The Wonderful Scene For Wedding Venues In Bangalore

Bengaluru, as it is now known with the new naming conventions, will always be known as Bangalore. In addition to the great joy that the obvious pun in the name gives to a surprisingly large segment of the population, the name ‘Bang’alore has simply established itself firmly in the popular Indian consciousness. Here, we’d like to apologise if any of your punmeters just exploded. Also known as “the Silicon Valley of India”, it is universally renowned throughout India for the more than pleasant climate and weather that the elevated city enjoys; Bangalore is just simply beautiful. A solid rock and mainstay of the Information Technology industry in India, Bangalore is also host to some of the most fabulous weddings you will ever see.So here we are to give you a gist on wedding venues in Bangalore and to guide if you are looking out for one.Say it and you will have it, right from.outdoor wedding venue to garden wedding venues in bangalore, we know it all.

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Another name given to Bangalore is the Garden City, and it is clearly obvious why. The lush greenery and huge variety of blooming flora in the city make for a wonderfully calming vibe. Due to the even, steady and pleasant temperatures, and a fair amount of rain, Bangalore boasts an astonishing array of flowers and plants that grow all throughout the year. Orchids especially are found in abundance in this city, being grown in farms and private nurseries all over and around the vicinity. Not only does this add to the general ambiance of the city, it also adds wonderfully diverse and rich opportunities for your wedding decorations for your venues, especially if you love the floral themes.
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Image Courtesy : Devika Narain Wedding designer

With a rich cultural heritage and tumultuous history, Bangalore has been a seat of power for many peoples, starting from the Chola Dynasty to the last being the British Empire. Each and every culture – which includes everybody from the Vijayanagara Empire to the Marathas, the Mughals and the Princely State of Mysore – that resided here has carved out their individual niches of visually represented culture. There are a succession of forts, temples and palaces in addition to the remaining examples of English Victorian architecture. All of these provide some brilliant venues and backdrops for your wedding function making it one of the best wedding venues in bangalore .

Types Of Venues

Wedding Venies In Bangalore-Outdoor decorations

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With the ability to cater to any number of wishes and desires as far as mood, feel and ambiance go, Bangalore can be the perfect destination for any type of wedding. It depends on you really, if you want a black-tie affair with a formal air that is replete with soft candlelight and lilting classical music, or if you want something that allows for three-fourths, slippers and the family pet, you can always find something that you will like. You can find places that will be perfect for that intimate wedding with less than thirty guests and also find places that will accommodate a massive number of people, even crowds as large as over 400. With so much natural beauty to appreciate as soon as you step out of the door, it is no surprise that outdoor weddings are an extremely popular option for people in Bangalore. This option is only encouraged by the wonderfully pleasant climate, which encourages even the laziest of people to get off their backsides and perhaps consider taking a walk. The large number of exquisite gardens, of all different types, will provide you with innumerable options for stunning outdoor venues. There are many outdoor wedding venues in Bangalore, to cater to a huge crowd. In addition to the large number of wedding halls and banquet halls, you also have a host of quiet little places that can be perfect as wedding venues. There are, for instance, a large number of excellent terraces that can be used for ceremonies and even receptions. The staggering number of hotels and resorts also offer a wide array of options in the form of ballrooms and outdoor gardens.