Tabu's Marriage: What’s The Hurry Now?

Tabu Marriage - Tabu

While Bollywood has seen many successful and some not-so-successful shaadis, there are celebs who are successful, good looking and still single. While they have got everything going right for them, for some reason(s) marriage doesn’t figure on the priority list for them anymore. Tabu features prominently in the list of Bollywood celebs who are on the other side of 40 and still single. Tabu has been a part of Bollywood and Indian cinema for almost three decades now and has also appeared in acclaimed Hollywood productions too.

In spite of having the charming looks and an attractive svelte persona, Tabu is still happily single and work seems to be on top of her priority. Let’s take a look at Tabu’s journey in Bollywood with some tidbits about her love life thrown in, we might find clues about Tabu marriage and her stance about all the fuss.

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The Initial Years

Tabu was born Tabassum Fatima Hashmi in the year 1971, and is the niece of the famous theatre and film actress Shabana Azmi. Her sister, Farah Naaz was a part of Bollywood in the 90s. Tabu herself made her first film appearance at the age of 10 in the year 1982 in the critically acclaimed film Bazaar. She later did her first major role in the 1985 film Hum Naujawan. Tabu did many films after that but it was only from 1996 onwards that she started getting noticed by critics and audience. Since then, Tabu has went on to give some stellar performances in Bollywood and Hollywood.

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In Love With The Hero

Tabu Marriage - Tabu And Sanjay Kapoor In Prem

One of the earliest films in which Tabu played the female lead was Prem, a film produced by leading Bollywood producer Boney Kapoor. The movie starred Boney Kapoor’s younger brother Sanjay Kapoor, as the male lead. Due to certain complications, the movie was in the making for nearly six years. That means the reel life pair was spending a significant amount of time in close proximity, albeit professionally. There are no surprises what ensued, and it is rumoured that soon Tabu and Sanjay had become an item through the making of the film. The attraction was mutual and they both slowly developed an affectionate affiliation as well. While, it is not known as to who took the first step, it is said the feeling was mutual. But despite quite a few rumours that this affair would end with a Sanjay and Tabu’s marriage, it appears their relationship wasn’t cut out for a long innings. It lasted as long as the making of the film, and in 1992, after six years of togetherness (or working together) they both split. Both Sanjay and Tabu have been very candid about their affinity in the past, but also stress that they are not anywhere close to being friends.

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Almost Becoming The Second Fiddle

After her romantic tryst with Sanjay Kapoor, is was again rumoured that Tabu started developing a liking towards Sajid Nadiadwala, a famous Bollywood producer. Now this is something that was talked about a lot in the filmy circle. Sajid Nadiadwala was married to the late actress Divya Bharti, who was a good friend of Tabu. Tabu had no feelings for Sajid as such while Divya was alive nor did her sympathy turn into affection after Divya’s death. Tabu and Sajid had always been good and close friends.

Tabu Marriage - Tabu And Sajid Nadiadwala

In 1995, Sajid signed Tabu for his next venture Jeet, and this is what fuelled speculations about their romantic relationship. It was during the course of the making of the film that Sajid and Tabu started to spend more time together. In an interview, Sajid had shared that it was not love at first sight and that they both had become significantly close only by the completion of the film. In general, the whole industry was rooting for Tabu’s marriage to Sajid. Tabu was very much interested in tying the knot with Sajid. But Sajid was hesitant to commit due to the lingering feelings he still had for his late wife Divya Bharti. While Tabu had accepted this circumstance, she was clear about the point that Sajid will have to let go of his past and focus on their relationship. Sajid was adamant to do so, but might have conceded, had Tabu not developed feelings for the much married South Indian superstar Nagarjuna. Tabu’s growing closeness with Nagarjuna left Sajid bitter, and on the same time Sajid’s indecisiveness caused significant annoyance to Tabu.

It was evident that their relationship was going nowhere but downhill, and soon after the realisation, the couple split. Tabu was open about her failed relationship with Sajid and it is said that she even broke down in a radio interview while talking about it. Sajid is said to have felt very hurt after this episode but maintained a calm opinion about the entire episode, and never badmouthed Tabu.

Playing The Third Fiddle?

One of the reason for Tabu’s split with Sajid was her growing proximity with the Telugu superstar Nagarjuna. Tabu had signed for Nagarjuna’s film Sisindri around the same time she was working for the film Jeet. This was the first meeting of Tabu and Nagarjuna and it was a very professional one. In 1996, she was paired alongside Nagarjuna for the Telugu film Ninne Pelladata, and this marked the beginning of the rumoured affair between Nagarjuna and Tabu.

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Tabu Marriage - Tabu And Nagarjuna Spotted By The Press

Initially, the duo were secretive about it, and the most likely reason could be that Nagarjuna was already married to Amala, who was his second wife. But as time passed by, media and people from the industry got a whiff of it. Their affair became a bit evident in 1998 when they starred together in the Telugu film Aavida…Maa Aavide and it is said that Tabu was cast at the behest of Nagarjuna. By 2000, the pair started making public appearances together. It is also said that Tabu even purchased a house right next to Nagarjuna’s.

While the two lovebirds were busy having the time of their lives, little is known about how Amala reacted to/handled the entire episode. She was seldom seen talking about it. Going by the number of public appearances made by Nagarjuna and Tabu, it was clear that there was little to no intervention by Amala in this matter. Maybe there was, but it didn’t bother Nagarjuna. If that was the case then why didn’t Amala leave Nagarjuna? This question still remains unanswered till today and most believe that Amala had grown to accept Tabu as Nagarjuna’s love interest. In an interview, Nagarjuna candidly shared that Amala and Tabu get along very well. He even went on to say that even his children were fond of Tabu.

The Split

Needless to say, Amala wasn’t the reason for the split between Nagarjuna and Tabu. It was speculated right from the start that there was a zero possibility of Tabu’s marriage to Nagarjuna actually happening. It is said that the reason for the split was the same that caused a rift between Tabu and Sajid too – the man’s inability to commit. Tabu was seeking stability in her relationship, and saw an anchor for her life in the form of Nagarjuna. But Nagarjuna was already married twice, and was hesitant to go for it the third time. The point that Nagarjuna was just playing along and had no intentions of cementing the bond slowly started scraping Tabu’s heart and they both went their separate ways. The pair have stayed silent about it since then with Nagarjuna reiterating that he, Amala and Tabu are good friends, in spite of what happened in the past.

Tabu Marriage - Tabu Trivia

Journey So Far And Opinion About Marriage

One thing we have to admit is that Tabu is one celebrity who has never shied away from acknowledging her past relationships. After she turned 40 in 2012, she suddenly became the subject of discussion for media chatterboxes. Everyone was worried that she was still stuck with the single status even after completing four decades of her life; many wondered about Tabu’s marriage ever happening. But Tabu has taken everything in a positive spirit, and has never been hesitant to share a viewpoint.

“No one can stop me if I wish to have a child out of wedlock. But I don’t wish to deprive the child of both the parents deliberately, from the word go.”
– Tabu commenting about motherhood

Unlike many of her contemporaries who would just evade the question of marriage, Tabu has never shied away from answering the question even after some unsuccessful relationships. In an interview, when she was quizzed about her plans of getting married, she commented that she gives a lot of significance to marriage. She added that marriage would be the best thing to experience if one finds someone one can connect with. Giving a subtle reference to her past failed relationships, she said, “You might have a conflict with the thought, you might be in a bad marriage/relationship but the truth is that everyone is seeking such a bond.”

Tabu Marriage - Tabu Strikes A Candid Pose

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This comment is surely a strong indicator of the high level maturity that she possesses. There are rumours always ripe about her marriage (last one we heard was that she was getting married to a businessman), but Tabu is one headstrong woman, and definitely deserves a caring, committed and prudent man as a life partner.

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