The Akshai Varde Sameera Reddy Wedding, The Sultry Southern Belle Gets Hitched

In a country of absolutely gorgeous women, there are still those few ladies who will leave your jaw not only dropped, but unhinged and will leave you searching on the ground for your dropped body part. Even if only so that you can hopefully utter a few words to express your appreciation for their beauty. One such example of such stunning ladies is a lovely sultry southern belle. And this her story so far – the Sameera Reddy Wedding Story.

Born on the 14th of December, 1980, this leaping gazelle was brought into the world in Rajahmudry, Andhra Pradesh to a Telegu Reddy family. She comes from some extremely talented stock, almost pedigree even, with a businessman father and a microbiologist mother. She has two siblings, who both happen to be her elder sisters, who are also extremely talented in their own rights. Meghna Reddy was a former VJ and a supermodel; while her other sister Sushma Reddy was also a Bollywood actress and model.

Long described as a tomboy during her formative years, Sameera Reddy had always considered herself to be the ugly duckling of her family, she once went as far as to say that she was plump, had glasses and that her glamour quotient was rather low until she reached the tender age of 19. Well, whatever was said and done; I, and especially every red-blooded male in the world, love what she’s done with herself since then.

The Stunning Career


The scintillating Sameera Reddy first rose to fame when she appeared in the singer Pankaj Udhas’s music video for his song Aur Aahista in the year 1997. At that time, still only a graduate, this nubile vision of loveliness was spotted by talent searchers for Bollywood- who if they had not picked her, would have not only their eyesight but their sense of taste to be checked out – and was chosen to be part of the cast for the Bollywood film Maine Dil Tujkho Diya in 2002. For her Bollywood debut movie, she had the fortune to appear alongside veterans such as Sohail Khan, Kabir Bedi and Sanjay Dutt. As it turned out, fortune favoured her, and the movie made itself out to be as a commercial hit, and she soon began to gain acclaim and recognition in the industry. Since then she has actead in a steady number of films every year, until her last appearance on the screen in 2013.

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The Dream Relationship


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The dazzling southern beauty met her husband to be, Akshai Varde, at a bike shoot. Akshai Varde, though relatively unknown in the Bollywood space, is a well-known name in the motorcycle industry in India as he co-owns Vardenchi Motorcycles, a custom bike company that is known for its balling designs. His range of custom bikes has received rave reviews from a lot of quarters.

Ostensibly at a shoot to promote his bikes somehow, he happened to have the rare honour of seeing the devastatingly attractive Sameera Reddy whizz by him, riding a big, burly machine with a lot of horses under its hood. Akshai Varde was obviously impressed, though the exact reasons might never become clear, and got to talking with our lady Sameera Reddy. They found that they shared a penchant for motorbikes, and he was thoroughly taken by her love for them, and was delighted to find that riding these iron steeds were her passion. There started the beginning of their love story. They started dating, and after two long years they finally decided that they had beaten around the bush for long enough. Given that it was important for Sameera Reddy to find a partner outside the film industry, coming across Akshai Varde like she did was surely a stroke of divine intervention.

The Fabulous Wedding

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They surprised everyone by suddenly getting married on the 21st of January, 2014. This was unexpected because they had originally planned to get hitched in April, but unexpected problems with the schedules of their respective family members forced them to revise their plans. Sameera’s sister Meghna happened to be in town, down from her residence in the United States of America with her new baby, and Akshai’s sister was in town at the time as well. The both of them confessed that it would almost be impossible for either of them to make it back to India for the April wedding. And apparently, all the pundits that she and her family had consulted all claimed that the 21st of January was an exceptionally auspicious day in that year.

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So instead of going through months of painful planning, and causing stress for everyone around them, including themselves, they decided to take the plunge immediately. In no time at all, things were arranged after Akshai has said why not, and Sameera had her quip of “Why knot?”. Most of the credit apparently goes to Sameera’s sister Sushma who, other than apparently having a future in the wedding planning industry if she ever chooses to branch out, planned the whole affair in just a short ten days. Sameera has been quoted saying that she was almost like the CEO of the wedding. It was not a large affair at all, with hardly any guests outside friends and family. There were no big name stars or starlets from Bollywood, or any of the other Cinema Woods; infact there was hardly anyone from showbiz at all. One of the only guests of repute, who is popularly known, was the King of Good Times himself, Vijay Mallya, who is apparently related to Sameera Reddy through some branch of her mother’s family. It was Vijay Mallya who gave Sameera away to her groom, Akshai Varde. Another notable name who was in attendance was designer Niksha Lulla, who rocked a wonderful traditional look, complete with a nath nose ring. The scion of one of the most successful real estate companies in India, one of our very own young billionaires, Ashish Raheja was in attendance as well, and he was sporting a 1000 megawatt smile throughout.

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Speaking of how fast the event played out, Sameera Reddy had only to say that she thought that this was the best way to have done it. Already concentrating on her bright future together with her imminent husband at the time, Sameera Reddy was not in the mood to fuss over the clothes or the decor.

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For her bridal trousseau, Sameera Reddy employed the services of the legendary Neeta Lulla, who had strict instructions to get the dazzling bride either a traditional Maharashtrian or a South Indian sari, with no jeweller or accessories to speak of whatsoever. After having spent over a decade primping up in all manner of styles and fashions for the silver screen, the divinely radiant beauty didn’t want to be decked up on her wedding. She wanted to go for a more minimalist look, which she did with her choice of a simple re South Indian saree – which she attributes to the Reddy side of her heritage asserting itself.

The sangeet and mehendi ceremonies were apparently beautiful, but given that the whole wedding was rather hush-hush, there weren’t too many details to go on. For their sangeet, Akshai Varde was sporting a deep mauve sherwani without too much embroidery, and our lady Sameera Reddy was sporting a white Indian dress with some deliciously translucent qualities which showed off her beguiling mid-riff. For her actual wedding, Sameera Reddy wore a Neeta Lulla ensemble which was a red and gold saree with gorgeous brocade work all over. She opted to wear some light jewellery in the end, and finished her look with some flowers in her hair.

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The groom, Akshai Varde, entered the wedding venue, Sameera Reddy’s residence in Mumbai, with his baraat, but went off the beaten track, and instead of riding in on a horse, chose to ride in on a beautiful beast of a custom red and black motorbike, looking like a boss. He wore a white sherwani with intricate thread work coupled with a vibrantly red dhoti and white jhootis. He finished his look with a dapper orange dupatta and an off white topor. He was welcomed by the bride’s sisters, Sushma and Meghna, and mother, Nakshatra, who washed his legs as part of a traditional Maharashtrian custom along with other welcoming rituals.

Their Happily Ever After

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After having married, Sameera Reddy, the new Mrs. Akshai Varde, and her new husband had to postpone their honeymoon for a while due to Akshai’s work. But they planned for a big one post an auto-expo that Akshai had to attend in February, which included them going on a long biking trip, which actually surprised no one.

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Sameera Reddy has a wonderfully cute story about how her normally shy husband actually pulled out a guitar at their post-wedding dinner, and sang an Eric Clapton song for her. That magical moment has since led to many more in their lives. Recently, on the 24th of May, 2015, the couple were blessed with their first born, a son, whose name is shrouded in mystery.

Speaking of her future prospects, the sultry actress had obly this to say : “Right now my full focus is on motherhood, but never say never again to anything.”