10 Surprising Benefits Of Eggplant Juice

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Who does not love a glass of chilled juice on a hot summer day? The very thought of having a glass of juice can be refreshing both to the body and mind! The food industry has cashed into this line of thought, and there is no dearth of variety of juices that one can buy! However, it is always healthy to make fruit or vegetable juice at home rather than reaching for the OTC juices that contain artificial flavors, sweeteners and colors. While a lot of people like to make juices with fruits like oranges, apples, lemons or vegetables like carrots, they rarely think of using a vegetable like eggplant. Contrary to what you may think, eggplant can be used to make nutritious juice. You can make eggplant juice at home and obtain numerous health benefits by drinking it often.

Making Eggplant Juice

We do not need to tell you that the eggplant is affordable and you can find it in markets all round the year. Like all other veggies, the eggplant too comes in various varieties but using the regular purple colored ones is all you need for making the juice. Making eggplant juice is like child’s play! However, unlike an orange or berry, you cannot just squeeze eggplant to extract the juice. Ideally, you will have to use a mixer grinder and a masher to extract the juice from this nutritious vegetable. You may chop an eggplant into small pieces and put the pieces in the juicer for ease of use. You may need to use several eggplants to get a large glass of juice. If you do not like the taste, then mix other vegetables and fruits with it and add some natural seasonings too.

Health Benefits Of Eggplant Juice

Here are surprising benefits of eggplant juice that can be obtained by drinking this juice regularly.

1. Cancer Prevention:

A Japanese study has indicated that eggplant juice can be used to fight cancer since it is rich in trypsin. This compound can neutralize the cancer-causing cells in humans (1).

2.  Cardiac Health:

Eggplant contains many nutrients like beta-carotene, fiber and antioxidants. Together, these help the body cope with stroke and the risk of heart diseases. Research findings show that people with elevated amounts of beta-carotene in the blood are less prone to heart ailments (2).

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3.  Hypertension Prevention:

Clinical search attributes lack of potassium as the main cause behind hypertension. Eggplant contains potassium and low amounts of sodium, a combination ideal for combating hypertension (3).

4.  Blood Cholesterol Check:

Eggplant is rich in fiber and helps thwart cholesterol absorption, especially the harmful LDL cholesterol into the blood stream (4).

5. Diabetes Prevention:

Eggplant extracts and juice can be used to inhibit an enzyme leading to type 2 diabetes (5).

6. Atherosclerosis Prevention:

A study has shown that eggplant can be used in the diet to prevent clogging of arteries in the human body. It helps in slowing down fat accumulation in blood vessels, keeping your heart healthy (6).

7. Brain Health:

Eggplant contains several phytonutrients that help brain development in humans. By offering your kids eggplant juice, you can ensure they have an active and healthy brain (7).

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8. Controls Obesity:

You may not have heard of eggplants being used in weight loss diets. However, including eggplant juice in your diet can actually help you shed those ugly layers of flab faster. It aids in the body’s fat burning process. Its fiber content helps you feel satiated for long periods, preventing binge eating (8).

9. Nervous Tension Reduction:

It is believed that including eggplant in your diet can be good for your nerves. Two of its components, scopoletin and soroparone, plays a role in calming down nerves.

10. Blood Clot Prevention:

Eggplant can help in preventing formation of blood clots. Its bioflavonoids and Vitamin K content help strengthen the capillaries (9).

Eggplant Juice Recipe

How to make eggplant juice? If you think that juice of eggplant would taste bland, you are mistaken! You just need to use the right ingredients. Try making this tasty and nutritious eggplant juice at home:

You will need one eggplant, 2 apples, celery stalk and 3 carrots. Blend everything with water in a juicer for few minutes. Mix a small amount of salt and pepper if required.

The next time you see that royal purple color veggie on the supermarket counter, do not twitch your nose and walk away. Bring home the eggplant, not only can they substitute a glass of carrot juice, but can also be made into sumptuous and spicy curries!

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