4 Golden Requisites Of Marathi Bridal Makeup To Tick Off Your List

From the gorgeous lehenga to rhinestone sandals. From intricately designed mehendi to beautiful venue decor. Wedding arrangements call for infinite preparations that don’t seem to end until the bride goes away to her new abode. She spends hours deciding what to wear, and how to wear it. And one of the things that she really looks forward to is her bridal makeup.

Marathi bridal makeup, like any other makeup, is essentially an art that enhances the look of the bride. It highlights the beautiful contours of her face and hides the flaws to bring out that perfect look. The makeup style is influenced not only from culture to culture, but also the time and month of the marriage.

Today we will be talking about the makeup-style best suited for a Maharashtrian bride. We know that Maharashtrians get married during the day. Hence, the make-up should not be loud, yet beautiful. Dressed up in a yellow, purple or green paithani saree, adorned with choker style gold necklace that is known as ‘Thushi’ in Marathi, mango-shaped nose ring, ‘toda’ bangles, moon-shaped bindi, and dainty flowers used for embellishing the bride’s hairstyle, exactly what marathi bridal makeup looks like. And with such a explosion of colors, the soft pastel pink, earthy orange, and bold eyes are just the colors to further enhance her look.

For the Maharashtrian bride makeup boils down to these 4 things we have selected – flushing pink cheeks, red smile from ear to ear, and beautiful eyes that cannot stop reflecting the happiness she holds in her heart!

1. Bold Lips


Image Courtesy: Lekha Neelakantappa

If the bride doesn’t want to wear a lot of make-up, she can choose to wear a bold lip colour to perfect the simple bridal look for a morning wedding. She must remember that a bold lip colour does not match with bold eye make-up. Depending on the colour of her saree, and her skin tone, she can choose from a palette of colours of her choice.

2. Pastel Pink


Image: Anup J Kattukaran Photography

The second tenet in our essential Marathi bridal makeup guide: Pastel pink is the perfect colour choice for fair to wheatish skin toned Maharashtrian brides. After wearing the primer and foundation, all she has to do is gently brush the apple of her cheeks with soft pink blush, keep the eyes simple by wearing kajal and lots of mascara, and perfecting the smile by wearing pastel pink lipstick. If the bride chooses to go for a pastel pink colour palette, she must remember that the focus of this make-up style should be the pink lips.

3. Bold Eyes

Rouge-Alert 3

Image: Rouge Alert Photography

There are brides who like to wear a bold look for their morning wedding. There is nothing wrong in that. But she certainly cannot wear bronze highlighter, copper eye shadow, and bold colour lipstick for a morning wedding. She can choose to carry off the bold look by simply focussing on her eyes. With almost no blush, and sheer nude gloss, she can combine copper and black to get the smoky look, wear kajal and lots of mascara, and nail the look for her D-Day. If she wishes, she can always put on fake eye lashes, don’t forget to wink for the photographer.

4. Strobing is the Key

Marathi Bridal Makeup 4

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Strobing is a make-up technique in which the highlighter is gently applied to areas like brows, nose, cheekbones, and chin, where natural light falls on the face. It define the face and gives a very youthful finish. This luminous look, unlike contouring, does not leave the bride’s face a melting pot in the scorching heat of a summer morning wedding. The bride can choose to go for this make-up technique, and wear a pretty lip colour that suits her skin tone, and finish the look by wearing kajal and mascara.