Top 50 Telugu Names For Your Baby

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First and foremost, let me congratulate you on the birth of your beautiful baby. Celebrations will soon begin, to announce the arrival of the little bundle of joy. You need to gift her a special name that will be her identity for life.

Selecting the best name for your baby can be a difficult task, especially when there are so many options from different traditions, religions, and cultures. Why don’t you go retro and ditch the trend of adopting a Western name? Go ahead and choose a traditional Telugu name. Telugu names are beautiful, unique and meaningful too!

Top 50 Telugu Baby Names:

Here is a collection of 50 Telugu baby names that have been climbing the popularity charts. The list is an amalgamation of traditional and modern names. Some of the names are eminent while some are unique.


1. Balachandra:

If you wish that your baby’s life ahead is bright and beautiful, call him Balachandra. The name means the moon. It is also the nickname for Lord Ganesh.

2. Aachman:

Baby names in telugu are many times unique.Aachman will make a unique name for your baby. It means taking a sip of water before a Yagya or Puja. The name is perfect if you want a traditional, yet uncommon name for your baby.

3. Omkar:

The Telugu name Omkar holds a special place in the Indian culture. The name means the ‘beginning of Life’. You do not have to be religious to pick this name.

4. Aadinath:

If you prefer spiritual or religious names for your baby, then Aadinath will surely appeal to you. The Telugu name Aadinath means ‘first God’.

5. Hansraj:

If you are looking for a baby name inspired by nature, then you may go for Hansraj. The name Hansraj means the ‘King of Swan’. You can also opt for its variation ‘Hans’, which means ‘a swan’.

6. Hariaksa:

Are you looking for a Telugu name that is not very common, yet traditional? Then you can go for Hariaska. It is another name for Lord Shiva.

7. Chakresh:

Chakresh is another great option for religious parents. It is another name for Lord Vishnu. Even today, this name will find several takers.

8. Chanakya:

Are you looking for a name that reflects the wisdom of Indian culture? Then name your baby boy Chanakya. Chanakya was the name of the great mentor of Chandragupta Maurya. Historians regard him as one of the most intelligent people of all times.

9. Cheliyan:

If you are looking for a name that sounds great and has a nice meaning, then Cheliyan will be a good choice. It means ‘rich, resourceful and prosperous’. It will surely make a great name for your baby.

10. Damian:

The name Damian sounds trendy and is perfect for modern families. It means ‘a tamer’.

11. Deepankar:

Deepankar is a beautiful name with an equally beautiful meaning. The name Deepankar means ‘one who lights lamps’.

12. Eeshan:

There are scores of telugu baby names with meaning.If you have a simple choice and prefer a regular name for your baby, then you can pick Eeshan. It is a beautiful name for Lord Shiva.

13. Egaiarasu:

South Indian folklore is full of tales of war heroes and legendary kings. Egaiarasu is an ancient Telugu name. It was the name of a Telugu king famous for his charity. The name means ‘righteous’.

14. Ekadant:

Are you a staunch devotee of Lord Ganesh? Do you want an uncommon derivative of the name Ganesh? Then go for Ekadant. Even your child will love you for gifting him this unique name.

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15. Ekagrah:

Parents feel proud when their child puts optimum focus and energy to perform a task. Ekagrah is a wonderful name that means ‘focused’.

16. Agastya:

Agastya is the name of a saint from South India. The name is popular not just in Tamil Nadu, but also in other parts of India. It is a popular name among all religious Indian families.These male baby names in telugu are beautiful. Go ahead and choose from this list.

17. Abhijit:

Abhijit is one Telugu name that can never lose its charm. It means ‘victorious’ in Hindi. Abhi will make a perfect nickname for your baby.

18. Amalendu:

A baby’s heart is pure just like an unblemished moon. The name Amalendu means ‘pure like the moon’.

19. Balamurali:

There is no better sight that seeing a young Krishna playing the flute. The name Balamurali means the same. If you are a follower of Lord Krishna, then this name will surely appeal to you.

20. Bhagirath:

You might have heard the name Bhagirath several times, but do you know its meaning? Bhagirath was the name of a king, who brought Goddess Ganga on earth in the form of the holy river.

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21. Bharani:

The uncommon name Bharani has an astral significance. It is the name of the second Nakshatra or celestial star in Hindu astronomy.

22. Dayananda:

There is no greater bliss than the joy of giving. The same exemplifies in the name Dayananda. It means ‘the one who finds joy in performing acts of mercy’. We hope that this name takes your baby onto the path of humanity.Baby names in telugu with meaning are so many, you can choose anyone.

23. Akshayakeerti:

Akshayakeerti may be a long name, but it sounds majestic. Akshayakeerti means ‘eternal flame’. Akshay will be the short form of this name.

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