Sunny Leone Marriage To Daniel Weber: No Kissing Clause, Biggest Hits And More

Karanjit Kaur Vohra, known better by her stage name Sunny Leone, has taken India by storm. A former pornographic actress, Sunny was named the Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2003, after which she has grown from strength to strength in a career that has been as wide as it has been varied. Even though she was named one of the 12 top porn stars in the business by the prestigious Maxim magazine in 2010, Sunny had her sights set on diversification, and with that she entered mainstream events and promotions, finally working her way into mainstream cinema. Interestingly, like some of the more famous adult stars before her, Sunny tried to take her ever growing fame as a route into Hollywood, with a few cameo appearances in 2004’s Girl Next Door and more notably, 2010’s The Virginity Hit, but it was with her debut in Bollywood with 2012’s erotic thriller Jism 2 – A Pooja Bhatt movie – that she knew where her future lay.

Sunny Leone Marriage To Daniel Weber - Sunny And Daniel


Being one of the most wanted adult movie stars in the business, you can imagine that Sunny Leone was in demand, and not just for her work. Sunny has stated that she is a bisexual, but that she prefers men, a trend that can be seen clearly in the string of relationships that she has had before settling down with husband Daniel Weber.

Did You Know?

  • Sunny Leone was born Karenjit Kaur Vohra on 13th May, 1981, to a Sikh immigrant family in Ontario, Canada.
  • In her younger days, Sunny would also use her secondary name Karen Malhotra. When Sunny was just 15 years old, her entire family migrated to Michigan in the United States. She went on to do her
  • schooling from the US, and was eventually granted the US citizenship.
  • Sunny Leone still retains her Canadian citizenship.
  • In 2012, Sunny Leone was granted Overseas Citizenship of India, due to the fact that her parents were Indian nationals.
  • Sunny Leone’s parents initially disapproved of her career choice of working in adult industry, but over a period of time began to support her.
  • Sunny’s father was born in Tibet but was brought up in New Delhi. Her mother was from Sirmaur, Himachal Pradesh.
  • Sunny has a younger brother named Sundeep Vohra who works as chef in a restaurant in California. Interestingly, her brother is also referred with the nickname ‘Sunny’.

Sunny Leone Love Life

Sunny Leone Marriage To Daniel Weber - Sunny And Daniel In Snaps With The Press

Sunny started out by dating Matt Erikson, a vice president at Playboy in the marketing department. It seems Matt did not get promoted beyond his means, as the first boy-girl adult video that Sunny ever did was with Matt, and it proved to be a huge success. She would later go on to get engaged to Matt in 2007, only for the couple to split in 2008. They filmed several pornographic movies together, some of which are still making her former fiancé a lot of money.

Post her relationship with Matt, Sunny delved right into business by opening her own production house, but that didn’t mean that she didn’t have the time to pursue romantic interests – as proven with her brief stint with world-renowned comedian Russell Peters. The Canadian comedian confirmed their relationship on a later visit to India and stated that his time with Sunny was a lot of fun and that he thought that  “She’s a real sweetheart.”

But it was when Sunny revealed that she was married to Daniel Weber that our interests piqued the most, so without further ado let’s get into their marriage.

Who Is Daniel Weber

Sunny Leone Marriage To Daniel Weber - Sunny And Daniel Pose For ShutterBugs

Daniel Weber is a New York born and bred American who owns a production firm in Los Angeles, California. The company, called Sunlust Pictures makes, produces, directs, markets and distributed pornographic material of all natures. When Sunny was still involved with pornographic shoots, she collaborated with her husband and much of her material was distributed under the Sunlust banner.

In addition to managing his production company, Daniel Weber also owns a steel plant in New York, and is an avid guitar player, playing lead guitar for several bands, but most notably “The Disparrows”. He is also handy behind a camera.

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Sunny met her husband to be in Las Vegas in 2007, when her career as an adult actress was at its peak. They happened to be at the same party at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, and Sunny was unwinding after attending an awards show. Daniel Weber was performing at the after party with his band, The Disparrows, and right after his first meeting with the beautiful star, he was immediately love-struck.

Sunny Leone Marriage To Daniel Weber - Sunny And Daniel At Their Wedding Celebrations

However, it was not a case of both people immediately falling for each other, as Sunny recalls not being reciprocal of Daniel’s feelings until a long time afterwards. Daniel kept approaching her for a date, and each time Sunny would turn down his requests. Finally, after approximately one and a half months of a highly one-sided courtship, Sunny accepted his offer for a date, however things were still not straightforward.

Sunny showed up late to their first date, as she wanted Daniel to reject her, but when she finally turned up, she found him waiting patiently for her, and their first date turned out to be a lot of fun for her. The couple ended up talking for over five hours, and it was then that Sunny realized that she had been wrong about Daniel all along, and that she may have a long-term future with him after all. The date had such an impact on Sunny that afterwards she sent two dozen roses to Daniel’s hotel room as an apology for coming late, and for having denied his advances over the last couple of months.

Sunny Leone Marriage To Daniel Weber - Sunny And Daniel At Promos In Town

The couple ended up getting married on 20th January 2009, and haven’t looked back since. For all the assumptions about her past in the pornographic industry and the nature of subsequent relationships, the duo have proved that what’s past is past, and the only thing that counts is now.

A little known fact about the Daniel Weber – Sunny Leone marriage is that the two had a traditional wedding at a gurudwara, as Sunny is Sikh by origin. Her parents are very religious, and even though they themselves did not take part in the wedding ceremony, as they had both passed away at this point, Sunny ensured that their sentiments would not be offended, and that her wedding took place in a manner that would have satisfied them.

While the two have not shared any pictures from their wedding album on social media, we can only imagine that Sunny was donning a luxurious salwar kameez and that Daniel looked dapper in a traditional Sikh avatar complete with a turban.

Sunny Leone Post Marriage

After her wedding to Daniel Weber, Sunny and Daniel together took over management duties of Sunlust Studios, where the two of them continued to produce and market pornography starring other actresses, and activity that continues even to this day.

Sunny Leone Marriage To Daniel Weber - Sunny Leone In A Piece Designed By Bigg Boss 3 Contestant Rohit Verma For His Brand Release

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Daniel has also taken over as manager to Sunny Leone, a role which the starlet has admitted he plays to perfection. Her transition across genres and types of movies, coming all the way from California to India is something she has admitted wouldn’t be possible without all of the help that Daniel provides. In fact, she has said that Daniel plays an invaluable role in managing her schedule, fixing up appointments with all of the people she has to consult with, as well as vetting ideas for future productions and endeavors.

Sunny has often alluded to how she and Daniel are a normal everyday couple who do normal everyday things. She says the two don’t like to party, instead preferring to stay at home and that she cooks for her husband a lot. She considers their relationship as being an otherwise normal one, with the only difference being that they have to travel for shoots and check out scripts, a sort of normal Bollywood couple if you will.

Sunny Leone Marriage To Daniel Weber - Sunny At Her Formal Wedding Shoot

With a number of more and more serious roles under her belt, plenty of offers on the table, as well as films in post production, not to mention marketing and advertising commitments, the duo are sure busy. Family plans don’t seem likely at the moment, but if anything crops up, you can be sure you will read it here first.

Sunny’s NO Kissing Clause Stuns Filmmakers

The sexy siren, Sunny Leone stunned everybody including filmmakers with the announcement that she will not indulge in any on-screen kissing in her future films. We saw the actress lock lips with her ‘Ragini MMS 2’ co-star last. The actress is not opposed to doing intimate scenes though and has agreed to do them “if the script demands so” ( sans the kissing). If you caught up with the recent lineup of her movies like ‘Ek Paheli Leela,’ ‘Kuch Kuch Locha Hai,’ ‘Mastizaade’ and ‘One Night Stand’, the actress has refrained from kissing her co-actors.

Making her debut with Mahesh Bhatt’s Jism 2, Sunny went on to bag films with big banners. She has created a niche as well as a name for herself and given her lineup of films for this year which includes her films Tina & Lolo,One Night Stand and a item song in Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees, 2016, appears to be an equally promising year for the actress.