10 Things A Bride Should Never DIY For Her Wedding

Nowadays, thanks to our Pinterests and DIY videos swarming up our newsfeeds and websites, the urge to go DIY has hyped up a lot and why not? It saves bucks and gives a push to your creative side! But wedding is not the time for you to experiment with DIYs and hacks that can easily turn into a disaster in no time at all. Stay away from the DIYs listed below to have a wonderful and pleasantly eventful wedding day that will be remembered by everyone, for the right reasons.

1. Hairstyling


The one thing that you want perfect for your wedding day is your hair. The laborious tasks of hair spas and massages that come with the bridal beauty package will be of no use if you turn out in your worst hairstyle ever, that too on your wedding day. Your motto should be to look your best from top to toe and your crowning glory needs the expertise and professional attention that it deserves so that when the tiara is placed on your crown for your veil, you simply look the best with the professional hairstylists working their skills on your hair.

2. Makeup


Even if you are sorted with your hair, please do not try to go DIY with your make up thinking you are an expert on the same. On your wedding day, you will already be burdened with so many tasks and anxieties that this is the last thing that you will try to take it upon yourself and end up in a disaster. Give yourself that care and pampering of a nice makeup artist whom you have already fixed beforehand and it is a must that you ask for a trial makeup session with the artist, wearing you wedding dress and accessories, so that you are completely sure of the look you will be carrying off on your wedding day and if there are any changes that you would like to make for the same.

3. Wedding Cake


You may have honed your baking skills for years and are considered the best when it comes to baking cakes and pastries but doing the wedding cake on your own can turn out to be too ambitious for your time and capacity. Wedding preparation is the time when you need to relax and pamper yourself so that you are completely prepared and your radiant best to enter the most important phase of your life, your marriage.

4. Flowers


You may be browsing through some centerpiece designs and spotted some lovely DIY centerpieces and thought to yourself why take the trouble of calling the florist for the job, you can do it yourself. But sit back and think again! Flowers need to be brought freshly from the florist to keep them looking fresh during the occasion. For that you will have to get the flowers maybe on the same day of the wedding or couple of hours before. Now, do you think you can hustle and do the centerpieces yourself in that time or you would rather like to catch up with your bridesmaids and get your touch-ups done? Not a tough choice.

5. Music


Whether it is the rehearsal dinner, the wedding day or the first dance at the wedding reception, you need music to prep up the show. Instead of just throwing your friends and cousins for the task and ruin your first dance or try to do it yourself – hire a professional DJ or music artist or a group of them to deal with the task and give yourself the best experience possible and some everlasting moments while you are being swayed on the dance floor by your love.

6. Wedding Dress


A wedding is not a wedding when the bride is without a wedding dress. Let this nightmare not happen to you. Don’t even think about your wedding gown or dress as a project that you can just try your hands at with your bunch of best friends. It’s better to go for a tailor made or a designer wedding gown that will flatter your body type, enhance your features and do everything possible to make you stand out in the crowd. The aspects such as fittings, adjustments and other details need to be taken care of too that is impossible without a professional by your side.

7. Photography


The candid moments of your wedding day, with your love by your side and the cheers of your loved ones can only be made to live forever by capturing them. And the magic we are talking about here is photography. We all just want to engage our cousins or besties to deal with this department but if you hire a professional wedding photographer, you can understand the difference it is going to make.

8. Catering


After the couple and the wedding décor it is the food and arrangements that the guests look forward to when attending a wedding. You may love to cook a lot and may have some awesome innovative recipes to charm the guests, but arranging for the food and catering for 200+ guests when you are the bride is not a very bright idea. Save yourself from such a disaster and hire a caterer whom you can instruct well on how things should go at your wedding.

9. Wedding Planning


Even if you are super organized and known in your circle for being meticulous planner, take a break from all that on your wedding day and hire a wedding planner to deal with the things so that you have all the time to prepare and pamper yourself rather than running around arranging the food and the décor of the venue.

10. Cleaning Up


It may sound so easy with your bunch of siblings and cousins to just get done with the cleaning up once the party is done, but trust us, after all that exhaustion of your wedding day and honeymoon in your mind, cleaning is that last thing you would like to do to start your new life. Hire a team of professionals to clean up the mess once you leave for your precious honeymoon.

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