An Engagement Ring With Name: How Wonderful Is That?

For a lot of people, it is not the diamond or the ring that marks the significance of the day of their engagement. What they remember is the person that they are entering into holy matrimony with. And what better way to go about doing this than engraving or etching the names of you and your partner on your rings, possibly along with the dates of your intended nuptials. It is these things that will bring forth the rush of nostalgia that all of us look forward to down the line, not how big the rock on your uber fancy rings is. Your wedding and engagement rings will be all the more cherished if they are subjected to engraving, with either the names of you and your partner, or the dates of your wedding or even a sweet and sentimental quote that holds great emotional and otherwise significance to you and your partner. And what is the best part about an engagement ring with name you might ask? Well, there’s no time stamp on when you’re supposed to get it engraved, you can get it done before the engagement and the wedding or even years after these events. Ideas - Engagement Ring With Name

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  Customarily, the traditional choices of wording for the engraving process are limited to the names and the dates, but really the sky is the limit. You can choose to flex your creative muscles here, and come up with something that means a little more. Perhaps it can be a significant phrase? It can be from a song, a poem or even a movie that you and your partner hold dear and near to your hearts. From quotes and wise words, to religious excerpts, anything is possible. You can even consider making your rings truly intricate and uniquely your own by getting your fingerprints etched on the rings. With recent advances in laser engraving technology, even the complexity of an individual fingerprint is not beyond the scope of actualisation. Of course, it would be best if you and your partner put a lot of thought into the wordings that will be engraved on your rings. You can’t exactly rub it off with an eraser if you don’t end up liking what you’ve done only two weeks later. Styles - Engagement Ring With Name

Some things to consider before getting your engagement and wedding rings engraved:

  • Always ensure that your rings are sized prior to any engraving being actually done. Depending on the length of your inscription, you’ll have to be careful. Especially with longer ones, these cases tend to get damaged by the procedure used for the sizing process.
  • You can choose to get some truly spectacular work done if you choose to go for engraving done by hand. Done with micro sized chisels called gravers, the different heads allow a much greater range of possibilities for choices of fonts and designs. The lettering done by these artisans is levels above the cold and calculated feel of machine tooling. Depending on the skill of the engraver in question; some brilliantly intricate symbols can be created. They always love to work with gold or platinum, seeing as they are softer metals that have more to give as compared to other metals in use in the industry.
  • Machine tooled engraving is a little harsher on your rings than going at it by hand, obviously. Some engravers that employ machines to do their work are limited by their choice of tools, and can only offer block lettering. So always ensure that you sound out their capabilities before entrusting your rings to them.