15 Baby Names Inspired By Superheroes And Comic Books

Welcome your baby into the fandom world by naming them after your favorite characters.

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Superheroes have come a long way, from being limited to comic books and graphic novels to multi-million dollar movie franchises. Adults and children are passionate about superheroes and their adventures. So, if you’re looking for baby names inspired by superheroes, you have come to the right place. Naming your little one after your favorite superhero can be exciting and thrilling. As superheroes are brave, intelligent, and kind, their names may motivate your child to live by similar values. So, check out our list of names to choose the right one for your child.

Superhero Names For Boys

1. Ben:

Baby name inspired by superheroes, Ben
Image: credit: marvel.com

Ben Grimm (Thing) is one of the original members of the ‘Fantastic Four’. He is famous for his rugged appearance and battle cry- “It’s clobbering time.” Despite being the diminutive of Benedict or Benjamin, Ben stands on its own as a strong, straightforward and nice-guy name. You can say it’s our generation’s Bill or Bob.

2. Bruce:

Baby name inspired by superheroes, Bruce
Image: credit: www.dccomics.com

The macho name belongs to the alter ego of Batman, Bruce Wayne and the mild mannered scientist Bruce Banner aka. The Hulk. Batman rids Gotham City of evil, a job that he undertook after witnessing the murder of his parents. Meaning ‘from the brushwood thicket,’ Bruce is a powerful, single syllable name for boys. If you can want, you can also use ‘Bruce’ for your baby’s middle name.

3. Hank:

Baby name inspired by superheroes, Hank
Image: credit: waltdisneystudios.com

Hank is a favorite name in the superhero world. Hank (Henry Pym) is the original name of Ant-Man, one of the founders of the Avengers. There are plenty of other Hanks as well in the superhero world. The blue beast from the X-Men was formerly Dr. Henry “Hank” McCoy in his non-mutant days. Hank is also the real name of Wasp and Yellowjacket.

4. Clark:

Baby name inspired by superheroes, Clark
Image: credit: www.dccomics.com

Our list would be incomplete without mentioning the ‘Man of Steel.’ Clark is the name of the journalist who later becomes Superman, the Krypton superhero. Clark is a classic name that is making a comeback in the recent years. So you can name your child with the hope of instilling the qualities of Superman in your child. If Carl sounds too old fashioned to you, go for Kent. This short, one syllable name means ‘edge.’ But don’t fret if he rips off his shirt or likes donning a cape.

5. Logan:

Baby name inspired by superheroes, Logan
Image: credit: marvel.com

Logan was the moniker Wolverine bestowed on himself before finding out his real name, ‘James Hewlett.’ Fans of X-Men will be inspired to use Logan for their children, despite its immense popularity. Logan was also the 21st most popular baby boy name in the year 2012. You can also go for Wolverine, but it would raise the brows of a few.

6. Odin:

Baby name inspired by superheroes, Odin
Image: credit: marvel.com

Be brave and choose Odin for your baby. Odin is the name of Thor’s father. Odin is also the Norse god of culture, art, law and wisdom and the ruler of Asgard. His name conveys power, strength, wisdom, and an assimilation potential as well. Odin, as a name, came into use at the beginning of the 19th century. You can even consider it as an alternative to the rugged name Aiden.

7. Oliver:

Baby name inspired by superheroes, Oliver
Image: credit: www.dccomics.com

Keep your son on target by calling him Oliver, the real name of the Green Arrow. The name comes from the word meaning ‘olive tree’. As a name, Oliver is boyish, sweet and charming. And O names are on trend too! Currently, it holds the second spot in the United Kingdom. The name Oliver will sound great with a single-syllable surname.

8. Peter:

Baby name inspired by superheroes, Peter
Image: credit: marvel.com

Peter is a classic, superhero baby name shared by the alter ego of everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. The name also has exotic derivatives likes Pierre in French, Piers in British, Pierce in Irish and Pedro in French. Parker, his surname, also packs enough punch to be the first superhero names for babies.

9. Remy:

Baby name inspired by superheroes, Remy
Image: credit: marvel.com

Remy is hands down, the most famous and charming of the X-Men. Inspired by the alter ego of Gambit, this name will perfectly fit your little bouncing ball of energy. Remy is a modern and chic, exactly what parents of today’s generation look in a name. It entered the popularity list in 2009, and quickly went on to become one of the fastest rising names on the list. Besides Gambit, even Remy from Disney film “Ratatouille” can be accredited for its rise.

10. Thor:

Baby name inspired by superheroes, Thor
Image: credit: marvel.com

Thor is not just the God of Thunder, rain and strength. It has strong associations with Marvel comic series too. Thoren and Tor are variations that you can consider. We hope your little one also becomes as kindhearted and virtuous as Thor.

11. Reed:

Baby name inspired by superheroes, Reed
Image: credit: marvel.com

Reed Richards is the founding member of the Fantastic Four. As a name, Reed has an elegant flair, which will appeal to parents looking for a unique name. And it’s versatile too! Reed could be a sculptor or an actor, and there lies the charm of this distinctive name.

12. Garrick:

Baby name inspired by superheroes, Garrick
Image: credit: www.dccomics.com

Garrick, the original Flash was a university student before he inhaled mysterious vapors that transformed him into a lightning-fast superhero. While Jay is a fine name, Garrick, we think is cooler. It has a fresh sound to it, which will appeal to contemporary parents. The meaning of Garrick is ‘mighty warrior’.

13. Xavier:

Baby name inspired by superheroes, Xavier
Image: credit: marvel.com

Professor Charles Xavier, despite his powers, could not have predicted that his name would become so famous. Xavier is one of the few superhero boy names that people use, though mostly as a middle name. The meaning of Xavier is ‘bright’.

Superhero Names For Girls

14. Selina:

Baby name inspired by superheroes, Selina
Image: credit: www.dccomics.com

Looking for a superhero girl name for your sassy and smart daughter? Then go for Selina. Selina or Catwoman is a criminal, whom Batman often pursues. She is also one of the most popular female superheroes in the history of the comic book. The meaning of this French name is ‘sky or heaven’. While it may appear that Selina might be pronounced as ‘sel-eye-na’, its actual pronunciation is ‘sel-ee-na’.

15. Ororo:

Baby name inspired by superheroes, Ororo
Image: credit: marvel.com

Ororo is the name of the orphaned daughter of a princess, who can control the weather. She was impersonated by Halle Berry in the X-Men film franchise. The name Ororo is sleek and sexy, which could be seen as an asset.

Superheroes have entertained and intrigued us for generations. Their superpowers and adventures have been a source of ceaseless excitement among children and even adults. Their quest to save the world has inspired us to the extent that we might wish to try baby names inspired by superheroes for our little ones. Ben, Bruce, Logan, Peter, or Thor can be appropriate for the blazing personality of your brave son, while your fighter princess may be named Selina or Ororo. So put on your cape and choose a name that suits your style.


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