Things The Mother Of The Bride Should Do

Weddings are beautiful, timeless celebrations. They are a reflection of love, togetherness and family. However, one thing they are not is cake walk (though there might be cake). Whether you talk about the bride and groom or their families, weddings are always filled with things to do, little jobs that keep you on your toes until the very end. The bride and groom usually have their duties cut out for them, and they are the ones getting married after all. The daddies, too, run around for bookings and have a lengthy to-do list that has been given to them.

It is usually the mother of the bride who is left out with no one telling her what to do and expecting her to still know it all.

So for all you mothers out there, here’s a list of things that you should know about – and get done – before your daughter’s wedding day.

1. Emotional Support


Some might say this isn’t something that needs to be mentioned, but quite honestly, this is a very important job for a mother whose daughter is about to take the leap. Show your daughter that you’re there for her and that she can count on you whenever she gets cold feet.

2. Shopping Support

Yes your daughter might have her own ideas of what she wants but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t need her mom there with her. Accompany her on all (or at least most) of her shopping trips and give suggestions on what you think looks best.

3. Checking Up On Trends


Just being inside the store isn’t enough, your knowledge should also be up-to-date about the current trends so that your opinions can be understood by your daughter and vice versa. Log on to Google and search away!

4. Guest List

Being one of the older generation, you will be the one with a list of all far-off relatives. So help out with the guest list and with ‘who’s in and who’s out’.

5. Playing Host


Having a wedding in the family is no easy task. You’ll have guests visiting from all parts of the world and you’ll have to pay each one the due attention. The best way to deal with them would be to make your own team at home with the youngsters and designate tasks to each one.

6. Gift List

As the mother of the bride you’ll also have to prepare a list of all the gifts required and hand out the list to anyone who asks for them.

7. Family Heirlooms


Heirlooms have their own importance at every wedding. They bring out an emotional connection that makes the wedding even more special. So find something that you or anyone else may have that they wish to pass on to your daughter, as she begins a new chapter in her life.

8. Family Traditions

Every family has its own unique wedding tradition. Living in the city we sometimes lose touch with our roots and can find it hard to manage all ceremonies. So before the wedding day, make a list of all traditions in your culture that may need to be followed.

9. Salon Appointments


Fix up salon appointments for your daughter and find out the kind of beauty treatments that she may want to go for. Looking flawless on the wedding is one of the most important things to a bride so you as her mother can always step up and make sure she does look her best.

10. Being The Contact Person

Hand out your number to the florists, caterers, decorators and all such people who will make your daughter’s wedding a dream come true. Prepare a list of all contact numbers that you will need to make sure that all jobs are being done perfectly.

11. Communicating


According to some cultures, it is customary for the bride’s mother to choose her dress first and then communicate the same to the groom’s mother. So if your culture follows the same, then do as needed.

12. Wedding Day Details

On they of the wedding, help your daughter in dressing up. Place her veil and her tiara (if she’s carrying one) correctly. Helping your daughter get ready is one of the sweetest moments that you’ll cherish all your life. It is one of those intimate moments when your daughter is preparing herself to walk down the aisle.


13. Second dance


Once your daughter has her first dance with the groom it is the turn for the mother of the bride to have the second dance of the evening with her husband.

14. Managing Gifts

It is also the duty of the mother to look after the gifts during and after the wedding and making a list of all the gifts and guests.

15. Pictures


While the newly-weds are off to their honeymoon, it is the duty of the family to collect images from all photographers and prepare an album. So keep the number of the photographer handy and ideas in mind to get the album made.

So there you go, these are things that you as the mother of the bride will have to keep in mind when her daughter’s about to have a beautiful wedding!

images source: Shutterstock