10 Sweet Signs That You Are Always On His Mind

Being special to someone is a feeling like, pretty much, nothing else. To think that there is someone out there who’s always got you on their mind, that is in itself a billion dollar a year Hollywood cycle… and for a reason. We love it. There are plenty of signs that you are always on his mind.

These signs and ways to find out if you are in love and if you’ve found the one, and even to know whether you’re serious about a relationship etc.

signs that you are always on his mind

But, really, sometimes the most confusing part of it all is knowing how the other person feels. There are days we are sure we are the world to them, followed by days where we’re not even sure the
y care a little! Talk about confusion!

That said, here are 10 Sweet Signs that if you notice, you can be sure you;re on his mind. A lot.

Signs That You Are Always On His Mind

1. Handwritten Notes

Forwarding a message is easy but really taking out the time to write down a personal message or wishes is a good sign! Good morning, evening, night or even ‘have a good day’ messages are a sure sign that he keeps you in his heart.

2. Sweet Nothings

If the messages don’t aren’t in pen and paper there’s no need to not rake in those special feelings. Jokes, compliments, random messages… they’re all good! One of the more obvious signs that you are always on his mind.

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3. Surprise! Surprise!

signs that you are always on his mind - Surprise!-Surprise-

If your man is always thinking of new and better ways to surprise you and make you smile, you’ve got yourself a catch! It could be a surprise gift, tickets to a movie/concert, or even a takeaway from your favorite place. The effort and intentions are the most important signs that you are always on his mind.

4. Listening

If you feel you’ve finally found someone who really listens and pays attention to what you are saying – great! Look for little signs, refer to old conversations, and you’ll instantly know if he was really listening or his mind was somewhere else.

5. Making Connections

When you have someone on your mind, everything seems to remind you somehow of them. If he keeps telling you of places or things around him and how he relates them to you or how they remind them of you; girl you’ve got him smitten!

6. Dates and Occasions

It’s usually girls who remember sweet milestones of a relationship, but that’s not true when your man has you on his mind all the time. When a guy starts remembering special moments, anniversaries and sweet incidents it is another one of the signs that you are always on his mind.

7. Setting Priorities

If he changes his schedule around you and makes you the priority, smile and jump with joy! A man in love will always keep his lady as the first priority and everything else follows. That’s an effort one will only make for someone truly special and close.

8. Showing You Off

If he is showing off his feelings for you to the world, he’s deeply in love with you! It could be at events where he makes it a point to show that you are together or even through social media platforms with pictures and messages for the whole world to see! He’s proud of you and proud to show his love for you- always a good sign!

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9. Attention To Detail

If you feel he pays extra attention to your needs and wants; be it a special day or a gift he brings, he really is putting his heart into it. Personalized gifts that are so thoughtful and meaningful that are another set of signs that you are always on his mind. It makes you go weak in the knees as he pays attention to you and every detail about you.

signs that you are always on his mind - Attention-To-Detail

10. No Sudden Gaps!

If he does not cut you off when he’s with his buddies or traveling, and always makes it a point to maintain contact, he’s thinking of you. A lot. You always know where he is and what he’s doing.

So there you have it, the clearest signs that you are always on his mind.If you couldn’t stop agreeing with these points you have found the man who just can’t keep is mind off you! Everyone has a different way of showing their love and how they feel, but these are subtle signs that remain common to all. And hey, even if you have a 6/10 or 7/10 you should still be euphoric to be the special someone for him. No two people think alike and maybe you have more than 10 points that are sure shot signs of him being crazy about you.

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Warning: Don’t Over Analyze!

signs that you are always on his mind - Attention-To-Detail - Warning-Don't-Over-Analyze

Sometimes, we tend to think things over a bit too much for our own good! Stop constantly wondering about how he feels because if you just pay attention to small things he will make it very clear to you!

Give him time! Love is beautiful, and one can’t be impatient. The reason you have read this post till here is that you are looking for a sign, and that is reason enough to stay patient.

So, I hope that clears away some questions and anxieties. The right person will always make the right moves and the effort to make you feel special. Just allow the other person the time and the space to be able to show you how they feel really.

And hey, don’t just wait to feel special but also do your bit of making your man feel loved. Love is a two-way street and what you give is what you get!

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