4 Things To Keep In Mind For Spectacular Beach Wedding Decor

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It is very obvious that would be brides and grooms want nothing but beauty and perfection for their wedding, and the words “beach wedding decor” can be very appealing in this regard! Considering weddings have to be the most memorable event being, of course, the most important event in their lives so far! To attain all these feelings, people have now taken to various different themes. Beach weddings being one of these themes, and it also happens to be one of the most popular. India is bounteous and has a lot of beaches in Goa, Kerala, Andaman and Lakshadweep. These beaches are sparkling and provide for a perfect platform for a fun filled wedding. So, let’s take a look at some of the most wonderful beach wedding decoration ideas available for you to have a blast at your beach bonanza gala wedding!

1. Colours! Colours!

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When the weddings are set at beaches, the decor is tricky but this doesn’t mean that you should compromise at all. You can play around with your beach wedding decor. It can be absolutely modern or traditional. When a wedding is on the beach, the colours used are very bright and they give out a very tropical feel. Colours like red, pink, violet and similar shades are very prominent. It is very important that the beach wedding decor doesn’t overpower the beautiful natural scenery of the glistening water and skies!

2. Lighting Is Everything

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Lighting is a very important part in weddings, and the same goes for your beach wedding decoration. It lays down the foundation for all your further décor ideas. It is necessary to pick the lighting according to the time of the wedding – morning, afternoon or night time. If it is set in the evening, the whole entrance of the wedding could be multiple strings of fairy lights which make like a canopy. The usage of rustic or modern metal lanterns beautifies the decor as well. If you have a covered wedding, a sphere of pretty fairy lights could be made and placed right above people’s heads. If you want to go fully modern, you can make the backdrop of your wedding entirely out of lightings. Pick the lighting very cautiously as it even affects the kind of photographs taken.

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3. Flowers To Boost The Mood

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Flowers are a must in Indian weddings and specially when it comes to beach wedding decorations. The whole mandap could be decorated with pretty flowers which give out a perfect fragrance and just blend in with the gushing water behind. They could be included in making pretty centerpieces or a beautiful flower arrangement could be stuck to the chairs. The path from where the bride and groom walk in can be laid with beautiful flowers. We all know how flower curtains are a thing at all our traditional weddings. This could be given a modern twist and flowers and drapes could be used. The entrance for the guests could be a stunning door like structure with ample flowers. A very upcoming and immensely beautiful thing to have happened to Indian weddings is the inclusion of sculptures made entirely of flowers. For instance, there could be elephants or a majestic peacock at the entrance of the wedding.

4. Surprise! It’s Furniture!

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If you are going the traditional way, use furniture and settings which is traditional. For example, you can make use of antique chairs which have ethnic cushions. If possible, have a swing which is covered entirely with flowers and/or ghungroos. The usage of traditional fabrics for chair covers or as table cloth gives a traditional touch. The use of red, maroon and green colors are ideal and give a very traditional touch to the wedding. Inclusion of bells, marigold flowers etc will make you stay close to the traditional roots as well.

While handling the bigger picture, it is essential to pay attention to the small things like table centerpieces, decorative drops, crockery, chairs, tables etc. as well. These small details make up the whole wedding. Innovative ideas like using decorated brass plates with sweets and tika to welcome the guests, giving them a souvenir etc. is important. It is advisable to take help of wedding planners when arranging a theme wedding, they may just have what you need to pull off the wedding of your dreams.

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