10 Things Every Guest Expects At A Wedding

When planning your wedding, it is expected that you will get caught up with a multitude of situations and issues that will all seem to need your immediate attention – the wedding dress, cake, venue, decoration or just about anything else. So? We often forget to consider the expectations our guests might have at our no doubt beautiful wedding. Fret not, however, for we have prepared a list of things to take into account (with the guests in mind) while planning for your wedding. Read on, thank us later!

1. Affordable Accommodation


When booking for the wedding and reception venues, you need to take into account the accommodation arrangements of the guests too. It will be ideal to provide them with options in different price ranges so that they can choose a hotel that is best suited to them. Also keep in mind about the distance from the venue and their accommodation so that they do not end up hiking or driving thirty miles across the city.

Top tip: Try being a bit considerate while making accommodation arrangements for guests re distance and room rent.

2. Ceremony To Reception

Your guests expect that the ceremony, be it a church or field, to be decently near where the reception will happen. Keep the ceremony and reception venues close in proximity, but also in dates. This way, your guests will not find it difficult to travel and will not have to sit idle in their hotel rooms, waiting.

Top tip: Not too much in between the reception and ceremony, in times of distance and length of time.

3. Alcohol


There’s nothing quite like an open bar at a wedding, but that is also something that many of us can’t really afford – and to say that it’s expected is a bit of a stretch. However, having a bar with a bit of variety at the wedding certainly will enhance the experience for a number of guests. If a free bar is out of your budget, think about subsidizing the first few drinks or having one spirit of your choice on the house.

Top tip: A bar at your wedding, open, subsidized or otherwise certainly adds to the experience for many guests.

4. Good Food


They do not expect you to have all the varieties of cuisines available in the world but plenty of warm and flavorful food is what your guests crave. Make sure to add some variety to the food options available so that it is palatable to the taste of the majority of the people invited to be a part of the celebrations. A bad experience when it comes to food is sure to leave them with a bitter aftertaste and not so fond memories of your wedding day.

Top tip: Have a variety of food options if you can, otherwise pick options that are enjoyed by all.

5. Planned Seating Arrangements

Weddings and receptions are occasions to have a good time, talk freely and have the opportunity to make new friends and associations too. It is you who is now responsible that the guests can get along well with each other. That needs strategic seating arrangement so that someone’s ex-wife does not end up landing with him at the same table. Try making seating arrangements keeping in mind relationship ties, personality of the guests seating together and a mix of familiar and unfamiliar faces to keep things flowing on the table, both the wine and the conversations.

Top tip: Seating is important, and a little thought goes a long way.

6. Short Speeches And Toasts

Professional wedding planners suggest keeping the speech and toast ceremony for half an hour to forty minutes max. More than that and you will find the glazed over looks and yawning faces frequently amidst the crowd. No one is interested in listening to hour-long ranting. Ask everyone beforehand to keep their speeches short and sweet, as you have to maintain a schedule of events too. If the situation seems like going out of hand, manage it with a polite yet firm attitude.

Top tip: Keep toasts short and sweet.

7. Good Music


The music often has a lot to do with the charm and ambiance of a wedding. Your guests expect some good music, depending on the situation. During the ceremonies, keep the music pleasant and in accord with the situation. Have some uptempo tracks to so that your guests have a great time shaking a leg. And for the couple dances, pick some nice, romantic slow numbers for sweet moments to linger on.

Top tip: Have guests shaking a leg and shedding a tear through the tunes on offer. Personal favourites can also be added on request.

8. Lively And Friendly Environment

In your wedding, guests will expect a lively and friendly environment. If you are aware of someone as a trouble maker, either drop their invitation or manage them beforehand so that there is no ugliness or petty fights at your wedding. When the comfort of hundreds of guests is in question, you will have to act tactfully to make sure there is no sourness or bitterness in the air and everybody is busy eating and enjoying.

Top tip: Volatile elements are a strict no-no at your wedding.

9. Time With The Bride And Groom

The guests invited at the wedding have come to see you and be a part of your celebrations. A bit of personal time with you and your partner, a quick chat, a few pleasantries, and a few clicks together goes a long way. This isn’t to say that the whole exercise is mechanical and to be adhered to, but that just a bit of time with everyone that has come in goes a long, long way.

Top tip: Look into how the guests are doing if and when you can.

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