Surya Jyothika Marriage: Reel Love To Real Love

Saravanan Sivakumar, better known by his screen name Surya, commands a massive mass following in the Tamil film industry and Tollywood too. The introvert and down to earth actor is said to have inspired none other than Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan, when it comes to acting abilities. Now that is something! The son of veteran Tamil actor Sivakumar, Surya is known for his gripping and riveting performances that have earned him a lot of accolades. The heartthrob of millions has fallen in love and dated only one lady for all his life, a woman who didn’t know Tamil to begin with. Surprised? So where does the love story of this affable couple begin? Let’s take a look at Jyothika And Surya’s marriage.

Jyothika And Surya's Marriage - Sivakumar And Lakshmi With Surya And Karthi

Jyothika And Surya's Marriage - Fact 1

From Saravanan To Surya

Jyothika And Surya's Marriage - Surya

Surya made his film début at the age of 22 with the film Nerrukku Ner, produced by Mani Ratnam. It was Mani Ratnam who conferred him with the stage name ‘Surya’ since it was a common name he would use in his films for the male protagonist. Initially, Surya’s films met mediocre commercial success at the box office. Surya’s first commercial success came with the Tamil film Nandha in 2001. This was the point from where really took off, and then came blockbusters like Kaakha Kaakha and Ghajini. Rest is history.

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Meeting Jyothika Sadanah

Surya and Jyothika first met during the filming of the movie Poovellam Kettuppar in 1999, which was Surya’s fifth film, and Jyothika’s third. Both were not big stars by that time but they were doing some really good work. She was from Mumbai, trying to make her mark in the Tamil film industry. Despite the fact that she didn’t know Tamil, Jyothika made an effort to learn the language and would deliver her dialogues with utmost perfection. Surya was attracted towards her sincerity, dedication and her immense humility.

Jyothika And Surya's Marriage - Poovellam Kettuppar

He even said in an interview that she was on the only woman on the set of the movie and what he really liked is that she would treat her assistants with dignity. But it was more like a crush and things did not go beyond that point since Surya was a shy, reserved and introvert – qualities for which he is is still known, and admired even till today.

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Jyothika And Surya's Marriage - Fact 2

Chill, that was obviously not the end. The story of Jyothika And Surya’s marriage is a very very cute one; so keep reading.

The Second Meeting

Jyothika And Surya's Marriage - Jyothika And Surya In A Candid Shot On Their Social

It was sometime in 2001 one day that Surya was passing by one of the sets where Jyothika was filming and they both bumped into each other. Jyothika was a big star by this time and Surya’s big break was yet to come. It is said that Jyothika saw Surya and sent one of her assistants to call him. Soon they started chatting and then things took a turn for the best from there.

And Then, Love Blossomed

Jyothika And Surya's Marriage - Jyothika And Surya In A Still

It is said that after that second meeting, Surya and Jyothika became close pals. According to industry insiders and friends of the two, Surya would even invite her to parties and events, slowly introducing her to his close group of friends too. By late 2001, Surya’s eighth film Nandha was out for release, and Jyothika was there at its première but watched it from the projector room instead. She then recommended Surya’s name to director Gautham Menon for his next movie Kaakha Kaakha. Jyothika was already finalised for the film and since she was a big star, her recommendation could not have been taken lightly. Kaakha Kaakha went on to become of the most commercially successful film of Surya’s career. All the while any info about them being a couple didn’t come out, and the fact that they we’re both already level headed and respected talents of the industry meant that when news of Jyothika And Surya’s marriage finally came out, it was more of a pleasant tit-bit that a tabloid splash.

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A Low-Key Engagement And The Wedding

The time when the film Kaakha Kaakha released was when pair is said to have got engaged. It was an event without much fanfare, and it is said that Surya got engaged to buy some time to convince his parents about his relationship with Jyothika. Time went by, and in spite of all the hurdles and challenges faced by the pair, their love only grew stronger and stronger day by day. It reached the perfect culmination point in the year 2006, and finally Jyothika And Surya’s marriage took place on 11th September 2006. The couple kicked off the wedding ceremonies by first having a mehndi ceremony on 10th September.

Jyothika And Surya's Marriage - Jyothika And Surya At Their Marriage And With Family

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The venue was the Park Sheraton Hotel in Chennai and the wedding ceremony started at 7 a.m. The couple chose a simple yet elegant attire for their wedding ceremony. Surya was dressed in white silk dhoti and silk shirt, while Jyothika was seen decked up in a pink silk saree with a exquisite diamond necklace and a gold armlet. Surya’s mother Lakshmi initiated the ceremonies by lighting the Kuthu Vilakku (the holy lamp). It was a traditional Tamil wedding ceremony with Surya tying the thaali (mangal sutra) to Jyothika. The who’s who of the Tamil film industry attended the wedding and the guest list included the leading state and central ministers as well.

Jyothika And Surya's Marriage - Fact 3

Life After The Wedding

Jyothika And Surya's Marriage - Jyothika And Surya With Their Kids Diya and Dev

Jyothika quit her acting career after her marriage. She relocated to Chennai from her residence in Mumbai. The couple is considered to be a charming epitome of a pair that has proved that when love takes over, the differences don’t matter. In an interview, Surya shared that Jyothika often sings Hindi songs for him while he sings for her in Tamil. The doting couple was blessed with daughter Diya in 2007, and son Dev in 2010.

Jyothika And Surya's Marriage - Fact 4

In an interview with The Deccan Chronicle, Surya shared that he still takes his wife out on lunch dates and that they spend some quality time together every day. He added that he loves being a dedicated father and the best part of his day is when he tucks his kids into the bed while telling them stories. He even said, “Often, we are enacting emotions in cinema and I felt I had become numb to emotions. But my children made me realise the joys of feeling excited, loved, being wanted and admired.” Surya says that he encourages his children to follow their heart but at the same time guides them with what is right and wrong. It is no wonder his children constitute the centre of his world.

Jyothika And Surya's Marriage - Fact 5

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One has got to admit that Surya’s modest nature is a stark offset to the characters he portrays on screen. In spite of being super famous, Surya is one man who has always maintained a humble candour. It is said that every successful man has a supportive and caring woman behind him. And in Jyothika And Surya’s marriage, it is so true. They both complement each other very well. We at The Bridal Box wish them the very best!


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