11 Teen Love Quotes For The Free Spirits & Young At Heart

Teenage years are probably the most special years of our lives. Everything feels so new and fresh as we are only stepping out into the outside world, learning to take control of our lives and preparing ourselves for what the future holds. Every emotion feels extra special as we experience it all for the first time. And so thus, love quite obviously works magic. That’s why those teen love quotes say, your first love is always really special.

But the problem is, as a teenager, you usually don’t know how to express your feelings. It all feels so different and new that you often end up feeling confused about what to say and what not to say. So dear teenage lovers, we’re here to help you out. Use any of these 11 awesome teen love quotes given below to start the chapter of your love life.

1. Teen Love Quotes - High School

It all starts when you’re in school and see her from the corner of your eyes and instantly realize that you’re in love. Most teenagers often begin dreaming of a future together and that’s what makes this quote the sweetest one. Teen love quotes shows the innocence of initial loves and crushes.

2. Teen Love Quotes - An Awful Lot

Another thing about teen love quotes, and teenage love is the hope that comes with it. You’re hopeful of all good things happening to you and thus you feel rich and blessed to have that person in your life.

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3. Teen Love Quotes - Dream Girl

This truly is one for teen love quotes. It’s a little goofy yet romantic and suits the perfect essence of that age and energy that people carry.

4. Teen Love Quotes - The Worst

This is more like a ‘thank you’ quote for your boyfriend for being the ‘real one’. Most girls complain about how insensitive guys are at that age, but if you have someone like this then you feel super lucky.

5. Teen Love Quotes - Skipped A Beat

Like I said earlier, it is all very new and exciting. Thus, even just thinking about the special one makes your heart race and skip a beat.

6. Teen Love Quotes - It's Just A Little Crush

Teen love quotes, specially this one, couldn’t be more true! All those hopes and prayers of having them love you back seem to be so fruitful and worth it when you realize that they actually do.

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7. Teen Love Quotes - Can't Fall Asleep

When you realize they love you back, your reality does really seem better than your dreams right? In your dreams, you only imagine things, but in reality you get goose bumps with every second you spend with them.

8. Teen Love Quotes - Those Conversations

Late nights, no matter how tired or sleepy you are, all seem so easy just to spend those few extra moments trying to talk to them. When love is new, you want more and more of it every second of the day. Truly a teen love quotes cliche, but a cute one we all remember.

9. Teen Love Quotes - Someone Who Chooses Me And Never Thinks Twice

This is what most people even in their 30s would call a relationship goal. Most youngsters too only wish for something like this. Gone are the days when teenage love and teen love quotes were just to be shown off.

10. Teen Love Quotes - Like Copy And Paste

I truly found this one an adorable quote. Copy-paste is something that most of people use a lot due to assignments and worksheets but who would’ve thought of it from a romantic angle?

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11. Teen Love Quotes - Drawing Silly Hearts On Paper

Isn’t doodling a major part of your love story when you’re in school? Drawing stick figures on a paper with big hearts, or writing his name inside a heart, this is what makes it all so special and exciting.

So you see, words are never few and never enough either when it comes to putting your feelings across. But when as a shy teenager you need help, think of these teen love quotes and you’re all set. So have you started noting them down for your lucky one?