The Emraan Hashmi Wedding: Bollywood's Serial Kisser Love

Well the moniker’s been there for a while now, and it just refuses to die down, the “Serial Kisser”. Only we Indians can be as imaginative to come up with a name like that. It isn’t uncommon though, when our stars have their own personalised titles from Raging Star to Dancing Star and many more stars – in that sense, Serial Kisser is like a whiff of fresh air. And given that moniker, it’s no wonder that the Emraan Hashmi wedding has garnered so much attention! He’s been through his highs and lows in his career from being the hottest kissing star who made the masses throng to cinema halls for seeing him on screen in films like Murder to being a versatile and mature actor delivering riveting performances in movies like Awarapan and Hamari Adhuri Kahani. Emraan Hashmi never failed to impress, with his on screen performances and his off screen ethic, but as he says “serial kisser” is a title that fails to fade away.

emraan hasmi wedding

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Contrary to popular belief, Emraan in his personal life isn’t a playboy, he never was one, just for the record. He was a regular Bombay boy who fell in love with his childhood sweetheart, got married and lives a life away from the public eye.

The Emraan Hashmi Wedding: A Love Story

Emraan Hashmi fell in love with his childhood friend Parveen Sahani long before he became an actor. In fact, in an interview – his uncle and one of the most influential Producer’s in Bollywood, Mr. Mahesh Bhatt had said that he pushed Emraan into films as he wasn’t sure of what he was going to do in life. He was an assistant director for the 2002 hit film Raaz, when his uncle Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt offered him a role in their production – the 2003 thriller titled Foothpath, which was incidentally directed by Vikram Bhatt. It was an average grosser and he then did a film called Murder directed by Anurag Basu, one which brought him instant stardom and also, the title “serial kisser”. It is said that this erotic thriller was one that last few films to have had a 100 days run at cinemas across the country. While all this was going on – Emraan was going strong in his personal life too. Parveen and Emraan were deeply in love and were planning to get married around the same time. Parveen was a school teacher and he was a budding actor, because they are very private, as a couple and as a family, not much is known about their love story but some stories don’t need to be told – you can understand them when you see the couple. It took them four more years before they finally tied the knot after more than six years of dating. The Parveen – Emraan Hashmi wedding took place in December 2006 in an Islamic wedding ceremony.

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Well, you know how she loves him and how brilliantly comfortable they are in their zone when Emraan says his wife is okay with his serial kisser tag and is cool about all those romantic scenes that he’s become famous for (He shared this in an interview on “Koffee with Karan”). As a matter of fact, poor Emraan hadn’t done as many “kissing scenes” as a lot many of his colleagues and co-actors but somehow the tag just stuck because his biggest hit “Murder” had several romantic scenes. But it is nice to know that the couple are okay with the tag, and it is “cool” considering the fact that a lot of Indian partner’s wouldn’t be comfortable with his or her partner doing romantic scenes on screen. Hypocrites we are, but luckily, this couple isn’t one.

They were the talk of the town, and people thought she was crazy marrying a guy who had such a dubious on-screen character. Adding to the fire was the fact that Emraan and Parveen were very personal individuals, their public appearances were rare, and if they ever happened to be in the spotlight, it was only at family function or friend’s weddings.

The Gift

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The pretty couple were blessed with a beautiful boy named Ayaan Hashmi on the 3rd of February, 2010. He was their bundle of joy and the couple quietly welcomed the newest Hashmi into the family. They had their secret holidays, foreign tours and lots of family time. Life went one as Emraan got busy with films and Parveen, a teacher herself got busy with bringing up Ayaan.

The Test And The Triumph

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As the say, there’s always that one situation which will test your belief in love, in life and everything else. The Hashmi’s had one such incident that threw a spanner in life as they knew it. Little Ayaan was diagnosed with cancer in January 2014, when the kiddo was just four years old. The couple maintained their poise and did what they needed to. It was a testing time as they say, the weakest moments in life makes you the strongest. Emraan was bound by professional commitments while Ayaan had to be taken to hospitals abroad for treatment. You can imagine what the couple would’ve been going through but they held on to each other. Parveen and Ayaan stayed in Canada for a while for the chemo while Emraan was shuttling all through – trying to honour his professional commitments as an actor. Luckily, Ayaan recovered with treatment. Emraan and Parveen were relieved and this was one of the few times when he came out and spoke, thanking people for supporting and praying for them. Even today the family tends to stay private and has managed to keep out of the prying eyes of the media.