9 Quintessential Last Minute Do’s For The Groom

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There are plenty of guides for brides to meticulously plan their every move when it comes to wedding day, but what about grooms – they are one half of the reason everyone has congregated, after all. Here are 9 essential last minute wedding tasks that grooms should keep in mind when it comes to wedding day.

1. Early To Rise

Set your alarm clock to at least thirty minutes before the time you actually need to be up. Be up ahead of time and before the actual preparation. In fact, set at least a couple of them – it’s not being meticulous, just making sure.

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2. Have Breakfast

Have a cup of coffee and follow it up with loads of water to stay hydrated. Do not skip breakfast! Plus, most couples don’t get to eat anything from the wedding menu, but try and grab a bite anyway. So, breakfast is a must on the list of last minute wedding tasks.

3. Shave

There are no excuses for a not being clean shaven for the wedding. Unless, you and your bride specifically agreed that you will carry a rugged look or a full beard etc.

4. Stay Clean

Cleaning up well is one of wedding day’s greatest traditions and a must last minute wedding tasks Do not stray! Aftershave, cologne and a crisp suit – that’s the stuff.

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5. No To Drinks

Your groomsmen can suggest a beer or two to calm your nerves. But, you’ve got to say “NO” and say it loud.

6. Surprise Your Bride

There will be a million emotions that a bride goes through on the day of her wedding and the entire drill of looking the best. It’s a great idea to send her something and make her feel extra special. Send her a handwritten note – with a dozen of her favorite flowers – telling her how excited you are for this and that you can’t wait to start a beautiful life together.

7. Emergency Kit

It’s not just the bride that needs to carry an emergency kit. The groom will need one too. Things like extra pair of socks, cufflinks, mints, mouthwash, perfume, suit pockets, extra tie, chapstick and even a lint roller. Go over all your essentials and add anything you might need.

8. The Checklist

Go over the checklist with the bride. There’s a lot on her mind (and plate), so go over everything with her. That way you’re both on the same page, and you’re not constantly asking her what to do next. It’s akin to starting your life together with your best foot forward – and that’s more than just sentiment.

9. The Wedding Rings

Personally check and be doubly sure that you have them in place. There are to be no gaffes in this regard, period.

So, did you agree with our list of last minute wedding tasks for a groom?

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