25 Best Traditional Mehndi Designs To Titillate

India is known for its rich culture and heritage. No traditional occasion is complete without the mehndi ritual as mehndi is considered to be an auspicious element. Mehndi is the epitome of prosperity and auspiciousness and has great traditional value. We have different types of mehndi designs and the most popular ones in India are the Rajasthani, Marwari, Gujarati, Kashmiri and Mughlai styles. In this post, we share with you some amazing traditional mehndi designs. They truly are magnificent.

Take a look!

1. The Fantastic Floral Design

Traditional Mehndi Designs - The Fantastic Floral Design

This is one of the most beautiful floral traditional mehndi designs you can come across. This design is extremely elegant and looks stunning because of the empty circles in between. The gaps make the design look neat and broad. This design is perfect for an engagement ceremony. Though it has gaps and is floral in nature, it still covers the hand beautifully. A must try!

2. Wonders of Nature

Traditional Mehndi Designs - Wonders of Nature

This magnificent Kashmiri design is the perfect example of the usage of flowers and leaves and branches as motifs. It looks very natural and is free flowing.

3. Swan Lake

Traditional Mehndi Designs - Swan Lake

As beautiful as Natalie Portman herself. This one’s an absolute beauty.

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4. The Pot Boiler

Traditional Mehndi Designs - The Pot Boiler

This simple, yet beautiful mehndi design has ‘Indian’ written all over it.

5. The Beautilicious Bangle Design

Traditional Mehndi Designs - The Beautilicious Bangle Design

This design is a traditional Indian bangle mehndi design. Bangle designs have gained popularity in the recent times. These designs depict a piece of jewellery, either a bangle or bracelet, which a woman adorns her wrist with. These designs are perfect for the back hand and look extremely beautiful. If you have a floral design on the palm, this one will look superb for the back hand. So decide and let your artist make this beautiful design for you.

6. Floral Perfection

Traditional Mehndi Designs - Floral Perfection

This simple floral detail is beautifully crafted and would look perfect for any casual occasion.

7. Minimalist Mastery

Traditional Mehndi Designs - Minimalist Mastery

This Mughlai design is absolutely masterful. The use of lines and dots as motifs is minimalistic and done wonderfully.

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8. Gorgeous Petals

Traditional Mehndi Designs - Gorgeous Petals

Not one for heavy makeup and henna but still want to be hep like everyone else? Then this simple pattern is what you need.

9. The Simply Sumptuous Design

Traditional Mehndi Designs - The Simply Sumptuous Design

Initially, mehndi designing was not complex at all. Most Indian women preferred a single round with their finger tips filled with mehndi. But with time, artisans have modified this design and now it looks extremely beautiful and classy. If you aren’t fond of complicated traditional mehndi designs, this one will be your favourite. So if you are heading for a sangeet party, this design will definitely make you stand out.

10. Pure Magic

Traditional Mehndi Designs - Pure Magic

That’s exactly what this design is. Pure magic! It’s a mix of different styles and that’s exactly why it looks so grand.

11. Fashionable Feet

Traditional Mehndi Designs - Fashionable Feet

This traditional Indian design for the feet will leave people wanting more. Just give them a glimpse of it before slipping into your shoes and we promise, it’ll drive them nuts.

12. Ferns & Petals

Traditional Mehndi Designs - Ferns And Petals

This one’s a complete knockout. Ferns and Petals galore. Beautiful indeed.

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13. The Pretty Peacock Design

Traditional Mehndi Designs - The Pretty Peacock Design

Image: Shutterstock

Indian traditional designs and now even some Arabic bridal mehndi designs consist of mainly flower motifs, mango patterns and peacock designs. Peacocks are considered auspicious according to Indian traditions and hence having a peacock design on your palm will add in a lot of cultural value to the design. These designs are usually adorned by women on occasions like weddings or festivals like Diwali and Dussehra. So if you are attending a wedding any time soon, you can consider this design if traditional is on your mind.

14. Open Back Peacock

Traditional Mehndi Designs - Open Back Peacock

Wearing a dress with an open back? Looking for the right accessory to accentuate it? Look no further. Adorn your back with this magnificent peacock design. It’ll blow ’em away.

15. The Heart of Hearts

Traditional Mehndi Designs - The Heart of Hearts

This depiction of hearts is something your beau would fall for. You could add a bit of colour to it or write his name in it. It really would be very romantic.

16. The Majestic Mughal Design

Traditional Mehndi Designs - The Majestic Mughal Design

Well, now if you are looking for a beautiful back hand traditional mehndi design to complement the peacock design on your palm, you just can’t have second thoughts after you have a look at this design. This is inspired from the “Mughal Gharana” and is certainly mind blowing. The work is so intricate that it makes the design an astonishing piece of art. The coverage and the detailing make the peacock design look so royal and elegant. You can flaunt this back hand design anywhere. It will always look the best.

17. Perfect Paisleys

Traditional Mehndi Designs - Perfect Paisleys

Intricate, detailed and superbly stunning. These paisleys paint a picture of their own.

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18. Uniquely Indian

Traditional Mehndi Designs - Uniquely Indian

If the occasion is Diwali, then this is the pattern you are looking for. It’s unique and has a diya on the back of your palm.

19. The Divine Dulha­ Dulhan Design

Traditional Mehndi Design - The Divine Dulha ­Dulhan Design

Indian traditional mehndi designs for brides are the most popular design in India. It is famed as the Dulha-Dulhan mehndi. This type of mehndi designing depicts the groom and bride on each of the palm and all the ceremonies that take place during the wedding – right from the welcoming of the groom till the departure of the bride from her maternal home. These designs are intense and need great skills to be done perfectly. An artisan can modify this design by adding many more details. These designs are intricate and they look spectacular on the bride’s palm. Though there are many variants of this design, the most popular is the one with the bride and groom’s picture in between the palm. So look out for different dulha ­dulhan mehndi designs and get your favourite one done. Though the design might be time consuming, it is totally worth it.

20. A Touch Of Class

Traditional Mehndi Design - A Touch Of Class

If you’ve got accessories to adorn your hands with but still want to stay in touch with your traditional side, this is the design for you. It’s very simple. In fact, you can do it yourself.

21. Radha & Krishna

Traditional Mehndi Design - Radha And Krishna

This Radha and Krishna mehndi design is the epitome of Indian mythology. It’s steeped in tradition and rich history.

22. The Fabulous Feet Design

Traditional Mehndi Design - The Fabulous Feet Design

The tradition of foot mehndi designs comes from the Arab countries. Arabic designs are usually very elaborate and have substantial gaps in their designs. But to cater to the taste of women in India, artisans modified these designs by adding more details. A traditional Indian design for the feet usually consists of motifs and different geometrical lines. A design like the one we have covers the feet completely and looks fabulous on brides. One can opt from less intricate designs as well. There are too many to choose from.

23. Feather Touch

Traditional Mehndi Design - Feather Touch

This simple yet elegant mehndi design will add the x­factor to your hands. The feathers are detailed beautifully with the design ending beautifully below your wrist, right where your bangles would be.

24. Intricately Indian

Traditional Mehndi Design - Intricately Indian

This design is intricate in nature. It’s a mix of the various henna styles in India. Detailed to perfection, the use of curves, flowers, peacocks and paisleys give it a stunning look.

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25. The Delicate Detail Design

Traditional Mehndi Design - The Delicate Detail Design

Image: shutterstock

If you have a flair for mehndi designs with a lot of henna filling, then I’m sure this design will be the one you were waiting for. The work has such beautiful detailing; it can be difficult for anyone to take their eyes off it. With such fantabulous and delicate details, this work should definitely be applauded. The coverage is amazing and I’m sure the rich brown colour of the mehndi will make this design look out of the world.

These 25 designs showcase the diversity of Indian mehndi in the most traditional sense. With so many varied designs and patterns, we are sure you can find a design of your choice. Go ahead and dazzle any upcoming occasion with these traditional mehndi designs and let those eyes envy you. You totally deserve that attention!

Images Source: Google, Pinterest, Shutterstock