These 10 Emerald Engagement Rings Are The Key To Her Heart

Before we proceed to the heavenly journey of exploring the most exquisite emerald engagement rings for your better half, let’s take a dip into the history of these rare gems and what has made them a popular choice among couples.

Emeralds are very ancient and rare gemstones. They actually find a mention in one of the oldest known books in the world, the Papyrus Prisse, which says “But good words are more difficult to find than the emerald, for it is by slaves that it is discovered among the rocks.” The text is about 5000 years old and the emeralds, it refers to are mostly form the Cleopatra mines of Egypt. There are many other references to Emeralds all over history too.

It was said that the Roman Emperor Nero watched the gladiator fights through flat emerald crystals. Pliny, the Roman scholar, has said it is the finest and the most intense of all gemstones found in the natural world. Incas and the Aztecs used Emeralds in most of their religious rituals. Shah Jahan, the Mughal emperor was so enamored by these stones that he used them as talismans and got his personal set of sacred texts inscribed with emeralds. The Czar of Russia had a crown made of emeralds while most other royalty all over the world used emeralds as the center-pieces of their jewelry. It is said that most of the known royal heirlooms world over, have a considerable number of emeralds in them.

Now that you know why the emeralds are so special, check out the 10 most gorgeous Emerald engagement rings crafted from this rare gemstone that promises to woo and win your brides heart.

1. The Emeralda – White Gold Rectangle

Emerald Engagement Rings - White Gold Rectangle

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A beautiful rectangular emerald that is lodged in a diamond halo of a pure white gold engagement ring. This ring is made of 14kt white gold and has the choicest of diamonds along with an over sized and beautiful emerald setting in the crown. A masterpiece with a stunning center-stone that is sure to attract many second glances.

2. The Intricate Gold And Diamond

Emerald Engagement Rings - The Intricate Gold And Diamond

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An intricate 18k pure yellow gold ring with a circular emerald stone placed in a half circle with a diamond border. The ring is exquisite in design and the craft is delicate, making this ring strike a beautiful balance of the best and the most precious – yellow gold, laser cut diamonds and a big round emerald. This stunning ring is almost as much of a novelty as an engagement band.

3. The Three Ringed Emerald

Emerald Engagement Rings - The Three Ringed Emerald

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A unique and very non-traditional example of an emerald engagement rings. Three different diamond studded rings are fused to form a single ring with a beautiful, big and slightly asymmetrically placed rectangular emerald on the crest -If that’s not enough, it stands at 2.33ct ( did the jaws just drop). A ring that guarantees a yes.

4. Natural Amethyst Leaf And Vine

Emerald Engagement Rings - Natural Amethyst Leaf And Vine

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One of the most innovative and interesting examples of an emerald engagement rings ever. This Nature Classic 1ct emerald ring with intricately designed amethyst leaf and a flowing vine theme all set in 14k black gold is truly a one-of-a-kind engagement ring. A standout in the most truest sense of the word.

5. Pave Diamond Set In Gold & Platinum

Emerald Engagement Rings - Pave Diamond Set In Gold & Platinum

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A beautiful combination of gold and platinum with diamond and emerald. This Emerald engagement ring is a culminations of the most precious and rarest of metals and gems! A brilliant piece of jewelery that has a very distinct and appealing centerpiece design.

6. The Celtic Weave

Emerald Engagement Rings - The Celtic Weave

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A Cassidy 14kt white gold engagement ring with intricate celtic knot design that houses the round emerald in the center. A ring that is elegant and exquisite in design yet very simple in its form. An emerald engagement ring that is sophisticated yet subtle in its appearance.

7. The Diamond Petals

Emerald Engagement Rings - The Diamond Petals

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An amazing gold and diamond petals ring with an over-sized oval floating emerald on top. A rings that moves you with its timeless design and subtle accents like the laser cut petal shaped diamonds encased in gold.

8.The Baguette Cut By John Calleija

Emerald Engagement Rings - The Baguette Cut By John Calleija

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You normally don’ see the emeralds without any support or casing, whereas here, you’ve a good sized emerald with only its center base fixed to the ring. You can actually see, feel and look through the actual gem with this kind of design.

9. Hand Carved & Wooden

Emerald Engagement Rings - Hand Carved & Wooden

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Have you ever imagined having a wood crafted emerald engagement rings? Well then this ring is all what you have imagined and more. This ring is very appealing and beautiful even after you get over the initial wow factor. A ring for out-of-the-box thinkers who would love to experiment, in style.

10. The Gold Edwardian With Diamonds

Emerald Engagement Rings - The Gold Edwardian With Diamonds

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A stunningly beautiful emerald engagement ring that is designed in true edwardian style, with a brilliant mix of style and materials. This ring consists of rare diamonds, gold and platinum along with the exquisitely cut emeralds running around the corner. Definitely a ring that will make your better half gleam with pride.