24 Supremely Memorable Bridal Shower Ideas For Fabulousness

A bridal shower is generally considered as the bride-to-be’s last formal hangout with her girl gang, be it her sisters, cousins and close friends. It is a girl’s day-out, as they party and enjoy their time with the bride before she’s taken. With all the those silly chats, bitchy jokes and crazy gossips, the bridal shower is truly a bride’s most important party before she gets married. It is personal and definitely a very special gathering of her closest lady buddies in the whole world. We realise how important a bridal shower is and so, we have made a complete list of things to do to make your bridal shower super special. We have made a list of everything you’ll need, from the invites to the decor and even some entertaining games!

6 Beautiful Invitations For Your Bridal Shower

1. Mason Jar Invite

 Bridal Shower-1 Invitation

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This colorfully done mason jar invite with chalkboard tags is simple, stylish and fun loving, just like how you want your shower to be. It can also be a DIY project for the creative ones.

2. The Ooh La La Invite

 Bridal Shower-The Ooh La La Invite

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It’s a girls’ day out after all, so just beat it. Chuck the fancy gowns and silly skirts, its time for a pretty pretty party so bring ’em on, beautiful brassieres and some lovely lingerie for the ladies! A fun invite for the shamelessly sexy bride-to-be.

3. The Rustic

 Bridal Shower-Bridal Shower

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This actually is not just a rustically done beautiful invite but a set of similar themed cards that the guests would get. Includes an Invite, Thank you Card, Advice for the Bride, He said / She said Game, Bingo and the Purse Game. A lovely set that would entertain you and your guests for ages.

4. A Doily Invite

 Bridal Shower-4 Invite

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This modern hand made wedding shower invite is both artistic and minimalistic. A classy card to invite the girl gang over for a day out with the princess-in-waiting.

5. The Hearty Balloon Invite

The Hearty Balloon Invite

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This pink heart shaped balloons invite in a teal and blush pink theme with black and white stripes is a modern take on the old English Paint Cards.

6. The Wildflower Invite

 Bridal Shower-The Wildflower Invite

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This wildflowers strewn about on a rustic card theme is a visually appealing design for a bridal shower invitation. A very modern, digitally done invite that is sure to find many takers.

6 Easy DIY Decoration Ideas For Your Bridal Shower:

1. The Ms. to Mrs. Cardboard Banner

 Bridal Shower-The Ms. to Mrs. Cardboard Banner

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A simple DIY idea, a cardboard and thread banner that reads Miss to Missus, clearly stating the rationale behind the party. An easy decoration that you can hang over your main door or can be put up at the party area.

2. The Cupid Cardboard Date Banner

 Bridal Shower-The Cupid Cardboard Date Banner

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Another easy cardboard and thread DIY decorative idea, with the date of the party written on the cardboard and interspersed with heart shaped colored papers. A banner that can be a part of the photo-op, or the girl gang selfies, making it easy for everyone to remember the day and the fun they’ve had at your bridal shower.

3. The Bride’s Chair

 Bridal Shower-The Bride's Chair

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You can decorate the bride’s chair at the party table with a tulle that resembles a veil! A cool and a very simple idea that will surely make the bride-to-be feel special and loved.

4. The Pink And Mint Bridal Shower Decoration Theme

 Bridal Shower-The Pink and Mint Bridal Shower Decoration Theme

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A beautiful Pink and Mint themed bridal shower idea that’s got a lot of pieces done in matching colors. From the mason jar flower vases, table tops, flowers, cakes and ribbons to even the dress code and gift wraps, its gotta be pink and mint. A very pretty feminine decorative theme that will make the girls go ga-ga over your bridal shower

5. The Striped Zebra Theme

 Bridal Shower-The Striped Zebra Theme

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A DIY decoration idea that you will love, if you are a fan of the timeless black and white stripe design. A simple decoration that can be completely done in-house, with the balloons, some white linen and delicious home made choco-vanilla pastries to boot.

6. The Pink Floral Theme

 Bridal Shower-The Pink Floral Theme

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An idea that needs you to do a quick visit to the neighborhood convenience store. Pick some colorful tag cards with floral designs and hand papers in bright pink. Mix and match those on the dining table and party area. You can use the tag cards to right your own personal message for each of the items on offer, be it the chocolates, cutlery, chairs and even the bridal shower favors, adding a personal touch to the whole event.

6 Interactive and Entertaining Games That You Can Play At Your Bridal Shower:

1. The He Said She Said Game

 Bridal Shower-The He Said She Said Game

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A simple card game where the guests get to guess the precious moments of the couple’s relationship. A fun game where the guest with the highest number of correct answers wins, and you can gift her a special treat or a personalized gift hamper. Lots of guess work that will the girls thoroughly entertained.

2. What Is In Your Purse Game

 Bridal Shower-What is in Your Purse Game

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What is in your purse? is one of the most popular kitty party games in the world! Girls are always curious and this surprise game can pop up quite a entertaining answers. A game that everyone will love.

3. Mad Libs Fill In The Blanks Game

 Bridal Shower-Mad Libs Fill in the Blanks Game

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An age old game that is absolutely “Interactive, entertaining, and your [adjective] guests will [verb] you for it”. Mad Libs is one game that everyone will love, and the cards can be kept safe and they’ll surely be precious memorabilia of the good times you’ve with your girl friends.

4. Would They Rather… Guessing Game

 Bridal Shower-Would They Rather... Guessing Game

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A simple game that is also a great opinion poll. “Would they rather” is a game that you can use to get suggestions for the things you can do after the wedding, like where to go for the honeymoon? A game that will keep everyone happy, and one where you will get a whole lot of ideas and suggestions even without asking! Two birds in one go.

5. “What Did He Say about the Bride?” Game

 Bridal Shower-What Did He Say about the Bride?

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A game that you would surely be very interested in, “What did he say about the bride?” is a game that will let you know how nice and sweet your groom-to-be has been. We are praying he passes with flying colors.

6.”What is in Your Cell Phone?” Game

 Bridal Shower-

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A fun game that will the girls will hate to be a part of but will be very curious to know what the other’s have in the cell phones, so we are betting that they’ll let go off privacy, in their pursuit of curiosity. A game that will certainly pave way for a humorous and an entertaining bridal shower.

Did You Know?

The bridal shower was an age old tradition that is practiced by many cultures across the world. In India too there is a bridal ceremony exclusively for the bride where the elderly women folk come and bless the bride. The more popular Bridal Shower as we know today, is popularized by the American middle class of the 1930’s, where friends and family of the bride used to visit the bride and shower her with gifts and money, mostly in order to pool in and support the wedding and share the burden of costs with the bride’s family. Bridal shower basically originated from the medieval dowry practices and cultures across the globe have always had such a ceremony with local iterations. But the crux has always been to support the bride’s family through community pooling of resources for the wedding. Britain had its own iteration called the Bride Ale, where the bride made beer a day before her wedding and sold it for a very high price to the guests. With changing times and more economic stability, the practice of community support has diminished, but the tradition still continues. Whatever the reason is, it’s always good to have a great time with the girl gang, and as the bridal shower is the last all-girl get together before you wed only makes the party even more special.