The Best Way to Explain Why Someone Isn't Invited to Your Wedding

Planning your wedding may be something that you’ve been dreaming about all your life, but once you get into it you know how tricky things can be. One of the trickiest situations arises when you have to explain to someone why he or she was not invited to your wedding! Of course, this has to be done politely, such that no bitterness or hurt feelings follow. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible, but we’re going to help you figure out what you can do:


Blame Your Budget!


Most times, this actually is the reason to not invite someone to your wedding, even though the person is fairly close to you and your family (and totally expecting an invite). Still, you can also use this as a polite excuse when you do not wish to invite someone for whatever reason.

The ways by which you can tell them about the short budget is quite varied. But here are a few quotes that you can take down to tactfully manage the situation and avoid any bitterness between the two of you. Here’s how to politely tell someone they do not have to save the date for your wedding.

1. “Hey! Due to our limited budget for the wedding, we had to be very brutal while putting down the guest list. I am extremely sad and upset to inform you that we cannot have you with us on the day, but we surely would love to catch up with you afterwards.”

2. “Since we are financing our wedding ourselves, you can understand that it is a bit difficult to invite everyone even if we really want to. It is so hard for us to make this decision but we are really trying to kick start our marriage by being a financially responsible couple and this is where we begin, on our wedding day.”

3. “We would really want you to be there for us on our big day, but we are running with a very tight budget and we have to make some hard decisions. Because of the financial constraints we are not able to invite you or all the people that we would really like to, but we’d love to have a one-on-one celebration afterwards.”

Point to Intimacy and That It’s a Very Private Affair


Another way you can politely explain to your friends or coworkers about not inviting them is by saying that the wedding is going to be a very intimate and close-knit affair. If you’d like, you can also tell them that you would love to throw a small party for everyone who wasn’t at the wedding soon.

Here’s how to word this:

1. “It was a wish of both of us to keep our wedding a very private and close knit affair. Though a hard decision to make, it is something that we both wanted, and very strongly. So, we hope you will understand and respect our wishes and bless us for the journey we are embarking on.”

2.There are so many people that we would have loved to invite for our wedding but we really wanted our wedding to be a very intimate and private ceremony. Unfortunately, this meant that we couldn’t invite everyone. We hope you will understand. It would be great if we can catch up after the wedding on so and so date.”

3. “We have decided to keep our wedding a very low key affair, keeping it to just the family. Bearing this in mind, we are very sorry that we cannot extend an invitation for our wedding.”

The Venue Is Not Big Enough


Yet another genuine excuse that you can give to potential non-invitees is that the venue simply isn’t big enough to accommodate a huge gathering. Thus, you are keeping the wedding very small and private, just close family members, very close friends and associates.

Some of the things that you can say to avoid an ugly situation and yet be saved from inviting people whom you are not too keen to invite – even if they pushing for one:

1. Though we have chosen our dream venue for our wedding, and it is everything we wanted, it has space constraints and cannot accommodate a large gathering. Thus, the guest list had to be made keeping in mind these limitations. It was really difficult for us, but we just had to drop a few names. We hope that you will understand if we cannot extend an invitation, and we are terribly sorry for the same.”

2. Our venue unfortunately has a very limited number of seats. And they’ll allow only a handful of guests for the occasion. Above that, our guest list is primarily taken up by very close family and the wedding party. I hope you can understand how difficult it was for us to do so, there are so many people we wish could be there with us.”

Just be Honest About It

Your friends who weren’t invited to the wedding might be oblivious of the lies – or suspecting your true intentions anyway. Thus, sometimes the best way we can deal with this situation is to be bluntly honest about it. So, if you really do not want someone to attend your wedding, tell them that honestly, and give them a (honest) reason if the situation demands it. If they’re worth having as friends, they will understand and still give you their best wishes.

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