Temporary Hair Colour – What Is It, How Does It Work, Benefits And Drawbacks?

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Hair coloring has been in fashion since a long time now. There are many who like to experiment with colors for their hair to make it look trendy and fashionable. But those who would not like to take a chance with the shade of their hair can also use temporary hair colours that may last from a single wash to about 6 weeks. You can use various tools like spray, gel or cream that come in all shades to color your hair for a short time.

Besides the colors used, the texture, length and health of the hair contribute to how long the color stays. Temporary hair colors do not penetrate the cortex and stain the hair, causing permanent change, but stay along the shaft and start fading from the first shampoo.

How Does It Work?

1. Applied to the hair shaft, it is a temporary coating on the outer cuticle of the hair

2. Applied without a developer, it starts fading after one or two washes, depending upon how porous the hair is

Benefits of Temporary Hair Colour:

1. Natural Look:

Temporary hair colors lend natural color as just a coat of it is applied on the natural shade of your hair without bleaching it.

2. Easy To Use:

The color is ready to use and need not be mixed with a developer. It can be applied straight from the applicator.

3. It Maintains Hair Quality:

Temporary colors are ammonia-free, and do not fade the natural hair color and texture.

4. Good for Experimenting:

Those who are fond of hair colors and would like to experiment with their hair can change hair colors over time, and try out varied shades and styles.

5. Makes the Hair Look Thick:

By adding an additional layer of color, the overall volume of the hair increases when you use temporary colors.

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Drawbacks of Temporary Hair Colour:

1. Needs to Be Applied Frequently:

Since this hair color fades within a few days or weeks, it needs to be re-applied very often.

2. Damages Hair:

Frequent application of any best temporary hair color reduces the natural texture and color of the hair over time.

3. Not Effective for Grey Hair:

Grey hair needs more attention and effective coloring that lasts for a long time. Temporary hair colors are no solution for grey hair.

4. Not Very Effective for Dark Hair:

For those who have naturally dark hair color, temporary hair color highlights are a waste. Moreover, if you are thinking of coloring your hair to a lighter tone, it is going to bring about some serious damage to your hair.

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Maintenance of Temporary Hair Colour:

No matter what form of coloring you choose (permanent, hi-lighting, temporary, bleach or ammonia-free), it needs to be cared for to make it stay and give the desired effect.

Deep Conditioning:

Use a deep conditioner on the hair at least three days before applying the color and once a week after that. Coloring leaves the hair dry, brittle and less elastic which make it prone to breakage. Deep conditioning keeps the hair soft and lively.

Frequent Application:

Temporary colors also need to be applied frequently; this can stain your hair and leave it tangled, dull and lifeless. Use shampoo, conditioner and serum to detangle the hair and maintain its quality. Make sure you use a shampoo meant for colored hair to make the color stay for a longer period.

Apply in a Right Way:

Do not be fooled by the concept that the longer you keep the color applied, the more it stays. Keeping semi temporary hair color or any hair coloring agent on for a long time can cause irreparable and irreversible damage. Make sure you apply it in the right way for the given duration for best results.

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Above everything, when coloring the hair, you are changing its natural look that is affecting its basic composition in more than one way; so do visit the salon instead of experimenting with these chemicals at home.

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