such aspects.

11. Sharing The Domestic Responsibilities

Marriage also comes with a load of new domestic and household responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning, and looking after your family and kids etc. You need to be absolutely sure if you are ready or not for the change before you take the plunge.

12. Being Kind And Considerate

Be sensitive towards what your partner needs and be kind and considerate to your new family. A little bit of patience and tolerance goes a long way. So, be prepared to make all these changes first before you decide to get hitched.

So, clear with the important things to know before you get married? Anything to add?

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