The Ahana Deol Wedding: The Deols Do It In Style!

The Dancing Bride & Her Dashing Groom

Ahana Deol is the beautiful and talented younger daughter of the evergreen on and off-screen couple of Bollywood – Hema Malini and Dharmendra Deol. She grew up as a star kid but having it all doesn’t seem to have changed her. She trained hard in Indian classical dance and is an accomplished Odissi danseuse who even performed with her mother Hema Malini (a classical dancer herself) on several occasions.

Family Fun - Ahana Deol Wedding

Vaibhav Vora is the typical South Delhi boy from Vasant Vihar. He did his grads in the US of A, majoring in entrepreneurship from the Babson College in Massachusetts, before taking the plunge into his family’s logistics businesses. He is the Director of Continental Carriers Pvt. Ltd. and also looks after his other group company, The Logistics and Freight Forwarding Company. Vaibhav’s parents Pushpa and Vipin Vora are highly respected individuals in Delhi’s social circle though the family mostly chooses to be low key. He is an accomplished young Turk who knows the true meaning of work hard and party harder. Take a look at these pictures from the Ahana Deol wedding. They speak a thousand words.

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Daddy Cool, Dharmendra Plays Cupid!

Haldi Ceremony - Ahana Deol Wedding

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Well, the Deols are known for their open mindedness and their laid back and chilled out lifestyle. They sure know how to live life king size. The Voras and the Deols have been friends for a long time, and they’ve had a lot of common friends too. It was Dharmendra who first suggested Ahana to go strike a convo with the handsome, 6 foot tall Vaibhav who had come to attend the elder Deol sister, Esha’s wedding celebrations almost two years before they actually got married. They did strike a conversation and became friends who went out together and spent time knowing each other before they finally fell in love. They were in fact the sought after celeb couple, who were regularly spotted at most of the hep watering holes in Mumbai and Delhi before they made their relationship public. How cool would it be if your dad set you up like that!

The Uber-Cool Proposal

During their time as chirpy love birds, Ahana and Vaibhav travelled the world, partied and got to know each other in the most fashionably romantic way we can only dream of. Apparently, Vaibhav finally got down on his knees and proposed while the couple were vacationing in Istanbul! And it’s anybody’s guess what Ahana must’ve said – Yes it was, and so began the formal prep for the union of these two beautiful people and the planning for their big day.

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The Private Engagement

The Proposal - Ahana Deol Wedding

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The Deols and the Voras were only too happy to see the kids fall in love and decide on settling together. The couple had a very private engagement ceremony at Hema Malini’s Juhu mansion in June 2013, where only a few close friends and family were invited. The whole ceremony was personal and very intimate, with some guests later sharing their happiness and saying that the engagement was “magical” and that the couple were made for each other. Vaibhav got down on his knees and asked Ahana for her hand, before they exchanged rings. Isn’t it romantic? Well, papa bear was all teary eyed and seeing the sensitive side of the original He-man of Bollywood was a treat for everyone at the function. After all, Ahana was dad’s pretty pie and the youngest in the family.

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Mehndi Ceremony

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The festivities began in New Delhi and Mumbai, where Vaibhav’s and Ahana’s parents live respectively. It was a grand affair spread across many days and the ceremonies were a proper desi affair. A blend of Punjabi and traditional Tamil wedding cultures (We don’t need to tell you that Dharmendra is the epitome of being the proper Punjabi paaji, while Hema Malini with her accented Madras Hindi is a pretty Tamil lady).

Vaibhav had a very Punjabi baraat for the wedding. He arrived in style for the festivities on the back of a horse. Knight in shining armour, quite literally!

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Mother’s Talk: What Hema Ji Had to Say About The Punjabi-Tamil Styled Wedding

Talking about her little ones big day, Hema Malini had this to say, “we had got married very quickly and didn’t have so much of time to celebrate, but now with Ahana’s we are going to go all out. The wedding will be like a Hindi romantic film with two equal halves. One will be a very Punjabi wedding ceremony and the second half will be very South Indian, Tamil styled one. We have got two priests- well versed Brahmin pundits, one is from north and the other is from south. We don’t want to give anything a miss – Ahana’s wedding is a dream for us all”. We surely understand Hema ji, and the scale and the effort are there for everyone to see.

She says that “the wedding was way more intense than shooting a film or doing a production but the wedding of her elder daughter Esha Deol with the well known Mumbai based diamond merchant Bharat Takhtani almost two years ago, has made things easier for her, but she still has her hands full. Dharam ji is all tense and worried. Ahana was his laadli (sweetheart or favourite) and he adores her like any father would.”

Wedding Ceremony - Ahana Deol Wedding

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I have my bhabhis (Dharam ji’s sisters) and my brothers Jagannath, Kannan and their families who are helping us out. Dharam ji and Ahana are the ones who are all emotional and everything, while we were busy prepping everything. It came out really well and I think Bharat, Esha, Vaibhav and his family have a big role in making Ahana’s wedding a dream come true”.

She goes on to add “Esha and Bharat live in Mumbai, but Ahana naturally has to move to New Delhi as the boy and his parents stay there. She was going to miss us and I had to console her by telling her that her sasural is very close to the airport and these days Mumbai-Delhi travel is like catching a bus home to the suburbs from work. She has got a very sweet family and her in-laws are beautiful people”.

The Most Gorgeous Wedding Of The Year

After more than a year of dating and almost a year after their engagement, Ahana Deol and Vaibhav Vora decided to get married at an auspicious muhurat that was decided by family priests on the 2nd of February, 2014. The couple had a fairytale wedding with festivities going on for more than a week in both Mumbai (where Dharmendra and Hema Ji reside) and at the residence of Pushpa and Vipin Vora (the groom, Vaibhav’s parents).


The couple had a very simple and intimate mehendi ceremony followed by the wedding and a star-studded reception for the who’s who of India, from the Prime Minister to famous bollywood stars and the friends of the Deol and Vora families.

The wedding was a grand affair, with everyone being dressed traditionally. The wedding took place in Mumbai on the 2nd of February 2014, while the reception was hosted at the Vora family farmhouse near Bijwasan Road at Palam in New Delhi three days after the wedding on the 5th of February, 2014.

The Reception - Ahana Deol Wedding

Here a few pictures from Ahana and Vaibhav Vora’s personal wedding album. On the guest list, everyone from business tycoons, god-men and politicos to yesteryear stars to the current crop of actors, actresses, sports persons and socialites who made it to the gala celebrations hosted by the Deols. Have a look at the A-listers who made it to the Deol festivities.

Dressed Like A Deol

Photo Session - Ahana Deol Wedding

Now that you know who all have made it, and how the love story developed into a beautiful union of these wonderful young souls – you got to know who’s dressed them pretty. Neeta Lulla is an old family friend of the Deols and a self confessed fan of Dharam ji. She had in fact designed a lot of saris for Hema ji too. Designer Neeta Lulla along with her designer sister Nishka designed the complete ensemble that Ahana wore for her mehndi, wedding, sangeet and the reception. The designer duo also designed most of the dresses that other family members wore as well. Manish Malhotra and the Ahmedabad based designer duo of Shyamal and Bhumika have designed some of the other designs for the Deol family wedding.

June Again, Darien comes home!

Baby Darien - Ahana Deol Wedding

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The happy couple were having a dream life, Ahana moved to Delhi to live with her husband and her in-laws. Yet, both the daughters and sons-in-laws always made time to be with the Deol family and on many occasion have accompanied Hema ji for her on-stage appearances. They have even campaigned for her and showed the world that they’re one big family when Hema ji was contesting the national elections from Mathura in Uttar Pradesh. The couple were blessed with a baby boy on the 11th of June, 2015 – exactly two years after they got engaged, in June 2013. Ahana and Vaibhav have named their little bundle of joy Darien, which means “gift” according to Greek mythology.

We wish, hope and pray that Ahana and Vaibhav, along with the kiddo Darien have an amazing and fulfilling future ahead. Truly, theirs is a marriage that’s made in heaven.