10 Reasons Why The Sushmita Sen Marriage Might Never Happen

Ms. Sushmita Sen is a happy and proud single mother, but now with even Bips having finally tied the knot, one wonders what is going on in Sush’s life and whether a Sushmita Sen marriage – after having been on the cards for over a decade – is finally imminent.

While we’re not blessed with the soothsaying qualities required to answer that question, what we can do is look back at a glittering career and glamorous life to know just why such a thing as the Sushmita Sen marriage hasn’t ever materialized for one of India’s and Bollywood’s hottest – in many senses of the word – damsels.

Our findings indicate ten reasons for Sush’s blissful bachelorette status, and why she may choose to keep it that way:

1. She’s A Beauty Queen

In 1994, a young Sush decided to take part in the Miss India pageant where she was up against hot favourite Aishwarya Rai. The result? Sushmita Sen was crowned Miss India, and went on to represent India in the Miss Universe pageant while Aishwarya, as first runner up, ended up representing India for the Miss World crown.

The Sushmita Sen Marriage - A Beauty Queen

Of course, both beauties went on to win their respective titles, with Sushmita Sen bagging the distinction of being the first Indian woman to become Miss Universe. Although not considered a conventional beauty, Sush’s distinct good looks and classy demeanour floored everyone.

Fun fact: Sush’s final outfit for the Miss Universe pageant was designed by her mother and stitched by a largely unknown Meena Bazaar tailor, something unheard of until that point.

2. She Has An Intimidating Past

“It is not true, I’m not getting married. Wasim is a wonderful man. Thank you.” These were the words that Sush (ever so candid about her love life) had to offer the media back in 2010 about rumours of her impending wedding to the Kolkata Knight Riders bowling coach Wasim Akram.

The Sushmita Sen Marriage - An Intimidating Past

The news channel made a typical “Wasim has bowled her over” joke before Sush came out to categorically deny any rumours of a Wasim Sushmita Sen marriage. And that’s not all. Here’s a quick list of some of the names Sush has been intimately involved with: Vikram Bhatt (who everybody figured she would tie the knot to, and who made the movie Ankahee speculatively based on his relationship with Sushmita, to later deny this, post the press hullabaloos), tycoon Sanjay Narang (to whom she was actually engaged), Sabeer Bhatia (of hotmail.com fame, who gifted Sush a massive solitaire), Bollywood heartthrob Randeep Hooda, and businessman Imtiaz Khatri (a marriage date for the nuptials was supposedly “leaked” in 2012, only to never materialise). Advertising guru Manav Menon, Bunty Sachdeva, Mudassar Aziz and Ritik Bhasin have also featured in Sush’s life.

If none of the above men were good enough for Sush, what hope does anyone else have of “snagging” this brainy beauty, and then making it all the way to the alter, with an actual Sushmita Sen marriage happening?

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3. She’s A Warrior

Sush’s pledge to move the courts to let her adopt a baby girl (Renee) was a badass move. What’s more, she won the landmark case which let her – a single and unmarried mother – adopt a one year old child.

Renee means ‘to be born again,’ and that’s exactly how Sush felt about adopting her baby daughter, claiming that “it was the most significant event in her life.” Ten years later, Sush would go on to adopt another three month old girl.

Sush has never denied the fact that being a single mother is hard, and that she is often faced with hard to answer questions like “Where is my daddy?” but it would be folly to say that Sush has handled parenthood with anything other than aplomb. She has told her children that she might bring a father home for them – after getting their approval, of course, there wouldn’t ever be a Sushmita Sen marriage without their approval – but for that father, “am I really needed here?” might be a difficult question to answer in itself.

4. She’s A Poet

And the grand daughter of a poet. No seriously, in her spare time, Sushmita likes to write prose and poetry. She describes it as one of her favourite pastimes actually.

Without trying to read too much into such an admission, surely such a woman might be more discerning in her choice of man (as she has proven to be). I mean, writing her a love poem only to have it come back with a full critique on the side wouldn’t be such a pleasant experience, right?

We’re not accusing Sush of such transgressions, but it can be easy to imagine how a prospective groom might be intimidated by her prowess in this sphere; a good idea if faced by an unworthy man, but daunting none-the-less.

5. She’s A Stay-At-Home Kinda Gal

“Yes, I am a night person but I prefer staying awake at home till late at night. I rarely go to any pub. I would rather hang out at home with loud music and dance in my room.”

The above quote comes from an interview with a movie magazine in July 2004. Even back then, Sush wasn’t too concerned with nights spent dancing at the disco; she had a four year old girl at home as well. Still, preferring the solace and peace of mind of staying at home does limit one’s opportunities to meet new people, make new connections, impeding a possible Sushmita Sen marriage, to say the least. Sure, introverts may nay-say and all, but that’s a hurdle, no?

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6. But She’s High Maintenance

However, from the same interview, Sush also says the following: “I love going to restaurants like ‘Sky Bar’ in Los Angeles and ‘Tao’ in New York.”

The Sushmita Sen Marriage - High Maintenance

Anyone trying to woo this beautiful belle should know that when she wants to go out, it isn’t to the local café down the road that’s tucked into the street corner.

7. She’s A Firebrand

Sush isn’t known to take any nonsense from anyone, no matter their position, reputation, or even if their opinion is that which is reflected by the rest of society. Here are some of the things that she has been vocal and passionate about:

  • The fact that she cannot fathom how India has time for swimsuits if they win beauty pageants, but not if they’re on the telly in an exercise show.
  • The fact that she’s perfectly okay with smoking cigarettes (she’s known to smoke on a daily basis) and that what she does with her body is her business.
  • Sush has never hidden her thoughts on important issues (the fact that she thinks sex is a topic less taboo now more than ever, or the fact that she thinks men will run away from women who are 30 or over and still virgins, or even the right of single folk to adopt and care for children) and is known to speak her mind out.
  • Sush has had no problems not marrying in the “marriageable age” that she says society projects onto young women, and has said that “If the need arises and my heart doesn’t agree with it (marriage), I will have children without getting married.” That does look like quite a ‘nail in the coffin’ for any one hoping for a Sushmita Sen marriage (to oneself). But speaking of…

8. She Wants Her Prince Charming, But Isn’t Averse To Waiting

Sush is pretty clear on who she wants to spend the rest of her days with – a prince charming, her prince charming, so yes, there is the hope, on her side too, of a Mr McDreamy Sushmita Sen marriage. But as she says in the above quote, if such a man doesn’t appear, she’s perfectly fine on her own.

In 2010, in an interview with a major national daily, Sush said the following, “I will go for a biological baby because the clock is ticking for me.” This was after she had adopted two girls, one only months ago. The article also spoke of how Sush brushed off questions about her marriage by saying “I said the clock is ticking… I never said anything about marriage” and “Every girl wants her prince charming. I have stopped thinking about it long back but still I want it.”

“I Am Ready For Marriage” ran another newspaper headline five years later with Sush reiterating that when it happens, it will be only with Mr. Right, and that her daughters were ready to accept a new man (and father) as long as it was the right person.

“Marriage will not be a problem, finding the right man is,” she concluded. Phew!

9. She Bought Herself a Diamond (And Owns A Pet Snake)

Such was spotted with a massive solitaire on her finger one time (different from the gigantic rock that Sabeer Bhatia had generously given her) and at once fans and the press alike tried to figure out whose handiwork it was.

Sush, never one for secrets, immediately spilled the beans saying that she had bought one for herself, and in the process she completely shattered society-defined, deep-ingrained gender rules and left more than a few jaws on the floor. She doesn’t need a man in her life to buy her a diamond! It’s so simple, yet so profoundly daring, different and refreshing. And no good for potential suitors still stuck in not-so-modern mindsets.

As for the fact that she owns a snake… who do you think will wear the pants in that relationship? How many men will be okay with such an arrangement? Time will tell. But it’s a given, when it comes to kids, snakes and diamonds, it sets the standard pretty high for a Sushmita Sen marriage.

10. No Hassi, No Phassi

Perhaps the most important reason of them all, the root of Sush’s singledom, and the faint glimmer of hope that Sush might indeed find her Prince Charming, or indeed, that a man might be perceived to be a Prince Charming by her!

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Take a look for yourself at the very reason Sushmita Sen, beauty queen, Bollywood superstar, outspoken activist, poet and single mother isn’t yet married: