The Glossary – Terms And Phrases You Need To Know Before You Jump Into The Great Indian Dating Scene

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1. Beer Goggles

It refers to the effect of alcohol on a person’s inhibitions and evaluations. Once you get enough alcohol in you, you start to view average people as a lot more attractive than they actually are.


Dance Floor Make Out sessions. So they’re a drunken phenomenon; normally followed by a call to a bouncer if unsolicited.

3. Cuffing Season

The times of the year you feel really left out when you don’t have an S.O., so you go and get one. Seasons differ depending on countries, but the consensus is December.

4. Scale/Dateability/Cute-a-gory

The classification of people based on a bunch of attractive traits. Example, Ryan Gosling is a ten. It also is used as a way to indicate ‘league’. People tend to not date out of their scale range.

5. Negging

The initial phenomenon of a guy saying something negative to a girl, to get her attention; and sometimes indirectly to get her away from her group. Because of the LGBTQIA unwrap, and a changing social standard, women also currently use it.

6. Greying

It refers to the act of dressing in a way that doesn’t scare the other sex away. A guy may use feminine colours or something similar. A girl may wear a lazy T.

7. Down Dating

The act of dating below your social level. It may also indicate dating below your general pay grade.

8. Upgrading/Up Dating

When you, unintentionally, date someone above your scale or social or pay grade.

9. Gold Digger

A guy/girl who will only Date Up.

10. Herd Out

The act of getting a girl/guy away from her/his friend circle; this is used at pubs frequently.

11. Exing

If a person is not over an ex, and may still be in contact with said ex, and may be involved with said ex, it’s called exing.

12. Catfish

The event of talking to a person online, only to find on the first meet that he/she was not what he/she said they were, or looked like.

13. Peacocking

When a guy dresses (and acts) in a certain way, in order to get someone’s attention, it’s referred to as peacocking. Peacocking may be positive or negative.

14. WWJD

WhatWouldJesusDo. The code to find out if another person is Christian (too).

15. Pozzing

The opposite of negging; when a guy genuinely compliments a girl. Can be done by a girl. Can be done for many purposes.

16. DTF

Down To Fuck. It refers to a scale of how sexually desperate a person is. It may not be a direct scale, and he/she may not openly be looking for sex. Instead, he or she may be sexually desperate, and by gauging this scale, you determine if you’re getting lucky tonight or not. Used by players/slayers.

17. SAF

Single As Fuck; a more direct DTF scale.

18. Player

A guy or a girl with the (known/unknown) reputation for being fast and loose. A player still likes the thrill of the chase, even if it’s a temporary thing. Emotion and sex and ego issues make for a wild ride. Players value looks ideally.

19. Hitch

A guy/girl who’s a soft player.

20. Slayer

The next level of player. A slayer has no moral hold off point, and is looking for sex. A slayer will pick any and all targets for such activity; married, available, unavailable, broke-up, ugly, pretty, under-age, old, creepy or not. Slayers are full fledged PUAs. Bisexual slayers are the worst.

21. PUA

A Pick Up Artist. Follows the PUA Playbook; may be a guy or a girl. Is either a player, or a slayer.

22. Catch And Release

Unintentional player with insecurity issues. This is the guy or girl who may actually date a person for a while, but will break things off once the chase is over. They may be scared to commit.

23. Commitmentphobe

A guy/girl who is scared of commitment.

24. Barrier Methods

It’s a loose ‘catch-all’ phrase for the act of being defensive or doing something else, that may allow her/him to keep a distance, despite liking the person.

25. FBO

What happens when a person gets over barrier methods – Facebook Official. When a couple goes FBO, they’re serious.

26. Framing

The act of using subtle NLP techniques to make another person pliable to your points of view. It is done in all forms of dating, and a pre-technique to DTF.

27. Bold

Refers to a girl/guy who’s very clear about what he or she wants, verbally. May mean a player/slayer who says he/she’s looking for a ONS, or a guy/girl saying he/she is looking for an ‘Intentional.’

28. ONS

One Night Stand

29. GU

Geographically Unfuckable. When a guy/girl lives too far away, or in another city, or you have cultural issues because of which you can’t date, it’s called a case of GU.

30. A Thing

A possible romance in the making.

31. A Fling

A Thing with an F(Fuck Factor).

32. NDD

Non-Date-Date. A date with whom you are not a thing or a fling with yet.

33. Netflix And Chill

When a couple is too lazy to go out, but want to do something along with just doing it, they Netflix and chill; you get to make out and watch a movie or two if you’re both bored in between.

34. Hulu

Hulu is not Netflix and chill. Hulu is a counterpart of Netflix, but with a lot more options. Ideally, if someone says NnC, you may say ‘hulu’, indicating you’re not up to it, or you’re not sure. You will have to mention what you plan on instead though. Like Hulu and 420. Or Hulu and cuddling.

35. Coffee

A casual date, with no sex, just hanging.

36. Dutch

Used to mean alcohol involved. Now it refers to splitting the check.

37. Bring A Friend

It refers to a request to bring more people along, so that you’re both not alone together too long. It is ideal for a night of pub-hopping, or a movie; the friends give you company and act as chaperones.

38. Trigger

Refers to a positive or negative reaction instigated, in a domino effect. The person doing it may or may not know they’re triggering a response; like a conversation about an ex, or a sexist comment that is bound it rake up a debate.

39. Baiting

When a guy/girl triggers a person/group of people on purpose.

40. Shipping

Totally supporting the idea of two specific people being in a relationship. Can be done by friends or by one or both members of said ship.

41. Chill

It refers to the request to be non-judgemental; usually accompanied by a time stamp. For eg: Hey, I need you to chill for this next hour, I need to spill.

42. Sexting

Dirty talk texting.

43. Textlationship

A relationship in which both parties are always on apps like WhatsApp/Hike with each other. Said parties/people/couple may or may not have met more than once IRL. The bulk of the relationship happens online.

44. Wingman/Wingirl

The term refers to a guy or a girl who will accompany you on a date, or to a social hotspot, and hang out with you for the expressed purpose of helping you hook up with a person. The winger will also downplay or use his/her looks to get you to be noticed.

45. Granada Man/Girl

The guy/girl who will get with the ugly friend of that hot person you’re trying to hook up with, so you get lucky. The granada will be a winger, but will not accompany a person alone, but instead be in a gang sometimes.

46. Slow Fade

The act of slowly moving to ease away from a person you priorly showed interest in. Slow fading happens normally after the first date or two, before anything gets too serious.

47. Ghosting

The act of suddenly vanishing, as opposed to slow fading.

48. Fuck Buddy

A friend with benefits.

49. THOT

That Hoe Over There. Someone(guy/girl) who’s not a no-one, who is a someone to you, specifically, because of something that happened that involved you two, either related to an S.O. or about said person having tried to S.O. you, but nothing more.

50. Bae

Your Boo.

51. Jailbait

An under-age person, who’s trying to hook up with you.

52. Thirst Trap

A person who’s very insta-active, and keeps taking provocative pictures for mundane stuff.

53. Draking

Refers to one of three:
(2) Of a rapper, specifically the act of a rapper taking other rappers’ GFs.
(3)A guy/girl fishing in his/her own friend circle; sometimes with exes of his/her friends or current flames.

54. Soupboy-ing

Exing like there’s no tomorrow; even when said ex is not a part of it.

55. DTR

Define The Relationship. A step away from FBO.

56. LTR

Long Term Relationship; may be the one.

57. Multi Dating

Open dating, with all parties aware of the open status.

58. Serial Dater

A person who’s in the dating game only for the thrill of dating; a person who likes the feel of being able to ‘shop’ for a date.

59. Intentional

When you date a person with the intention of possibly hitching with them, or going LTR.

60. Unintentional

When you suddenly change tactics, coz you realised this can be more.

61. Hang Out

The stage before actual inclusive dating, when you’re both friends who’re starting to date; refers to testing the waters.

62. Great Personality

A term to refer to a person who is not good looking, by social standards.

63. Swerve

It refers to the act of swiping left if you don’t like a profile. It means to ‘get the hell away from’ a person you know you should not even consider dating.

64. 420


65. S.O.

Significant Other; a part of your everyday existence, more than an LTR, possibly the one.

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