How Long Will Your Relationship Last? The Answer Is In The Way You Hug

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Hugging is an action we partake in very often, in fact it’s probably the second most common form of physical communication after the handshake, but are there different types of hugs and if so, what do they mean for you?

Considering that we live in a world where even the tiniest of details can say a lot about how someone else views their relationship to you, it is interesting to note what something as simple as a hug can say about your relationship with someone else.

1. The Hug From Behind

This hug denotes a sense of well being and security. The person behind puts their arms around the waist of the one in front, and the two of them lock hands. This hug denotes that the person behind acts as a protector and provides stability to the person in front. You will notice this hug if there have been issues in your relationship and one of you calms the other person and assures them that they are around and that everything will be alright. This is one of the best types of hugs to receive.

2. The Classic Hug

Both people come together and gently massage the other persons back with their hugging hand. This hug is all about reassurance and shows each other that the both of them truly care about the other person. This kind of hug also shows that your are comfortable enough being vulnerable around the other person, which indicates a shared intimacy.

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3. The Friendly Hug

In this kind of hug, the upper bodies of the couple come together and both partners lean in for a brief pat on the back, the kind which resembles a hug between two friends, for example. The feet of the two people stay apart. There isn’t much intimacy involved in this hug, it is more of an acknowledgement of the other person. If you and your partner share this kind of hug more often than not, it may be a worrying sign as it indicates that the relationship is not moving onto being intimate.

4. The Romantic Hug

In this hug, the man wraps his hand around the woman’s waist, while she puts her arms around his neck and the both of their faces come together. This is a very intimate hug to share and is reminiscent of young or nascent love, but if you’re still hugging like this a few years into the relationship, then count yourself lucky for the spark is still alive with you two!

5. The Half-Hug

The-Half-Hug anand here

The half hug is when you know you are the ultimate partners in crime, sort of like the modern day Bonnie and Clyde. Here, one half of the couple puts one arm around their lover and draws them in. this hug is also common amongst friend, without the romantic connotation, but when it comes to lovers, it indicates a level of trust and co-operation.

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6. The Bear Hug

The-Bear-Hug anand here

Also known as the body crusher, this is when you hold on to your partner for dear life and squeeze as hard as you can. This kind of emotional and intimate hug is most commonly seen after lovers have been reunited after a long separation, or when they are celebrating something triumphant, or when they are overcoming some sort of loss together.

7. The Straddle Hug

The-Stradde-Hug anand here

This kind of hug takes place when the man grabs the woman and has her straddle him either in mid-air or when she’s sitting on a raised platform or table. This kind of hug is particularly revealing in how it shows that the both of you still lust after each other. Whether there’s genuine love involved or not, we can’t say for sure, but we’re willing to bet the sex is worthwhile enough to have the both of you coming back for more.

8. The Bridge

The-Bridge anand here

A more extreme version of the friendly hug, the London bridge denotes that while societal pressures and the sake of keeping up appearances dictates that the two of you initiate physical contact, neither of you wants to get close to the other person. Either something has gone terribly wrong, or the two of you are just not meant to be.

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9. The Deep Gaze

The-Deep-Gaze anand here


Get as close to the other person as you can and look deep within their eyes. The money shot for every romantic movie if you add in some rain. Each one of us wants to have this hug, and for those of you that gets to experience it from time to time, consider yourself lucky for having a soul bond with your partner.

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