Sunny Deol Marriage: The Most Low-Key Bollywood Wedding Ever!

Sunny Deol is best known for his humble yet macho real-life persona and electrifying performances when it comes to Bollywood silver screen. Who can ever forget his ‘Dhai Kilo Ka Haath’ dialogue? The son of veteran actor Dharmendra, Ajay Singh Deol is best known to everyone by his screen name Sunny Deol. While he has been the part of the tinsel-town for a long time, little is known about his personal life. Guess you mustn’t be even knowing the name of his wife, or that a Sunny Deol marriage even happened! That’s what we were wondering too, so we dug out some information about Sunny Deol’s marriage.

Sunny Deol Marriage

From Being Ajay To Sunny

Sunny Deol is the first son of Dharmendra, and was born a whole 23 years before Dharmendra’s marriage to Hema.  He made his film début in the year 1983 at the age of 25 with the film Betaab, which was a tale of two youngsters that fall in love. Amrita Singh also made her début in the same movie. It was the 1985 film Arjun though that catapulted Sunny Deol to the platform of fame and popularity. There was no turning back for Sunny Deol after that, and he has delivered some of the best performances in some of the most popular films of Indian cinema.

Sunny Deol Marriage - Did You Know?

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The Sunny Deol Marriage That Not Many Know About

The Sunny Deol marriage could be easily considered as THE most obscure celebrity marriage in Indian cinema. Though everyone knows about his father’s wedding, and even his brother Bobby’s wedlock, Sunny’s marriage has been a mystery. Sunny Deol tied the knot with his wife Pooja in the year 1984, which is just a year after the release of his first film. Their marriage has been quite a successful one in spite of some of Sunny’s alleged affairs (we will come to that a bit later), and for over three decades Pooja Deol has avoided the limelight. She has hardly ever made any public appearance, be it alone or with her husband.

Sunny Deol Marriage - Sunny And Pooja

It is known though that she is a writer by profession, and apparently had an uncredited contribution to the screenplay of Sunny Deol’s film Yamla Pagla Deewana. The Pooja and Sunny Deol marriage took place in UK, making us arrive on a quaint derivation that Pooja might have been an NRI. Their wedding was a typical Punjabi wedding with Pooja wearing the traditional Punjabi red bridal saree while Sunny was sporting a cream coloured sherwani.

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Sunny Deol Marriage - Karan and Rajvir Deol

Two sons Karan and Rajvir, came in with the Pooja Sunny Deol marriage, Karan being the elder one. Just like their mother, Karan and Rajvir have scarcely made any public appearances. It is said that the brothers had their education abroad but returned back to India once they were done with their studies. In an interview, Sunny Deol shared that his boys intend to become actors, and for this reason he has asked them to prep themselves with acting and stunt training. He also shared that he is looking for the right script, and once he has one he will launch his elder son Karan’s Bollywood career. Hopefully we might see the next generation of Deols in Bollywood soon!

The First Of The Three Short-Lived Affairs

It might come as a surprise for many but the modest and reserved Sunny Deol has had his own share of flings, post the Pooja Sunny Deol marriage, which somehow didn’t last very long. There has always been less focus on his affairs since Sunny always maintained a dignified silence about them whenever quizzed. Sunny’s list of apparent flings date back to 1983 to his first film in which he shared screen space with none other than the lovely lady Saif Ali Khan first married Amrita Singh. Both were of the same age, and their movie Betaab was the first for both. These similarities started drawing the two towards each other right during the making of their film, and soon they were unofficially an item.

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Sunny Deol Marriage - Sunny Deol And Amrita Singh

Apparently in an interview back in late 1983, Amrita even commented that Sunny is the only ‘real man’ she has ever known in her life till then. Little did she know that a year later Sunny would be tying the knot with someone else. As news of Sunny Deol’s marriage surfaced in the year 1984, Amrita started distancing herself from Sunny, and they never made an on-screen appearance again together.

Falling For The Dimple

Sunny Deol Marriage - Sunny Deol And Dimple Kapadia

It was right after his affair with Amrita fizzled out that Sunny started sowing the seeds for a new fling, this time with Dimple Kapadia, Bollywood superstar Rajesh Khanna’s maritally bound estranged wife, all the while with zero cracks in the very current Pooja Sunny Deol marriage. In the year 1985, Dimple and Sunny appeared together in the immensely successful film Arjun, and that marked the beginning of their short-lived yet quite infamous love affair. Sunny was very much married, but in spite of that it is said that Dimple and Sunny developed a certain affinity towards each other. They were even said to have been spotted cozying up to each other during breaks on the sets of the film, and would even make public appearances together. This was enough fodder for the rumour mill, and soon whispers started doing the round that two had secretly tied the knot. Tabloids soon became rife with reports that Sunny was following the footsteps of his father, and had given the designation of ‘second wife’ to Dimple Kapadia. In spite of all that hearsay about them, Dimple and Sunny maintained silence about it, and by 1987, their alleged affair faded away without a trace.

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Fling With The Ravishing Beauty

Sunny Deol Marriage - Sunny Deol And Raveena Tandon

Sunny sort of had a hiatus from having any more flings but then he met Raveena Tandon with whom he shared the screen space in 1997’s super-hit film Ziddi. They most probably met around 1996 during the making of the film, and interestingly it was around the time Raveena had just broken up with her beau Akshay Kumar. It is said that Raveena was having an emotional breakdown around that time, and Sunny offered his shoulder for comfort. Popular tabloids at that time reported that they became ‘close friends’ on the sets of their film, and slowly their friendship developed into something more, all the while making little or no note of the prior and happily successful Pooja Sunny Deol marriage . But soon after the release of their film Ziddi in 1997, their possibly purported affair started becoming hazy, slowly dissipating away. In a few years, Raveena Tandon’s marriage took place.

Sunny Deol Marriage - The SRK And Yash Chopra Link

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Since his last liaison, Sunny has not been linked up with anyone. What has been surprising though is the composure he has maintained all through all rumours that eventually turned out to be just superficial occurrences escalated by gossip-hungry tabloids, with an evident strength to the Pooja Sunny Deol marriage very obvious. Sunny and his wife have been married for 32 years now and we hope and wish this modest couple many-many years of happy married life ahead.

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