Top 10 Symptoms And Remedies To Get Rid of Evil Eye

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Belief can be a powerful thing. Many do not believe in things like evil eye and shrug them off as superstition. More power to them. But others have deep seated belief in the supernatural. Laughing it off is no solution because for the believers, these are true facts of life.

Evil Eye Remedies For Its Varied Symptoms

A careful look into the world brings us to the conclusion that with the good and benevolent there coexist the evil and the malevolent. The perception of evil varies across cultures and is perceived to have different impacts. One of the identified negative energies in several cultures is the evil eye. It is a look with a scrupulous intention that is believed to cause misfortune or physical hazards. This is directed because of envy or dislike. It basically refers to a look that wishes ill for the person directed at. There are several protections and cures to it which vary from region to region. There are several symptoms that can be associated with the evil eye and religions have come up with cures and remedies for these symptoms too. Let us have a look at the effects of evil eye and its remedies:

How To Get Rid Of Evil Eye

1. Chronic Illness

An evil eye from a neighbor or relative might cause a chronic illness for someone in the family. The remedy for this includes distilling sea water in a white cloth and then mixing it with cow’s urine. The resultant mixture should be stored in a bottle and spread in the rooms on full moon and new moon days. Friday and Tuesday can also be chosen. This is considered to be effective in burning the evil eye and the illness caused due to the same.

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2. Illness Of Domestic Animals And Lack Of Appetite

Evil eye can cause the livestock to be continually sick and suffering from loss of appetite. Washing the animals with water and turmeric powder helps washing away this effect.

3. Bad Times In Business And Trade

Evil eye from business rivals and competitors can cause bad patch in business and can push the business away from success. One can get rid of the evil eye on business and profession by keeping a lemon in a transparent glass of water. The placement must be made conspicuous to the people visiting the workplace. The water should be changed every day and lemon should be changed every Saturday.

4. Material Loss At Home

Evil eye of those who are envious to one’s luxuries, can cause loss or breakage of precious items at home. One can ward off such an evil eye by placing colorful beads or stones in a white bowl.

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5. Sudden Illness To New Born

This is common after someone comes to visit the baby. The home remedy for evil eye in this situation can be dissolved by taking a pinch of salt in a palm and closing it. The fist must then be moved thrice clockwise and thrice anticlockwise over the baby’s head and the salt must then be put into a jar of water.

6. Children Suffering From Constant Stomach Ache

A fistful of sand must be taken from the corner or the street and mixed with mustard seeds. This mixture should be applied on the child’s stomach and then burnt. This burns the effect of the evil eye too.

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7. Misfortunes And Jobless Situations

Keeping an aquarium to the south side of the hall nullifies this effect of the evil eye.

8. Evil Eye On Pregnant Women

Expectant mothers must carry 2-3 neem leaves before going out of the house and burn them after coming back in order to convert the evil eye to ashes.

9. Throat Problems To Public Speakers

To nullify the effect of evil eye on the throat of public speakers, a peepal twig must be tied in front of the dwelling and another twig from the same tree must be broken into pieces and kept in the pocket. This helps warding off the effects of the evil eye and a very good home remedy for evil eye.

10. Evil Eye on Peace in Relationships and Studies of Children:

Such effects of evil eye can be made ineffective by roasted alum, chili, lemon or a large seashell.

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These ways if applied can save one from the ill effects of the evil eye. There are different home remedies for evil eye in different thought schools and one must try and find out which is the most suitable one for the affected individual.

But please do remember—these are just options to try. Nothing can beat a visit to the doctor in case of bad health. Stay safe!

Do you believe in evil eye? What remedies do you use to ward off the affects of evil eye? Do share with us in the comments section below!

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