20 Essentials That Make Every Husband Happy In Marriage

When in marriage, you may often find it difficult to keep things steady, as you simply don’t have a clue as to what your man wants from you and the marriage! Obviously, this isn’t just happening to you, and we’re here to help.

Here are a few clues that you can take a hint from and work on your marriage to keep your husband happy and content in the relationship you share.


1. Your Husband Wants To Feel Wanted And Not Needed

Men feel happy and content when they are with independent women for whom they aren’t around just because they’re needed, but because they’re wanted and desired irrespective of their wealth, good looks, financial standing and status in society. Being with someone who does not need them, but wants them (because doing things with them makes life more meaningful), is something that keeps men happy in marriage.

2. Your Husband Want To Be A Priority In Their Wife’s World


If your husband feels like he is the most important person in your life – your top most priority, then it is another source of happiness in the relationship. The understanding that they are not just their in your life to pay the bills and look after the kids’ needs, but that they mean something very important to you, makes them happy. It also fills them with the zeal to give their hundred percent in terms of the relationship.

3. He Wants To Be Emotionally Safe In The Relationship

Your husband doesn’t want to be just physically safe, he wants emotional safety as well. He will be happy only when he knows that you will not take advantage of his follies, weaknesses or past indiscretions by using it against him to walk out of the relationship.

4. Physical Intimacy Keeps Him Going


There is no denying the fact that your husband needs the physical intimacy and connection to feel secure in the relationship. The regular intimate interaction will keep him going and keep his spirits high, so that you can always find him in a relaxed and good mood. A healthy sexual life affects us in multifarious ways and your husband is no exception.

5. Feeling Home Is His Haven

Even if the whole world seems like against him, he expects that home will be a safe haven for him, where he will find love, comfort, kindness and affection. It is important to try and maintain a harmonious approach to any disputes arising at home, from both parties. That way, even if there are disagreements, they’re just that. Home still remains a place to look forward to and a retreat from the rest of the world.

6. He Wants You To Respect His Needs


Every individual has some needs or the other and expects that his/her spouse will understand (and help with, as much as possible) the same. Your husband will really appreciate you trying to be understanding and accepting of his needs – even if you find them a bit weird and do not wholeheartedly approve of his habits and requirements. Needless to say, this goes both ways, and helps build a healthy relationship.

7. Let Him Take The Lead


Sometimes, it is you making the bulk of the family’s decisions and taking the initiative in bed, but letting him take the lead can keep him in a jolly mood. Sometimes it is needed to feel important, and the fact that you have no issues surrendering to him will make him feel even more privileged and lucky to have you and the relationship.

8. Frequent And Passionate Kissing Throughout The Day

Being kissed by the wife frequently throughout the day keeps things exciting and makes him feel wanted by you. It is sure to keep his spirits sky high and serves to satisfy his need for affection – even when the two of you are mostly busy fulfilling the duties of professional and family life.

9. When You Take Care Of Your Appearance To Please Just Him

To be honest, men are visual creatures and like to see things more than they like to imagine, which is not the case with women. When you take time to dress up and look good just for him, it gives him the mental boost to do things for you with even more dedication and love you more with each day.

10. Romantic And Love-Filled Date Nights


Sometimes, spicing up the romance like when you were courting each other can bring a smile to his lips, and yours. It becomes even more exciting when you plan a surprise outing, candle-lit dinner or even something as simple as a late night movie marathon on the couch. It is the thought that matters to him, that you making such effort to keep up the romance, and that you aren’t lost in the monotony of life.

11. The Infectious Smile On Your Lovely Face

At times, when he comes back home after a long and tiring day at work, a cute smile on your face when you greet him – if you’re home – is all it takes to switch his mood from downbeat to A-okay.

12. Handling Issues With Kindness And Compassion


There are many matters of heart where there should be no ego or clash that proves to be bigger than you, him and the relationship. If you show your kindness and compassion when dealing with any issues that crop up, he’ll notice. And love you all the more for it.

13. Being On The Same Parenting Page


When it comes to parenting, your husband will like it if there is sync between you two and both of you are on the same page while handling and nurturing your kids. It is important that the children should have love as well as respect for the parents and if your parenting style makes it difficult for your husband to implement his own, have a say, or is directly contradictory to his values, then it is sure to make him unhappy.

14. When You Cook His Favorite Food


One thing that is certain is that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Though it does not mean spending all your time in the kitchen, but cooking his favorite dishes from time to time to will make him feel special, and is a sure-fire way to win his heart.

15. Occasional Praise And Encouragements

We all know that no one is perfect. But motivation and encouragement in a relationship can work a great deal to keep it flourishing. Occasionally praising your husband for the little things that he does for you such as bringing you tea in bed, mowing the grass or anything else can really bring a smile to his lips. Acknowledgement and gratitude will motivate and inspire.

16. Spending Time With Just Him Often


When you make time for your husband, just to spend quality time together – without the interruptions of kids, other people or work, it’s going to bring him immense joy and further strengthen the bond that you two share.

17. Treating Him Like A King Sometimes

Who says it is just women who like to be pampered? Even men like to be pampered by their spouses. Do invest your time and energy in doing things that he likes or that relax him, make him feel loved and cared for! He is sure to fall for such sweet little things that you do for you and completely devote himself to you and your love.

18. Keeping The Home Clean And Tidy

Do not think that it is a regressive thought but men do love it when their partners try and keep the house clean and tidy. It means that they know you are putting great efforts to keep up with the hearth and the heart, and like to be the nurturer of the family and at the end of the day; every husband wants something like that from his wife for sure.

19. When You Allow Him To Trust You Fully


It makes him very happy when he can blindly trust you about anything and everything and have complete confidence in you. For that, you will have to earn his trust and be aware of his vulnerabilities too, so that you do not end up losing the trust factor in the relationship.

20. Notice His Extraordinary Qualities And Passions

One way by which you can make your husband happy in marriage for sure is by showing interest in his passions and to motivate him to pursue them. Appreciate his qualities and praise his efforts from time to time so that he gains confidence in himself, and looks at life and the relationship with enthusiasm. This will also give him the confidence that he can face any difficulty in marriage and sort things out for a better future together, with you by his side, always.

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