10 Shockingly Surprising Facts About Wedding Traditions

We are always so busy making plans for the upcoming wedding day that we never delve deep into the rituals and traditions we so meticulously prepare. Have you ever given a thought about the wedding traditions you follow and how they came into being? Take a look at the write up we have come up with and be amazed with every line you read.


1. Wedding Ring On Your Ring Finger


The concept or tradition of wearing the engagement or the wedding ring on the ring finger has a very ancient yet strong reason behind it. It was the ancient thought, that one of the veins of our hands passing through the ring finger had a direct link with our heart. Though there are no scientific reasons or data to prove it, the tradition has continued to exist for hundreds of years without any change. And it is the symbol of love and commitment. In modern times too couples wear their wedding or engagement rings on their ring fingers to show their commitment and unity of marriage.

2. Bridesmaids Wearing The Same Dresses

If your bridesmaids are not too excited about wearing the same dresses, you can give them quite a good reason now to convince them. Just tell them simply that it brings you with good luck. This ancient tradition was created as it was believed that the evil spirits would visit the bride and the groom on their wedding day to curse them and the bridesmaids were dressed in the same way to confuse the evil spirits thoroughly so that they could not harm the couple.

3. The Bride Wearing The Veil

The tradition of the bride wearing the veil is not just a fashion statement. During the ancient times, the brides used to wear a veil to cover their faces so that they would not be recognized by the evil spirits lurking around them to curse them or bring bad luck to the marriage. Turns out, the tradition of the bride wearing the veil on the day of her marriage has stuck with the people for hundreds of years and now, it is a popular tradition that most brides follow for the sake of the tradition and also, because it looks really pretty.

4. The White Dress


The tradition of wearing a white dress is not more than three centuries old. It is not an ancient tradition for the bride to wear a white dress on her wedding day. The idea of wearing a white dress was started by Queen Victoria in 1840 when she herself wore a white dress to her wedding and it became a symbol of purity and chastity in the Victorian times for the bride to wear a white dress to her wedding. Before that, brides just used to wear their best dress, be it of any color on their wedding day,

5. Wearing “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,”

The concept of the bride wearing something that is old, along with someone that is new, with a hint of blue and of course something borrowed has a great deal of symbols behind them. The bride wearing something old signifies continuity, something new shows the signs of optimism and prosperity, wearing something borrowed signifies borrowed happiness and wearing the color blue signifies love, fidelity and purity in the relationship.

6. Groom Carrying The Bride Across The Threshold

The reason behind the tradition of the groom carrying the bride across the threshold has its roots in ancient times. In those times it was believed that the groom carried the bride across the threshold to protect the bride from the evil spirits lurking underneath, ready to attack her and harm their married life. The tradition remained for hundreds of years and it is still eagerly followed as a ritual of the wedding ceremony.

7. The Tradition Of Tying The Knot

Tying the knot is synonymous to marriage and is often used as another way of saying things when someone is getting married. But the ritual of tying the knot is a tradition that holds its roots centuries back. In the ancient Christian, Hindu and even the Egyptian culture, the couple were tied together by their hands to symbolize their union and to show that now they were married for life. The tradition has remained for centuries and it is still followed by the name only, though there is no actual tying of the hands of the couples as such.

8. The Wedding Cake


The cutting of the wedding cake is not just to satisfy the taste buds of the guests invited for the wedding. The wedding ritual of cutting the wedding cake also has a deeper root. In the ancient Rome, the custom was that the invited guests would break the loaf of bread and shower it over the head of the bride to bless her with fertility. The modern brides may not know about the depth of this ancient tradition of cutting the wedding cake but then, who can say no to a lovely and tasty wedding cake, right? So, let’s give a double thumbs up to this awesome ritual of cutting the wedding cake.

9. Popularity Of June Weddings

The demand for a June wedding is very high and everyone wishes to grab hold of a June date for their wedding. But the reason behind such hype of a June wedding has its own charm. The tradition behind a June wedding was based on the Roman Goddess June who is considered as the Goddess of marriage and childbirth. The tradition of holding a June wedding came into existence to get her blessings so that the couple can have a happy and prosperous married life.

10. The Concept Of The Honeymoon


In the olden days, the concept of honeymoon was not such a luxurious tradition. If the Norse tales are to be believed, the tradition of honeymoon involved the newly wedded bride and groom eloping and hiding from everyone and one member of the family coming to them with a cup of honey wine every day for a month or a moon cycle (hence the name).

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