15 Cute Love Messages To Melt Hearts

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Love is cute and it is the nicest feeling one could ever experience. If you have been blessed to find the one who loves you, understands you and reciprocates every wink, kiss, hug and feeling you’ve for him or her then you ought to thank them for it. Express your love and your deepest, truest feelings for your partner with this 15 super cute love messages that will surely make him or her feel special.


A beautiful love message that’s more like a prayer for your love and bond to last forever. A strong message that is emotional yet light hearted because of its funny ending – that you wish your love lasts till an orange tree bears an apple on the 30th day of February! There is no message sweeter or funnier than this one for sure. This is one of the most amazing cute love messages.


A beautiful message of love, romance and your deepest and truest feelings for the one you love, works well as one of the best cute love status messages. Express your love for him or her with this sensual and cute love message. No better way to express the feeling of love than telling your partner that he or she is your life!

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A crazy, cute and funny message of love that will surely make your partner smile! A beautiful message of true love in its most honest and cutest form. Yet, it isn’t a love message that is serious or boring in any sense. A message that will surely make them gush with pride and joy. Cute love messages don’t come any better!

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It isn’t just about the love you have for your partner, but also the way you express that matters. Make him or her feel loved, cared for and special with this very cute and honest message of love. After all, love is like a union of a raging volcano and the most moving song, isn’t it? Cute love status messages don’t come any better!


A perfect love message for a couple in a long distance relationship. A beautiful message that captures the essence of long distance love and how every moment together (even if it is through Skype) is precious and how you’d hold on to it forever. A touching and personal message of true love, one that is cute and heart warming. One of the most wonderful cute love messages to share.


A simple and fun love message, one that is an imaginary hug you are giving your partner. A love message so cute that it is almost a cinematic experience if you are madly in love and would close your eyes after reading it. An experience you should gift your partner.


A heart touching message of love which says how your partner has treated you with kid gloves and a big heart. Make him or her know how special it is for you to have them by your side and how much you love him or her with this soul stirringly cute message of love. This can also be a wonderful and Romantic love status message.


It is said that the simplest of sentences pack the biggest punches. And this one goes on to prove how you can express a lot in very few words. Tell your partner how your heart races when he or she is around, even without them doing a thing. Well, that’s love at its truest, dear friend. Stay blessed and love as much.

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Knowing that you’ve somebody who is thinking about you, living for you, loving you and standing by you always is a beautiful feeling. Waking up with that bounty of love, warmth and security is probably the best experience in the world. Share your feelings and express how good you feel about having him or her in your life with this beautiful and cute message of love.

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Let’s be honest, finding your lover was a far more important feeling and experience than falling in love. Why? That’s because he or she is the reason for you falling in love and becoming what you are – the best ever you. Express your love with this cute love message.


Love is a blessing like no other. Let your partner know that you will not let a day pass without he or she being the center of your thoughts. Let your love know how special he or she is to you with this cute love message and we are sure you’ll be glad you did, because expressing love is one of the nicest and most inclusive feelings ever.


An endearing and sweet message of love that is pretty and poetic like no other. A message of love that your partner would love to receive.

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Loving and being loved is the most beautiful feeling ever, and to share that experience with the one who is responsible for it all is even more endearing. Tell your partner that being her or his love is the most wonderful feeling ever and thank him or her for making you feel so loved and special, every single day.


True and fulfilling love is always mutual, and if you’ve been lucky in finding the one who reciprocates it all then you are one truly blessed soul. Tell your partner how madly you are in love with this beautiful and cute message of love.


Do you feel lighter when your love is around? Like you are floating in the air and like life is a beautiful dream? If that’s how you feel every time your love is around then you are surely, madly and magically in love. And the one who’s put you there should know it. So share your crazy love for him or her with this heart touchingly sweet message.

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