10 Of The Best Love Is Blind Quotes For You

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Love is Blind.This is a famous quote that we all must have though about, through life’s many twists and turns. Though the sentence remains the same, the circumstances that we are in make it a confusing question, a happy shriek, or a dejected statement. So, here are some of the best love is blind quotes that you could share, humbly assuming that yours is a happy shout-out.


A witty take on the “love is blind” quote. This quote is funny and sexy, your partner would be very happy hear it. A love quote that is happy, and will put a smile on everyone’s face – a must-share.


One of the love is blind quotes that talks of faith and hope. You have to have waveringly trust your love, the person you love and your relationship, because sometimes life defies logic. This is a positive quote on how you should blindly trust your instinct and your love at times and move on – ‘cause in the end, that is all that matters.


A quote that tells you that true love isn’t really blind. It just chooses to ignore the shortcomings and accept things as they are. It doesn’t complain, it doesn’t judge, it accepts the relationship as it is. Love is not blind, love is a know-all, see-all feeling that refuses to be bogged down by the inconsequential.


Johnny Depp is an English actor who is known for his intense performances, as if you didn’t already know. This a quote of his which tells us that love is not actually blind, but is a beautiful conscience that enables you to notice things that others simply fail to see. A quote that tells you that your relationship is utterly your own – it is your prerogative, and it really doesn’t matter what others feel about it.

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Another one of the beautiful love is blind quotes that tells you that love isn’t actually blind but actually chooses to overlook shortcomings. Love isn’t logic, love isn’t a calculation and love for sure isn’t blind. You choose to love someone because you love them, that’s it. A quote that is heart touching and real, you love somebody because you want to be together – through the highs and lows that life offers.


A short love quote that is emotional, real and straight from the heart. A quote that is a genial take on the belief that love is blind, thanking your partner for being there when you didn’t see yourself as a lovable person. A quote that is a beautiful message of love and acknowledgment, a quote you must share if you’ve been lucky to have a partner like that.


Julins Gordon is an American actor and telly artist who is best known for the 1981 hit American Playhouse. This is one of his quotes on blind love that pretty much explains why love is thought to be blind. Love is a tell-all, and because when in love you know everything – but will choose to ignore things that are not detrimental to the relationship.


A love quote that is poetic and talks of love being blind and hard to find. It goes on to say it is very difficult to get and if you lose it, it is almost impossible to forget. A quote that is poetic and philosophical. A message about love that’s sensible and real, one that you should share with your partner for sure.


A sarcastic quote on love being blind. This quote is pretty grey – you could use it as a funny statement, an innocent question or a pretty caustic comment. A quote we hope you’d use just to have a few laughs, because your could use it in many different and interesting ways too. We aren’t suggesting but this quote is pretty suggestive by itself, can’t help but think out loud– is love really blind?


Another witty love quote that is a light hearted take on the “Love is Blind” quote. Give your partner some solace, tell him or her that they’re okay with this funny quote. It will sure make them laugh and if they don’t, you always can. It is a win-win any which way you see it, so why wait? share it and spread some love.

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