9 Dresses That Might Revoke Your Wedding Invite

Ladies, we know that the most exciting part of attending a wedding is getting dressed beforehand. Some of us need a reason to shop, and just the idea of shopping for threads gets us high. But, for some, what they wear isn’t so important, or the thought of experimentation crosses their mind. Both things are fine, however, we’re going to give you a few quick tips to make sure you don’t end up being the center of attraction at someone else’s wedding. Here goes:


1. White or Ivory

This is self-explanatory, but we will say it anyway. Stay away from anything remotely white or ivory. It is the bride’s day and for all you know she will be in one of the many shades of white, ivory or beige. You don’t have to steal her thunder and steer the attention in the wrong direction.

2. No Black Please!

If you’re someone who has an entire closet full of LBDs, then here’s some bad news. Black is not a very go-to colour for weddings for various reasons that we’re not going to get into at the moment. If you think that you have no other choice, ask if it’s appropriate, and then be doubly sure that it is flowy and chic.

3. Revealing Clothes? A Big No-no

Don’t try to impress anyone with those super-low cut necks, backless options or those dresses which end way above the knee. The hosts are not organizing a competition for the skimpiest dressed guest.

4. Tiara

Another thing that barely seems worth mentioning, except that this error is committed more times than it should. They say no tiara for a reason, someone else who is more important or let’s say, the most important, may or may not wear one.

5. Denims or Dungarees

Most themed weddings have the hosts categorically mention in the invite what the expected dress code is. If none of that applies to you, please do not show up in anything denim. Jackets, jeans, dungarees, shorts or anything else in that fabric is not considered wedding attire. Obviously.

6. Flip-Flops

Wear them only if the hosts provide them for the after-wedding dance party. There are no other exceptions we can think of, at the moment. So, for now and forever, NO! Did we mention that it’s a NO?

7. T-Shirts

Save yourself some embarrassment by not ending up in a T-shirt. If it’s your idea of being wacky and out of the box, then you’re at the wrong event.

8. See-through dresses

See-through dresses are generally are a big no at any kind of a wedding. You will get your chance of wearing negligees and sheer dresses, that but a wedding is not the place (especially, when it’s not your own).

9. Matching Dress with The Bridal Party

If you are not sure of the theme or the colour of the dresses the bride and her tribe are wearing, just ask. It is better to be safe than sorry. You don’t want to seem like you’re forcing yourself into the group. It will have the bride and her entourage fuming. Beware and stay informed!

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