10 Things That Should Be on Your Wedding Planning Checklist

Dwight Eisenhower famously said “Plans are nothing, but planning is everything”. Every word he said signifies the importance of planning. Every wedding requires or to be more precise mandates a well devised order which always results in a successful wedding. Here are the 10 things should go on your wedding planning checklist

1. Folder Theory


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One client-One Folder. Start with a folder or a journal to keep all the documents including the stage designs, wardrobe composition and other necessary details of the client. This is essential to keep things organized and professional. If the clients are organised and are not intermixed, it can avoid a lot of confusion.

2. The Economic Theory

economy theory

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How can you start wedding planning without the approximation of clients budget? Explaining the monetary aspect of the wedding to the client is crucial. Once this is planned properly and checked, you can have a better idea about the plan you need to adopt based on the client’s budget.

3. The Guest List


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Understanding the client requirement and preparing a estimation on the number of guests and their requirements can help manage and plan the wedding better. It can be a small close knit wedding or a grand one. It’s best to check this with the client, so that the number of guests can be ascertained and you can plan the wedding accordingly.

4. Delegate Duties


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Feeling exhausted? There is absolutely no reason to cuss about all the stress involved with planning and checking out things. A planner can delegate his work to his associates and subordinates, whose job is to support the wedding planner in every step. Delegating and distributing work would help in achieving goals better. Collective effort always pays off.

5. Reserve And Confirm The Vendors


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Venues, Transport, food, etc all need prior reservations. It’s always advisable to interact with all the vendors and other suppliers about the orders and reservations made on behalf of the wedding. This is essential to affirm the suppliers about the reservations. Checking this helps in keeping track of the commitments made to various vendors and third party suppliers.

6. Shutterbugs


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An important part of the checklist is to hire a professional photographer to cover the wedding and all the events that precede and follow it. Photographers do not accept last minute requests. Its always advisable to book them in advance and brief them about the wedding and the clients requirement. This helps your confirm the photographers to the wedding.

7. The Gastronomy


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It’s extremely important to make sure that the food department is organised and sorted accordingly. Orders and special requests are best fulfilled by the food caterers only if they’re made well in advance and adding that on the checklist is very important. Food plays a vital role in a wedding and it cannot not be neglected at any cost. Better add this on to the checklist for double-checking. CHECK?

8. More Reservations


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Another important item on our wedding planner’s checklist is to make sure hotel rooms are booked for out of town guests. Reserving hotel rooms is very essential to avoid last minute confusion and rejects from the hotels. Hey! You can’t keep the guests waiting, it’s best to make sure they stay comfortable and cozy.

9. Invitations


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As a wedding planner its essential to provide the client plenty of options. These cards strike the first impression about the wedding. Make sure this is discussed with the client before putting them on the wedding planning checklist.

10. Stop, Check and Proceed


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As a professional wedding planner retrospecting at every stage is extremely essential for the success of the wedding. After making the wedding planning checklist, recheck and review the plan with the client and confirm. This helps in removing any minute errors. Make sure you have this on your checklist so that you can review everything… CHECK?