Wedding Bouquets: 23 Stunning Wedding Bouquets That Will Standout

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So it’s an obvious fact that a bride looks her best when she’s standing next to her husband, in her wedding gown, sporting a dazzling smile and holding the most beautiful bouquet of flowers in her hand. Now I can give you ideas about the best wedding dresses to choose from and line up some of the best floral wedding bouquets you’ll ever set your eyes upon. But the husband and smile part? Sadly honey, I can’t help with that one. You’re on your own there.

Flowers have always been an integral part of weddings and so you just can’t afford to go wrong with that, lest you want this cat to destroy your sofa for insulting her floral majesties.

Jokes apart, wedding bouquets are a big deal and like all things wedding, they come in a whole lotta shapes, sizes, colours and the jazz.

1. Mellow Yellow And Pretty Pink

Wedding Bouquets - Mellow Yellow And Pretty Pink

A small cute bouquet made with pink and yellow roses can add an elegant charm to your summer wedding. Rose has always been the love flower, so what better choice for your wedding bouquet?

2. Rosy Peach

Wedding Bouquets - Rosy Peach

Nothing looks cuter on a cute little bride than these cute little half-bloom peach rose buds that are very very cute! Okay, I used the word ‘cute’ a lot in that sentence. But you see my point right?

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3. Ringa Ringa Roses

Wedding Bouquets - Ringa Ringa Roses

So it’s your wedding day, and you are one of those brides who doesn’t do messy. You like it plain, immaculate and simple. Then this is the wedding bouquet for you. It is clean and round and so so very pretty!

4. In Full Bloom

Wedding Bouquets - In Full Bloom

If you aren’t a huge fan of roses or simply want to break the monotony, try fully bloomed pretty pink tulips. They are a good replacement option and smell just ~ heavenly ~

5. Sunny-Side Up

Wedding Bouquets - Sunny-Side Up

Another unconventional wedding bouquet flower choice is the sunflower. If you’re having an outside wedding then you must give it a try. The peppy yellow colour adds a nice bright vibe to the wedding.

6. Colour Fixed

Wedding Bouquets - Colour Fixed

This tiny hand bouquet has peach spray roses, alongside other white and tiny pink flowers and even green buds and leaves. It makes for a great summer-spring wedding bouquet.

7. Winter’s Bride

Wedding Bouquets - Winter’s Bride

Blush pink and off-white roses – a combo so beautiful that the word ‘beautiful’ cannot suffice to illustrate it. Put them in a bunch and you’ve got yourself a glorious wedding bouquet.

8. Queens Of Wonderland

Wedding Bouquets - Queens Of Wonderland

Red and white. Love and purity. Everything a relationship stands for, all entrapped in you wedding bouquet. What else do you want?! This is a perfect wedding bouquet and one of my favourites.

9. Purple Pride

Wedding Bouquets - Purple Pride

Roses come in all colours. But purple is still a rare one. So you can opt for silk wedding bouquets. Now, silk bouquets have flowers made of (yep, you guessed it!) silk. And that makes your bouquet non-perishable, a sign that your love – like your bouquet – is immortal.

10. Irish Beauty

Wedding Bouquets - Irish Beauty

This one is a classic Irish wedding bouquet. The Irish are known to carry wild flowers of various kinds like this one. The pristine white and green combo makes for a soothing winter wedding look.

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11. Orchids All The Way

Wedding Bouquets - Orchids All The Way

A beautiful cascading bouquet of neutral orchids ought to add the ‘spring’ in your spring wedding. The big green leaves and beautifully dotted orchids make it a beauty to hold.

12. Blood Burgundy

Wedding Bouquets - Blood Burgundy

If you really want to spice things up and not go too crazy, try this statement wedding bouquet with different variations of burgundy and red flowers sat in dull green succulent leaves. (Come on, it did make your heart flutter, didn’t it!?)

13. Back To The Basics

Wedding Bouquets - Back To The Basics

If all else fails, you will always have pretty pink roses tied in silk and satin ribbons. You cannot go wrong with these. Not only do they add colour but they befit all sorts of weddings. A total win-win bouquet, if you ask me.

14. The Cascades

Wedding Bouquets - The Cascades

These gorgeous cascade wedding bouquets with trailing flowers and leaves in various styles would look stunning for a tall bride. The cascades would accentuate your high frame and add a whole new dimension to your look.

15. The Tulips

Wedding Bouquets - The Tulips

Another option is the simple tulip bouquet in colours that match the theme of the wedding, and more importantly, your wedding gown. Subtle, yet beautiful.

16. The Timeless Orchids

Wedding Bouquets - The Timeless Orchids

The wine and purple orchid wedding bouquet is timeless in its appeal and brings an air of vibrancy to your look. A perfect choice for an outdoor wedding under the bright blue sky.

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17. The Exotic Reds

Wedding Bouquets - The Exotic Reds

This pink, peach, white and red exotic wedding bouquet is absolutely sexy. With a colour theme that’s romantically red, this kind of wedding bouquets makes a very bold statement.

18. Rose – The Color Of Love

Wedding Bouquets - Rose, The Color Of Love

Roses are all about love. The classic rose bouquet is an iconic style-standard. You can have it in any color you like, but a bride with a bunch of roses often makes for the prettiest picture.

19. Blue – Ethereal Elegance

Wedding Bouquets - Blue, Ethereal Elegance

Whoever said blue is for boys? An excellent choice of colour for the wedding, this soft and subtle shade wins heart hands down, and for pretty good reasons too. It stands for romance, elegance and has that really ethereal appeal to it. If you are opting for a blue-themed wedding, then this fabulous dusty blue vintage flower wedding bouquets with white hydrangeas is a perfect pick.

20. Rustic

Wedding Bouquets - Rustic

We just love this wedding bouquet and how it oozes a rustic feel with its lovely color tones and the loose stems. If you are not too much in love with the colour purple, you can replace it with roses or hydrangeas and soften the look with a burlap wreath or the raffia.

21. Summer Star

Wedding Bouquets - Summer Star

The explosion of colors in this wedding bouquet is simply brilliant. If you are getting married outdoors on a lovely summer day then this is all you need to scream “I am happy”.

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22. Off Whites And Yellows

Wedding Bouquets - Off Whites And Yellows

There is definitely something for every wedding as the old saying goes, and it stands true for the wedding bouquets as well. If silver and gold dominate the winters, and pale pinks and aquamarine the spring, it’s the bright yellows and oranges that rule the fall. If you want to bring a nice colorful mix to the forefront, opt for a mix like this – sunflowers, baby’s breath, daisies and white roses to get the perfect bouquet for wedding day.

23. Let The Love Grow

Wedding Bouquets - Let The Love Grow

Pretty DIY wedding bouquets made of pale pink roses that adds a layer of feminine charm to your trousseau. A great thing about this bouquet is that you can replant the succulents after the wedding and see them grow for years to come – a steady reminder of your undying love and unwavering affection.

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