12 Things No One Tells You About Wedding Day

Your wedding is fast approaching and you’re running around trying to get things done. Dresses, accessories, communiques, invitations… it can all be, and generally is, daunting. But what you’re basically doing is prepping yourself for wedding day.

But what does that actually mean? The family, too, will be full of suggestions and tips about what to do and what not to do… but it’s rare that someone really talks about actual wedding day. Here are a few things pretty much no one will tell you about wedding day; things you should know.

1. It Will Be Exhausting Even Before It All Begins

If you think you can just wake up feeling all fresh like a daisy for your wedding, you’re most likely mistaken. The bridal shower, bachelorette party (a trips to Vegas?) and everything else will be special, but most tiring. Don’t worry however, it’s all part of the experience, and do remember to keep yourself hydrated.

2. It’ll Be Confusing

You’ll have people approaching you with questions and compliments and you’ll have a clouded mind with not a clue as to how to reply. It happens with everyone, and as the emotions overpower you and mix in with the exhaustion – you will be happily dazed and confused.


3. The 10 Minutes Before The Ceremony Are The Scariest

You’ll feel like you have it all under control but as the minutes tick by your nervousness will start setting in. Ten minutes before you walk down the aisle will be the ones that give you what we call ‘cold feet’ making you question every decision you’ve ever taken which landed you in this situation. And if not, there will be a sense of “Oh my God, this is the real deal.”

4. The Ceremony Soothes You

All the nervousness and crazy thoughts dissolve the moment you step in front of your would-be spouse. You know, the one who’s standing next to you, happiest at the though of spending the rest of their time on this planet with you. The look on their face and the love in their eyes reminds you why you’re here and how wonderful your decision to marry them was. And that – just that – is what it’s all about.

5. An Assorted Bag Of Emotions

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of emotions that will envelop you, in no particular order, sometimes all at once: happiness, nervousness, melancholy, fear, excitement and apprehension… But it’s all a part of the deal.

6. So Many Pictures

You cannot even imagine the number of pictures you’re going to have to pose for, and the fact that some of the best ones (among a plethora more) will be the ones which involved no looking straight and smiling.


7. You’ll Likely Cry

The tiredness, the emotion, the feels and the biggest day in your life so far.

8. You’ll Need Some Me Time

Pro tip: Have a word with your maid of honor or someone you can trust to have them arrange the possibility of just this. You will need it, and it will be good for you.


9. You’ll Appreciate So Much

Seeing everybody come together to make your wedding a dream come true makes you appreciate all the love and support. Sometimes it also makes you remember how you’ve been terrible to people who are there trying to maintain that smile on your face.

10. There’s No Such Thing As A Plan

Oh you’ll spend so much time in making detailed plans and timelines of the wedding ceremony but it never happens as you wish for it to. There are always diversions and deviations that create mild chaos and delay everything else. That’s because it’s an organic event and not a military parade. Which is fine.

11. You Won’t Be Able To Eat (But Should)

There isn’t much more to say about this. For the people who are in a position to affect the bride and groom, try and get them a bite at the room in which they’re staying after. That’ll be the only thing on their minds, really.

12. The Words ‘Wife’ And ‘Husband’ Will Sound Unnatural

It may sound funny and absurd but when someone starts moments after the wedding about your husband or wife, you’ll be like ‘Whaaaaaaat?!’

Things will go wrong, things will surprise you and things will shock you. You’ll laugh and you’ll cry. You’ll dance and you’ll sit alone. Things will happen the way you never planned for them to happen. You’ll look like a million dollars and feel like a celeb. That’s what a wedding is all about – And this one is going to be specifically for you.

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