Summer Wedding Dresses Perfect For Getting Married

Some of the best summer weddings happen outdoors, and there are a thousand things to love and imagine about a summer wedding, but the summer wedding dresses are some of the best things man ever made!

To put together a wedding dress for a summer wedding, one would have to think about breathable fabric, texture, comfortable neckline and sleeves for the weather and most importantly an unforgettable design for a magnificent summer bride. Here is a collection of 10 great bridal profiles for summer wedding dresses.

1. Smaller Sleeves

Summer Wedding Dresses - Smaller Sleeves

Image: Shutterstock

A beautiful wedding dress is all about its make. A summer wedding dress could use non stuffy sleeves, making the bride sweat less, and a little freer in movement, especially with smaller sleeves, or even strapless. Choose the sleeves according to the tone of the arm for a fitting wedding dress.

2. Smart And Short

Summer Wedding Dresses - Smart and short

Image: Shutterstock

This stylish smart and short wedding dress is replete with a suave boat neck and a sharp three-quarter sleeves. Summer calls for minimal yet graceful clothing but why stop at that when you can add more charisma to the summer bride with careful choice of neck-lines and sleeves.

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3. Lace Neckline And Sleeves

Summer Wedding Dresses - Lace Neckline And Sleeves

Image: Shutterstock

This is a popular design since Kate and William tied the knot! The enigmatic Duchess did rock the lace and organza with a classic Victorian corseted bridal attire. Lace neckline and sleeves can really elevate the bridal profile to a whole new level.

4. Strapless Short-Dress

Summer Wedding Dresses - Strapless Short Dress

Image: Shutterstock

Do you have smouldering collar bones that the world should not be deprived of? Then show them off with a sexy strapless short dress for a summer wedding. Short dresses are a great choice for summer weddings, especially for outdoor weddings. You want easy movement for your first dance, don’t you?

5. Short-Dress With Train

Summer Wedding Dresses - Short Dress With Train

Image: Shutterstock

Why stop at a short dress, when you can also add a flowing train to it? Perfect for a beach wedding where the wind will carry your train, a movie comes to life, a short dress with a train is exactly what you need. Show off those calves, girl!

6. Plunging V-Neck Summer Wedding Dress

Plunging V Neck Summer Wedding Dress

Image: Shutterstock

This beautiful plunging V-neck summer bridal dress is for a fairy summer bride, especially with those off-shoulder lace frills. This type of a summer wedding dress is best complemented by an updo to show the nape of the neck, a saucy bridal style.

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7. Ball Gown Dress

Summer Wedding Dress - Ball Gown

Image: Shutterstock

You could always rock a ball gown bridal dress for a summer wedding. A short-sleeved or strapless ball gown wedding dress can look beautiful with or without a train, and an updo with a veil for a classic bridal profile which is also timeless.

8. Off-Beat Colours

Summer Wedding Dress - Gown In Off Beat Colours


Break the rules. Override the conventions. Go for off-beat yet gentle tones of colours like pink, peach, salmon, with good craftsmanship shown in layers and cuts, on necklines and the sleeves. Add some lace and ribbon or other additional elements and get a unique wedding dress.

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9. Flowing Veil For Summer Wedding

Summer Wedding Dress - Delicate Flowing Veil


A good addition to a summer bridal profile would be a flowing chiffon or tulle veil, to add a little temptation to the bridal look. People do opt out of using a veil, but there is something about a summer bride with a veil, isn’t it?

10. Vintage Short-Puffed Wedding Dress

Vintage Short-Puffed Wedding Dress


Go for a classic vintage short-puffed wedding dress in off-white colour, replete with a bow at the back maybe. If you are having a barn wedding or a wedding at the plaza, if you can pull off a vintage summer bride, you are invincible!

Choose any of the styles out of our top 10 picks for summer wedding dresses. You can mix and match different elements from different bridal profiles, or get inspired to come up with your own creative summer bridal profile ideas.