11 Pictures That Will Make You Pick Teal Wedding Decorations Right Away

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The winter season gives you the option to go with beautiful colours that really bring the décor to life, and teal is such a colour. It is therefore no surprise why Teal is the colour to watch out for this season! Take a look at some of the beautiful ways in which you can incorporate teal into your wedding, in our list of the trendiest teal wedding decorations for winter 2015.

1. Mr. And Mrs. Signs

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A gorgeously crafted wedding sign paired atop a wooden table makes for a most charming and rustic feeling decoration piece. Paired with a simple and beautiful flower arrangement such as in the picture, it can be all the decoration a table needs.

2. Teal Paper Garlands

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Teal wedding decorations can take many forms, and one of the cutest of such are these teal grey and white paper garlands that add a very charming appeal without being overstated or garish.

3. Teal Lace Table Runner

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This gorgeous table runner when paired with simple white flowers or grey and coral centrepieces adds a really classy feel to the entire arrangement. They make for a lovely autumn wedding.

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4. Teal And Lace Hanging Garlands

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Teal and lace proves to be another winning combination as evidenced by these entirely charming hanging garlands, especially when put up against a wooden backdrop.

5. Teal Mason Jars

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Mason jars are some of the most versatile decoration items that you can use at your wedding, and these gorgeous teal jars are one of the best ways to use them. Again, the rustic feel of a simple teal and white, especially when paired with wood, is nearly impossible to beat. The burlap wrapping adds another welcome touch.

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6. Teal Wedding Cake

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Teal wedding decorations can be extended to the edibles as well, with this delectable wedding cake setting a great example of incorporating the theme in creative ways. You can opt to go with cake decoration that is even more elaborate, but the understated effect works well with teal.

7. Teal And Gold Signboards

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Teal wedding decorations work exceptionally well when paired with specific colours, with this light copper- gold letters an excellent example of a complementary colour. Other colours that can be used to excellent effect are coral (which is teal’s true complementary colour) and grey.

8. Teal And Cream Paper Roses

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Flowers are staples in any wedding décor (or any decorations for any celebration, really) and these teal and cream paper roses add a desirable element to your wedding décor. Arrange in a beautiful vase or even an appropriate mason jar for maximum effect.

9. Teal Candles

There’s nothing quite like the placement of candles in strategic spots for an almost ethereal aura and an elegant lighting solution. These gorgeous teal candles not only look great, but can also serve a practical purpose when placed as a centrepiece, or along the length of a table, for example.

10. Teal Tablecloth

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For an elegant and very stylish look, use a teal table cover accentuated with a white bow as seen above. Works especially well if the other tables are decorated in a different manner, (say, white tablecloth with a teal centrepieces) leading the teal wedding decorations to stand out.

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11. Teal Paper Lanterns

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A classic decoration piece, in a colour that matches your overall theme. Hard to go wrong with this one.

Hope you enjoyed our blog post on integrating Teal wedding decorations in your wedding. If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comments section below.

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