Allu Arjun And Sneha Reddy – Made For Each Other!

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Allu Arjun – The Stylish Star! Sneha Reddy – Daughter of a successful businessman in Hyderabad. Not one from the world of showbiz, no one knew much about Sneha Reddy until word of her marriage with Allu Arjun got out. Everyone was curious to know more about the girl who stole Bunny’s heart. And when candid photos of Allu Arjun and Sneha Reddy together actually came out, the fans were in complete awe of the cute pair. To know more about how they met, liked each other and finally said ‘yes’ to marriage, read on…

Allu Arjun And Sneha Reddy – The Love Birds Marry In Style.

It’s a friend’s wedding and Allu Arjun is there having a gala time. He’s just been named the stylish star – one to look out for – by industry experts and he is on a high. Enter Sneha Reddy. Time stands still for a second and seems like an eternity. Nothing moves except for the butterflies in Bunny’s stomach. He’s smitten and that’s how the story begins.

Sneha is just back from the U.S having completed her M.S. She watches movies and knows who Arjun is but that’s about it. She’s got no other connections to Tollywood. She comes from a Business minded family, with her father, Mr. Reddy owning and running a couple of the biggest engineering and pharmacological colleges in the city.

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Arjun hasn’t forgotten about her, in fact he’s still head over heels for the girl, truly love at first sight. Almost. His family is business minded too and their business is acting and movie making, which doesn’t have much of a connection to engineering or pharmacology at all. Arjun’s uncle, Mr. Chiranjeevi is probably the most loved actor in Tollywood.

His other uncle, Mr. Pawan Kalyan is known as the power star, and is definitely the most popular contemporary actor in Telugu cinema. And finally, Arjun’s father, Mr. Arvind, is amongst the biggest film makers in Tollywood.

 Allu Arjun And Sneha Reddy Love Story – Just Hanging Out Together!

Though grainy, this video shows how cool this couple was, even before they made their relationship public.

So, how then does this alliance take place? Arjun is introduced to Sneha through the common friend and the both of them start talking. There’s a connection, certainly some chemistry there, the kind of which I am sure all of you have felt at some point in life, for I know I have. So, what next? They talk, exchange numbers, the usual stuff. Followed by long goodbyes, but they know it isn’t a goodbye, things are just getting started.

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“Hi. This is Arjun. We met at the wedding. What’s up?” “Oh, hi. I didn’t expect to hear from you, thought you’d be busy being a superstar and all.” “I’m currently on set, shooting, I’ll call you though.” And then, the girl talk begins with a ring to the best friend telling her that Arjun wants to take her out for dinner. Followed by giggles and lots of them! “Someone has a crush on you!” Of course, you can’t say no to him, after all, how many people get to go out to dinner with the stylish star himself? Not many.

So, she calls him that night and they talk, marking their first real conversation. Time flies by and they don’t even notice it. “Oh my god, it’s late. I hope to see you soon.” “Me too. Good Night.” Beep! Phone lights up – it’s a message. “Can’t sleep, thinking of you. Wink.” “Me too, but it’s really late. I’m sleeping.” “See you?” “Sure.”

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They realise they like each other enough to keep texting and calling. They take it one step forward and decide to meet and, and what do you know, they keep on meeting! No one knows they’re seeing each other, but one day, Mr. Arvind finds out and Arjun confesses, for he can’t hide his feelings anymore.

Mr. Arvind contacts Mr. Reddy, they talk, but it doesn’t go well. The couple’s families don’t agree, but the couple aren’t ready to just give up. This is not a movie, this is life. The couple stick together and make the families meet, and this time it’s all smooth sailing. Weeks pass by and they’re engaged, months pass by and then they’re married. As they say at the end of most Telugu movies, “shubham”, (all’s well that ends well)!

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